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Why is My Gmail not Working in Outlook?


Welcome to a simple guide to troubleshooting Outlook is not working with Gmail issues. Although connecting your Gmail account to Outlook is a simple and straightforward process, some nuances can problematize the ease to do it. Outlook can show some errors affiliated with the process of connecting Gmail to it, such as it frequently asks you to provide your login credentials no matter how many times you are visiting it. But do not worry! By the end of this article, you will have all your queries answered. 

How to fix Outlook not working with Gmail issues? 

Is your Gmail mailbox perfectly configured? IMAP enables the sync between other devices and your mailbox along with keeping it up to date. Since Outlook uses the IMAP email server, you need to make sure IMAP protocol access is enabled before initiating the setup of a Gmail account in Outlook.  

How to Enable IMAP Access in Gmail settings? 

  • Sign in to your Gmail account 
  • Go to settings ( small gear icon on the right top corner of your Gmail screen)
  • Click on “See all settings
  • Locate and click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Go to “IMAP Access” 
  • Select “Enable IMAP” 

How can I connect Gmail to Outlook 2019?

Outlook 2019 is the latest mail app from Microsoft that allows you to smoothly connect to your respective Gmail account. Before we initiate the process, make sure you have enabled two-factor authentication in the Gmail account. Once you are done with this, follow the directions to avoid Gmail not working with Outlook.

  • Launch Outlook
  • Locate “File” in the top right corner and select it
  • Click on “Add account” it will lead you to a new window
  • Provide your Gmail address 
  • Hit on “Connect” 
  • Outlook will gather all the necessary information attached to your account and open a new Google account sign in Window
  • Enter your Gmail password and later on Two-factor-authentication password
  • Enable Outlook to access your Gmail account
  • Done! Your Gmail account is all set to work in Outlook

How can I connect Gmail to Outlook 2016?

First, you need to generate an app-specific password before starting the Outlook fixing process for Gmail because Outlook 2016 does not support a two-factor authentication password. You can either permit Outlook to automatically connect to your Gmail account or do it manually. For the manual process, follow the directions 

  • Open Outlook 
  • Go to “Files” > “Add Account
  • Choose “Manual Setup
  • Press on “Next
  • Now select “POP or IMAP” 
  • In the POP or IMAP settings section, enter your name and email address. The name you type here will be visible in the emails you send. 
  • Enter in the incoming mail server and in the outgoing mail server 
  • Provide login details
  • Hit the “more settings” icon at the bottom of your screen
  • Avoid “Require logon using Secure password Authentication (SPA)” Based on NTLM, this proprietary Microsoft Protocol is not supported by Gmail. 
  • Now locate the ongoing server and select “My Outgoing Server (SMTP)” requires authentication 
  • Now open the “Advanced” option from the menu bar
  • Select SSL
  • Change settings – IMAP: 993 and SMTP: 587 
  • Select TLS for outgoing server 
  • Hit on “OK” 


Make Sure Gmail TCP Ports Connectivity is not blocked 

If Gmail is not working with Outlook, the problem persists. Ensure the internet service provider or your computer is not blocking the network port that is being used to access Gmail. 

Check Gmail TCP ports connectivity on Windows 10

You can use the Test-NetConnection PowerShell cmdlet to check the ports are connected on Windows 10. 

  • Make sure IMAP and SMTP protocols are running over SSL 993 and TLS 587
  • Use “Win+X -Windows PowerShell (Admin) to open the PowerShell 
  • Run the command using 

Test-NetConnection -port 993

  Test-NetConnection -port 587

  • Use the following commands if you are using an alternative Gmail server in Outlook 

Test-NetConnection -port 993

  Test-NetConnection -port 587

  • The command should return to “TcpTestSucceeded: true
  • If it returns to “false” your Gmail account is hindered by a firewall. 
  • If everything is all set, you need to contact a technician for any equipment that may be blocking the connection.

Fix Disabled Gmail Access to Outlook 

  • Open Outlook
  • Select ‘File” 
  • Go to “Account Settings” > “Manager File
  • A new window will appear on your screen, now select “Email accounts
  • Again a new window will show up
  • Go to “Email” > “New” under “Accounts Settings
  • Provide login credentials 
  • Press on “next
  • Outlook will check the information you have provided and then build a connection 
  • A new window will open
  • Provide your administrative password and 2-Factor verification code 
  • Now, allow Outlook to access your account 
  • That’s All! 

How to fix sign-in errors?

  • Launch Outlook and go to “Files
  • Select “office Account” > “Account Privacy” > “Manage Settings” 
  • Now click on “Enable Optional connected experience” 
  • Press on “OK
  • Relaunch the Outlook and set up your Gmail account


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