6 Things that You Have to Carry for Any Permanent Relocation

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“Are you moving to a new house permanently? If yes, then here are a few things that you should pack and ship”.

Are you permanently relocating from your current house to a new one? Maybe, another city or country? If yes, then here is a list of things that you should get packed immediately.

The earlier you start planning things, the better it is for you. Thousands of people move every year for new opportunities, for a new life, new college, etc. No matter what your reason is, you should plan and make a list of the items that you must take. But yes, try to do away with belongings that you didn’t use in the past year. Take your time and sort through your items to come across things that you don’t need.

And to know about the things that you MUST carry, kindly keep reading the rest of this blog.


Well, I think this goes without saying that documents are the most important things that you should carry. Starting from your driving license, passport, birth certificates, marriage certificates, prescriptions, graduation certificate to moving-related docs – you need to carry everything in a file. Do not miss anything as losing a document can cost you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. Maintain a proper moving binder and make copies of everything just to be on the safer side.


Secondly, you should carry valuables with you because they are precious. If not precious, some of them are irreplaceable like your coin collection, family heirloom, bonds, etc. You should also pack your jewelry in your bag and always keep it close to you. You shouldn’t just give it to your movers and packers as they will ship it in the truck. Amidst so many items, the bag can get misplaced, which can cost you a lot! If you have other sentimental items such as photo albums, then you should also pack them in suitcases.

Essential pieces of clothes

If there are clothes that you don’t wear anymore because it is out of fashion or has become too loose or too tight, then I think you should consider giving them away. You can either sell them or donate them to a local charity. But yes, you must pack your essential pieces of clothes – items that you can’t do without. You must not forget to pack your uniform, tie sets, shoes, jeans, and trousers, etc. Do not forget to take your bags, ornaments, etc. as well. Choose one of the Best Moving Companies in Chicago so that they get shipped safely.


Now, this is yet another important thing that you must carry with yourself to the new house. Do not forget your car keys and storage keys!

Pet and kid’s items

If you have a kid or a pet or both, you should carry their food, medications and their fav toys in your bag. Apart from that, you should pack all their daily essentials in boxes and mark the cartons so that it is easier for you to unpack. As soon as you reach the new abode, you can unpack them.

Inflatable mattresses, linens, and pillows

You should also carry your mattresses, pillows, linens, etc. If you choose one of the best Long Distance Moving Companies Chicago, then they would pack them in a proper way.

So these are a few things that you have to carry if you are permanently going somewhere. Apart from all of these, you must also carry your electronics, appliances, etc. If possible, sell the heavy furniture and buy new ones at the new place. This way, you would have to pay less for the shipping.

So these are a few things that you should carry for your permanent relocation. To know about Chicago movers cost or to get some solid moving tips, read my other blogs and articles.

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