9 Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence


It is very much essential to know the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence, which will help you a lot. AI (Artificial intelligence) is a computer system that can quickly learn from the experiences it suffers.

It is also modifying itself for new inputs, which will allow it to complete tasks. AI is also completing the task, which is similar to what human beings have to do.

Artificial Intelligence is improving and becoming very much advanced. Nowadays, machines are completing lots of tasks, which is difficult for humans.

In the year 1956, Artificial Intelligence was created that have made lots of changes in the world. AI has also improved storage capabilities and increase the levels of data being processed.

Now, AI has also imitated the human thinking and develop advanced algorithms. Artificial Intelligence has also created personal assistants such as Alexa and Siri, which is using for military purposes since 2003.

AI also has a decision support system, which is helping lots of businesses. However, everyone must know the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence.

Pros Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Completing Routine Tasks With Ease

Daily, most of the works which we are completing are repetitive. This repetition is helping us to obtain a favorable and routine workflow.

Many of the time, this routine task are taking lots of our time. But with the help of AI, these repetitive tasks will be automated.

Artificial Intelligence is turning the tools to work for a great time to complete the particular task. Hence, it allows the workers to concentrate on more efficient components of their job responsibilities.

2. Working Indefinitely

Every day, humans are commonly working well for 8 to 10 hours of production. But Artificial intelligence is continuously regulating for an indefinite period.

AI machines is working as long as power resource available and the tools cared adequately. It doesn’t suffer the exact dips in productivity, which human beings experience when they get tired.

3. Increasing Productivity

Artificial Intelligence has created a modern principle for productivity. It is also making every one of us more productive and accurate. AI can analyze through the petabytes of information, which is impossible for the human brain.

For example, if you are using word processing software or texting somebody, then you misspelled a word that is corrected automatically. Hence, you have experienced a benefit because of Artificial Intelligence.

4. Helping People To Explore

In the universe, numerous places are available, which is not safe. Human beings can’t see these places.

But AI makes it possible for us to learn more about these places. This information will help us in the future and stored in the species knowledge database.

Now, with the help of AI, we can also explore the lowest parts of the ocean. We can also tour to inhospitable planets and even discover different resources to consume.

5. Enhances the human experience

AI is helping us to explore more, do more, be more than ever before. In many ways, this evolutionary method will be our future.

Many people believe that humans and computers are not different. But instead of a single, cognitive unit is working together for the development of all.

With the help of artificial intelligence, blind people can also see the world. Hence, the people who are deaf can also hear now. Therefore, we are becoming better because we have a great ability to do things.

Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Reducing Job Opportunities

The jobs will be increases because of AI and also be lost because of it. Artificial Intelligence is also creating employment as well as unemployment.

Every job that shows repetitive tasks, then it will be replaced by an AI in the future. In the year 2017, Gartner has predicted that 500,000 jobs will be generated due to AI.

On the other hand, up to 900,000 jobs will be lost due to AI. These graphs of jobs are only within the United States.

2. Artificial Intelligence Is Inaccurate

Machine translations have become a valuable tool to communicate with each other all around the globe. The problem of these translations is that they have to reviewed by human beings.

Because the word is not the objective of the terms, which is what machines translate, a review from a trained human translator is very much accurate.

But the information received from a machine translation may be inaccurate. Hence, this insensitive information will create more problems instead of a few.

3. Lacks Creativity

Nowadays, we can easily program robots to complete creative assignments. The development of AI is generating intelligence that can be efficient.

Now, artificial intelligence matches the creativity of its creator because a lack of creativity will lead to a lack of compassion.

Hence, the decision of an AI depends on the best possible analytical solution. But this analytical solution are not always the appropriate decision to make.

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4. Changing The Structure Of Societies

Artificial Intelligence is providing the ability to improve industries. It is also changing the way human beings are living, working, and communicating with each other.

In many ways, AI is changing our lives and also changing various societies. The people who have created this technology and control it are the ones who will govern the nation toward their vision.

It is also eliminating society from specific decisions such as the idea of having autonomous AI. This idea will be responsible for war without people beginning the act of violence.

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