7 Essential features of a project management app

Project management

If you search the internet for Project Management software, you’ll find a tonne of options to choose from. The challenge here, however, is to find a solution that is the right match for the specific needs of your business. 

Each project management app out there claims to be the best choice for you. But, to find the right one; you need to look beyond the appearance and find a software that serves your purpose. 

In this blog, we’ll look at some essential features that you must consider while choosing a project management app for your business: 


If you think from a project manager’s perspective, the dashboard is probably one of the most important elements of project management software. A neat, structured & coherent dashboard helps the project manager to access all the relevant information he/she needs and take well informed & timely decisions for the projects that are being carried out. 

The dashboard of the Crotle Task Management tool, for example, helps managers keep a tab on all that is going on in teams and keeps them informed about the progress of projects & tasks.   

Timeline feature 

One of the key concerns for project managers & team leads is whether the team members are following the timelines or not. Thankfully, most project management tools have a time-tracking feature that allows managers to track the progress of each project. 

This is another feature that is central to effective project management software. A good way of judging a project management app is to see how well it presents time logs for tasks & projects. 


Communication is another feature that is essential to project management software & apps. In fact, some tools like slack are essentially designed to ease communication within organizations & teams. 

Other apps have features like messaging tools, video conferencing & team meeting capabilities etc, that make it easier for team members to interact with each other and collaborate effectively. 


Communication may aid collaboration, but there are many other ways in which project management software allows team members to collaborate. 

Many project management apps have features that allow managers to create ‘focus groups’ for particular projects & tasks, and add team members who are relevant to that project. Doing this helps the managers to delegate tasks effectively and fix responsibility for the projects. 


The information that team members share is critical to the efficient functioning of the team. A good project management app should make it easy for teammates to share files, videos, images and other documents easily. 

Leading project management applications provide features like cloud storage & quick access to files & data to its users. It also makes it easier for team members to share documents without any hassle. 


Commonly reports produced by these apps include a list of completed tasks, progress of pending projects, performance of team members & other similar reports. Needless to say, these reports are very useful while preparing for a meeting or for assessing the overall performance of a team. 

Workflow feature

A defining feature of leading project management apps is that they allow the project to be broken down into a series of coordinated steps. This enables the manager to monitor the progress of a project and have clarity about the steps that are pending. Although this feature is not very common, it is something that people find quite helpful. 

These were some of the basic features that a project management tool must-have. In addition to these, if an app has other features that are relevant to your business, they’ll be worth a trial. 

written by: crotle
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