4 Reasons Why Angular is Better for Web Development


In this era of ecommerce development, every business owner wants a website that is well equipped with various ecommerce attributes. From payment gateway to the shopping cart, ecommerce website should be made with precision so that user experience can be highly satisfying. It is noted that with seamless user experience, it is highly possible to achieve excellent business result. That means your business will do well when the business website has been designed with perfection. In order to create a business website, different web development services platforms are used. Angular is one of those platforms.

The web platform had come into being in the year of 2009. This web developing platform is based upon three components, and they are Java Script, HTML and Cascading Style Sheet. So, people who want to work with Angular should have clear idea in dealing with these three things. Now, is that the only reason to use this web platform? Well, certainly this is not the only reason to use it, as the platform comes with many interesting ranges of benefits. In the following section, those benefits will be discussed.

  1. Supported by Google

The biggest benefit of using Angular is that it is supported by the Google. It was initially developed as an open source community. Being open source framework, it has been updated by the volunteers. Nevertheless, it is cost effective to be used as well. Google did not support this platform at the beginning. But, with the popularity of the Angular, support from Google comes into existence. Being Google supported platform, it is more useful for the web developers. The final website based on this platform remains Google friendly. That means default SEO services benefit is there for the website owners or developers.

  1. Simple MVC Architecture

MVC architecture has been used for the process of developing robust as well as effortless websites. Thankfully, AngularJS comes with the MVC architecture. So, the developers who are comfortable to use the MVC architecture for website development can use this web development platform for the purpose of developing the professional websites. For website developers, it fetches excellent benefits.

  1. Two Ways Data Binding

The third benefit of using Angular is that it comes with two ways data binding facility. In other words, any changes in the website interface will fetch changes on the application objects automatically. The framework receives browser events, user actions and module changes. With all these things, the pattern gets updated easily for the application objects. It reduces hassles for the developers. It reduces time for the developers.

  1. Enterprise Level Testing

For effective website development, a few things are needed to be taken under consideration. The most important thing is the testing of the website. The last stage of website development is the testing process. With Angular, you can get enterprise level testing facility. Module separation feature helps the developers to load only necessary services.

All the aforementioned things will help impeccably in the website development process. This is why Angular is a popular web development framework to be used.

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