10 Master Tips to Sell your Property Fast


Have you been wondering about how you’re going to sell that property located in one of the more unattractive neighborhoods in the city? Or have you already put up the property for sale and not had any success as we buy houses in Cleveland, Ohio.

There are ways to effectively sell your property despite the reputation of the neighborhood it’s located in. The key is, to be honest with your potential buyers and display all the other positives.

Here’s what you should do.

Find the most appealing route to and from your house

Potential buyers will certainly not want to buy a house that is connected to the main road by a dirty and disagreeable path.

You should show them the most attractive route to the house instead, even if it is not the most direct. In this way, you can eliminate the buyer’s concern about the unpleasant route to the property.

Make the external area of your house look warm and inviting

Engage in home improvement activities like painting and decorating. Pave the way for curb appeal by trimming trees and heavy watering and fertilizing your lawn.

You can make immediate surroundings more attractive by planting more trees in your backyard and/or fencing the house.

This will block unattractive shrubs and bushes that otherwise never seem to disappear or reduce in size. The potential home buyer will then find the property attractive, regardless of the state of the neighborhood.

Minimize your losses

You shouldn’t splurge on making unnecessary home improvements because the sellers will negotiate on the sale price with you anyway when you are looking to sell your Cleveland home. And when this happens, it’s better to lose as little money as possible.

Offer incentives such as owner financing

Owner financing is the process of covering the property costs for the buyer until they have the resources to pay you back. But be cautious, as owner financing is risky.

You have to correctly determine whether the buyer will be able to pay you back. But if you do ultimately opt for it, you will have a lot more buyers approaching you for buying the property.

Showcase the property in a good light while still being honest

If your house has the misfortune of being located next to a water utility pump or a noisy school, you must communicate this to your potential buyers and send them pictures of the area.

But, skillfully show the positive establishments, like parks and quiet roads, situated in the vicinity in the process, just so they have the whole picture.

Arrange for the best time to show the house

Choose the best time of day to show the house to the potential buyer. For instance, pick a time when the neighborhood is relatively quiet and the streets, although bustling with energy, aren’t chaotic. This makes a big difference to your buyer’s perception.

Out with the old in with the new

Before selling your house, bring its aesthetics up to par when you set up Cleveland homes for sale by owner. Make sure to remove all clutter from within the house, and keep the yard tidy for maximum curb appeal.

Add bright accents to the area you want to highlight, and remove or recondition older furniture. Or if you’re not the best designer consider hiring a professional stager, it may cost a pretty penny but you can make a first impression only once!

Advertise your way

This can be either in the form of a Real Estate agent or FSBO, it all depends on you and your needs. If there is no rush I would suggest trying online real estate classified websites such as The Home Machine as you could save thousands of dollars in commission, and learn a few things along the way.

Or if money is no object or time is tight then a Real Estate agent may be the way to go, as it leaves you free for other things. Only you know your property so only you can decide.

Is the price right?

Price your property right the first time, and according to the current market conditions when you are looking to sell your property in Cleveland. Some sellers believe that if they overprice their property, they have more room to negotiate or they can always reduce it later.

This method is not worth the minuscule gain it may bring because many buyers will just skip over your home as they cannot afford it. Also continually reducing the price does not make potential buyers confidence in the home as it leads to questions as to why the price keeps dropping.

Closing dates are negotiable

If you receive an offer, but the closing date is 30-60 days later than the property you are moving to, don’t let that decided the fate of the deal.

Most mortgage lenders will approve bridge financing for short periods if all conditions have been removed and the sale is firm. If you are still uneasy call your lender and confirm they will help you out in this scenario.

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