4 Unique Lighting Solutions to Improve Office Illumination

Workspace lighting

When you work in your office the quality of the lighting, color effects, the brightness of the lights affect your working environment to a great extent.

If your work space lighting is unique and is of good quality it can increase your energy, your working efficiency, reduce eye strain and headaches, and ultimately it will increase your ability to work more effectively and efficiently. Artificial lights are very important when you consider work space illumination.

Sometimes even minor disturbance can affect you in a way that you can get irritated and pissed off which will directly affect you in your work. So sometimes we forget this factor that is the lighting factor.


It is important to sit in a good lit area so that you can be more productive at your work space. You can boost your efficiency by just changing the lighting solutions. There are some ways to optimize your working efficiency by concentrating on some unique lighting solutions so here are some of them.

Unique Lighting Solutions:

1. Using appropriate number of light fixtures:

By using proper number of light sources, you can complete your tasks efficiently and smoothly. There are some ways to develop a well-lit working environment and it is recommended to use commercial luminaries from well-reputed brands so that the productivity of your work always increases, and it doesn’t get hampered.

You need to explore and choose some unique lighting solutions in order to make your work space perfect. There are always some spaces that are very bright in your work space due to natural light and such areas need unique lighting solutions by thinking of some amazing workspace lighting otherwise embedding more light can make that space too bright to work.

2. Correct position for the source of light:

Employees spend maximum time in front of their computer or laptop screens while working in their office, so it is very important to take care of the right position of the incoming light.

Ideally, the light should come from behind instead of the front because it can make a person feel dizzy and uncomfortable to work in such an environment.

By using commercial hanging lights in such places can solve this problem as it gives uniform light for a distance and therefore companies prefer to use these hanging lights.

3. Smart Lighting System:

Lighting plays a very important role in all workplaces. Dividing the lighting requirements based on the functionality of the work space is a major task. There are different areas of office and they require a different kind of lighting solutions.

Employees require optimum lighting so that they can work effectively and for this, you can use a smart lighting system where you can control the lights in your office from any corner because these lights are equipped with smart chip sets so they can be controlled with an app.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. You can use your smartphone to simply increase or decrease the brightness of the lighting.

4.  Usage of Human-centric light:

There are some spaces where you don’t get enough natural light but there is also a solution to this problem by creating natural lighting conditions by using artificial lighting.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is an advanced LED lighting solution that can emit natural light and it will make your indoor spaces look more natural. It ensures that the intensity of the light is right throughout the day and improves the motivation level of employees.

Closed spaces such as conference halls, meeting rooms, and cabins lack natural light, and making these spaces look natural and elegant is a big task. Closed room lighting, corridor lighting, reception area lighting are very important spaces of the workplace where lighting needs to be done in an appropriate way.

So, these were some of the tips which will help you to improve your work space lighting and closed room illumination.


Sanil Shah
written by: Sanil Shah
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