3 Most Dangerous Types of Malware Attacks on Android Devices

Malware Attacks on Android Devices

A type of cyber-attack in which malicious software performs some activities on the android device or computer system of the victim is known as a malware attack. These activities are performed by malicious software without the knowledge of the victim. Nowadays, most of people are using the words virus instead or malware. Malware software has the ability to create copies and these copies are transferred from one computer to another computer or from one android device to another android device. There are various kinds of malware attacks but here, we will discuss three most dangerous malware attacks on the android devices.


Infected Applications:

Infected applications are the most important kinds of delivery systems in which the hackers attack android devices. The hackers try to choose the best applications and they repackage these applications. The users of these applications download these applications because they know that these are the rogue versions of these applications. Sometimes, there is also a possibility that they create brand new applications to attack the android devices of the users. These apps are available on the third-party app stores. Some authentic app stores like Google Play Store and App Store remove these applications from their systems. After getting removal from these stores, the hackers move these applications to some fake app stores. The innocent mobile users become victims of these fake app stores, and they download these dangerous apps. Some essential kinds of infected apps that have thousands of downloads are Hoverbroad Racing, Real Tractor Farming Simulator and Car Parking Challenge etc. There are lots of impacts of these infected applications like these applications can reduce the life of the battery, your calls will be dropped and disrupted, you will experience inordinately large phone bills and you will also experience the clogged performance of the mobile phones.



According to a dissertation writing service, sometimes, there is a possibility that the hackers are not able to attack innocent android users with the help of famous app stores like Google Play Store. Its reason is that they have very strict policies and they remove all the apps from their play store that are suspicious or reported by the users. After that, they use some famous ad networking platforms to access to the broad spectrum of the end-users. These hackers pay some amount to these ad networking companies and these companies show their ads in the installed apps or web pages. If a user clicks on this ad, his/her device will automatically be affected by the attack of these hackers. Another type of malvertising is that these hackers show their ads on the full screen of the users. In order to use their mobile phone, the users have to click on this ad and the dangerous applications started to download on the mobile device of the users. If a user feels that some essential kinds of ads are affecting the android devices of the users, they can also report against them to the ad networking companies. In order to ensure the user-friendly ads, these ad networking companies will close the ads of these hackers.



A dishonest scheme or fraud is known as a scam. A scam is also known as the classical sense of trust. There are lots of stages of scams like the victim is contacted, the victim is given an opportunity to profit from a scheme, there are some sudden changes in the effectiveness of the scheme and the victims have to face some changes. These scams are also known as some common tools to infect the mobile devices of the users. There are various types of scams that the mobile users have to face like the mobile users are redirected to a malicious web page, they may be affected by the pop-up screens and the users are directed to the new web pages. In some other cases, these hackers send emails or text messages to the users and when they open these emails or text messages, they will be affected by the malware attacks. Once the users are shifted to the infected websites, the malicious software will automatically be started to download in the device of the users.



A cyber-attack in which malicious software performs some suspicious activities on the android device of the user is known as a malware attack. The modern world that we use to explain this cyber-attack is known as a virus. These malware attacks can decrease the performance of the android devices and these malware attacks can also decrease the life of the battery. Some essential kinds of malware attacks on the android devices are infected applications, malvertising and scams.

written by: ChrisGreenwalty
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