Amazing Trekking Trails In Andaman Islands

Amazing Trekking Trails In Andaman Islands

Generally considered a beach and water lover’s paradise, Andaman isn’t the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of trekking. But it’s a lesser-known fact that the Andaman Islands have a lot more to offer than snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. Book cheap flights to India if you’re an adventure enthusiast-cum-nature lover and come explore the stunning trekking trails of Andaman Islands. Here’s a list of some such scenic trails for you to have the best experience trekking in Andaman.

Havelock Island – Elephant Beach

While the most popular way of reaching the Elephant Beach is by boat, there is a more scenic, adventurous way to do it which trekkers will enjoy. Passing heavy mangroves and thick marshes, this is one of the most scenic treks despite being only about 2 km long.

This is among the most popular treks in the Andaman Islands you can embark on. While the trek may be an easy and short one, it is best to avoid going alone as the trail is strewn with venomous reptiles along the way. So to avoid unnecessary incidents, it’s best to take appropriate precautionary measures.

Mount Harriet – Madhuban

This is one of the best treks for a true nature lover to take offering a trail replete with stunning flora and fauna. You’ll have the chance to see some of the most beautiful birds, butterflies, and other exotic things as you move along the trek. The trail starts from the highest peak in South Andaman, Mount Harriet, and reaches all the way to Madhuban.

Totaling a distance of about 16 km, the trail is full of curved roads and rocky terrains that make it quite a challenging one. This is among the best activities in Andaman Islands you can do when visiting on cheap last minute flights.

Baratang – Limestone Caves

One of the most scenic trails to embark on is the trek to Limestone Caves. Passing through dense forests that lead to the Jarawa Tribal Reserve, this trek about 2 km long ends when you reach the stunning Limestone Caves made out of mineral calcite. Cars are allowing in the forest but only in groups of four.

Once you cross the forest you will reach the Baratang jetty from where a boat ride will take you through lush mangroves and drop you at the starting point of the trek. Since it’s not a very challenging trek, it is most suited for amateurs looking to explore the beauty of the remarkable Andaman.

Chidiya Tapu – Kala Pahad

One of the best things to do in Andaman is to embark on this awesome trek. Popular for its views of the sunset, afternoon is the best time advisable to go on this incredible trek. Replete with a beautiful coastline, this is one of the most scenic trails you can enjoy when visiting on cheap business class flights.

The incredible trail starts from the beach and goes on to break into a steep climb, thereby posing quite a bit of challenge for the trekker. It ends at a cliff which incredibly opens into the vast, beautiful sea. This is the best vantage point from where you can enjoy awesome views of the sunset.


Diglipur – Saddle Peak

Starting a little outside Diglipur market, the trail at this point is a broad one and is covered by massive trees on both sides. After you walk for a bit, you will see the trail diverge into two separate points. One of this leads into the thick, dense forest while the other goes along the beach.

This is the best part of trekking in Andaman as you can choose which part of the trail you wish to explore. Both the trails are well-marked so you need not worry about losing your way. While either of them is a good choice, the beach trail is more popular owing to breathtaking views of the coastline it offers.

Diglipur – Raman Caves

Beginning at Diglipur, the trek to Raman Caves, also known as Alfred Caves, is a scenic one stretching for about 5 km. Expect to encounter thick forest and thorny trees as you take this challenging trek through the woods.

The region is home to the beautiful bird Swiftlet, one that’s not essentially known in other parts of the country. If you’re a bird watching enthusiast then this will be among the most amazing treks for you. After an extensive walk, you’ll reach about 10 caves impressively formed by limestone.


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