Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ divorce settlement with wife MacKenzie doesn’t dethrone him to be World’s Richest Man

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ divorce settlement

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’, 55 and his wife, MacKenzie, 48 after being together for 25 years had sparked speculations of divorce in January but finalized it on 4th April 2019 through their Twitter accounts due to the rumors circulating around affair of Amazon founder and former TV anchor and pilot Lauren Sanchez. The TV anchor, who has anchored Fox TV’s show “So You Think You Can Dance”, too filed for divorce from husband Patrick Whiteshell after 14 years of marriage the very next day, that is, on 5th April 2019. It was rumored that erotic selfies and steamy messages were being exchanged between the two with Bezos even saying, “I love you, alive girl” to her.

From what it seems from the settlement, Jeff continues to hold the maximum share of the couple’s stock worth 75% in the e-commerce venture, started in 1994 in Seattle. As reported by Forbes, Jeff Bezos holds net worth more than $110 billion, with his wife leaving with almost 25% of the couple’s Amazon stock, totaling up to almost 4% stake in the company. This makes her world’s third richest woman after L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers and Walmart’s Alice Walton and also because the shares were worth $35 billion, it also makes it one of the heftiest divorces in the entire world’s history. MacKenzie in her twitter post has stated that she has given Bezos the full ownership of the Washington Post, the newspaper and Blue Origin, a space travel firm started by Bezos along with the voting control of her shares in the company. The divorce law is towards the women if out of the two in marriage, the man is the breadwinner. The woman is entitled to money beyond the husband’s assets including alimony and child support.

It is presumed that the pre-nuptial agreement was being signed at the time of their marriage as he was already a Hedge fund investor at that time. The company’s total valuation is around $900 billion. The divorce settlement came after a rise of 30% in the shares, though the shares dipped by less than 1% after the news of divorce surfaced.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

But keeping that aside, both in their twitter posts have praised each other and said to be great friends, parents to their four children, partners in ventures and products and as two individuals pursuing different interests and ventures. MacKenzie is a novelist with a lot of novels in her kitty including Traps and The Testing of Luther Albright. As the lady is all single again, a lot of men are now trying to woo her. Despite the surfacing rumors of the affair of Bezos, MacKenzie’s words of “happy”, “grateful” and “excited” seem to display a strong bond of affection, love, and respect towards each other in the last 25 years and remain strong also for the sake of the company. Jeff too has dedicated the title of bringing luck to his life, sighting the fact that they were married even before Amazon was started in 1994. He continued to praise her in his post as loving, wonderful and caring with looking forward to learning from her and unfolding the journey that lies ahead.

Jeff Bezos has always kept his life private throughout the years of his being the CEO and Founder of Amazon, but it took a harsh turn in January 2019 when the two decided to put down their papers for divorce.

We wish the couple a lot of strength, all the good luck, harmony and peace in the near future with more such amazing ventures and projects like Amazon coming up. We wish to see the ex-couple coming up as two individual partners working on a single project.

written by: subhash
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