Advantages or Disadvantage of social media

Advantages or Disadvantage of social mediaAdvantages or Disadvantage of social media

The Internet has grown exponentially in the past decade. With the blessing of the internet, now everything is just a click away. Furthermore, Social Media has become an important part of our routine nowadays. If you are not on a social platform then you are considered to be lacking behind from others. It is a platform where people are free to share their thoughts and ideas. No doubt, social-media media has numerous advantages(Few are listed below). But if you flip the coin, you can see it has got an adverse effect also. Defamation publication is the most common side effect of social media. If you are facing such type of issue related to social media defamation you can contact social media defamation lawyers. They know all the laws and lands very well. So Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Advantages of social media:
1. Very simplest & Easy way to connect with different people.
2. Free to speak your thoughts.
3. It helps to grow your business and networks.
4. Great the hub of entertainment.
5. The vast source of knowledge.
6. Awareness of new things.

The disadvantage of social media:
1. Trolling and Defamation cases are increasing at a faster rate.
2. People are addicted to it.
3. Unnecessary thoughts and ideas are distributed.
4. Source of fake news.
5. Frauds and Scams.
6. Health issue.

Further, in this article, I want to emphasis on defamation caused by social media. Defamation is making of a false statement that directly affect someone’s public reputation. People are just using the social media platform to speak their minds. They are unwarily saying bad about without realizing it’s consequences. A person whose reputation has been defamed has the full right to sue the offender under defamation law. A plaintiff needs to prove that the defamatory statement has caused a serious loss in business. Also, to some extent to his personal reputation. If someone is going through such a situation it is always advisable to consult defamation lawyers Perth. They can help you solve your case, without involving in ugly courtroom battles.

By reading the above points, you can conclude one thing for sure, that everything has its pros and cons. The only thing matter how you use that thing. If everyone becomes aware of their rights and duties, then this world would be a happy place to live.

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