Selling Your House? Here is a Trick to Sell It Faster


Listing your house doesn’t mean that you have to put an announcement out and then just sit and wait. There is no chance you could sell the house that easily if you don’t work on its promotion. Take it from the realtors – they use different tools and strategies to sell a house and one of them is to advertise it online on the social media platforms, on their websites or real estate websites that people check out the most. All the searches for a hew home begin online today. There is an incredible statistics which says that over 90% of the people start their search for a home online.  So what can you do to promote your house better and as a result sell it faster? some House selling trick

Virtual Twilight

Virtual twilight photos real estate make the house many times more appealing and interesting for the potential buyer. This technique is very popular in the real estate world and it consists of transforming a photograph of the exterior of the house taken during the daytime into a photograph that seems to be taken at dusk. The twilight lights are very powerful and give a warmer, more welcoming feel to the house. 

How Can You Make Twilight Photos?

What you do is hire a professional virtual staging designer who will use a photo that you have taken of the exterior of the house and digitally enhance it. They will play with the contrast, filters, brightness and other aspects of the photograph, change the colour of the sky and add shadows as well as lights and light reflections all over the place.

In addition, they will keep the big changes to a minimum as it is not ethically correct to erase the background, any trees or other things that might be influencing the decision of the potential buyer.

How Soon Will the Photos Be Ready?

It takes just 2 or 3 workdays for the photos to be ready. If the designer has a lot of work, it might be a few days but you will be notified before ordering the photos. Also, it is not an expensive service, but it still is tightly connected to the package you are buying. For example, you can get it as part of the virtual staging deal or you might want it separately. 

Will the House be Modified in Any Way?

No, its exterior look will be just enhanced. Modifying the way it looks would mean presenting something that isn’t really selling and that would be lying to the potential buyer. Plus, imagine how disappointed the interested party will be when they show up to have a look and see that the house doesn’t look the same as they’ve seen it on the photos. They wouldn’t even want to come inside and see the interior. So, all comes down to altering the conditions in which the photo is taken and not on the exact property.

To Sum Up

Virtual twilight gives an enchanting new look of the house you are selling. It is attention-grabbing and advertisements that include such photos are always checked out first. Plus, the show the potential of the house form the outside and how luxurious it can look under the right lighting conditions. 





All the Things You Need to Do if You Have Sensitive Eyes


There are so many people with sensitive eyes. Choosing makeup that won’t irritate them can be such a difficult thing to do. Being one with a sensitive pair of eyes, I certainly know what I am talking about and I have been looking for ways to look flawless with quality makeup on and lose that itchy feeling and reddish look. Fortunately, there are several things that have worked out fine for me and I am more than happy to share them with you. So, here they are. 

Proper Hygiene Habits

This is the first and most important thing that has to be part of every washing/cleaning routine. You mustn’t touch your eyes with dirty hands and never, under no circumstance, scratch them over and over again. This will only make the irritated feeling more powerful and painful. Instead, regularly wash them and dry the eye area with a towel, paying attention to the towel not to touch the eyes.

Wear Glasses Instead of Lenses

I know that lenses are the more popular option, but in case of sensitive eyes, glasses are yet the netter solution. Lenses come in contact with the eyes and any outer particle can irritate them even if you wash the lenses regularly. Glasses don’t come in contact with the eyes, thus you are not risking irritation. 

Use Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup Products

Make sure you buy eye makeup products that are certified hypoallergenic. You can buy hypoallergenic mascara online but make sure it is a simple kind that can be washed off easily and it doesn’t contain colour additives. Or, never be afraid to buy hypoallergenic eyeliner online, just make sure there are no parabens and talc inside the formula. Hypoallergenic makeup means it is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and irritate the skin, body or in this case – the eyes. Also, another crucial moment – don’t lend your makeup products to anyone else. 

Clean Your Makeup Tools Regularly

Clean the brushes, sponges and other tools you use to apply makeup regularly. When you leave them with the excess amount of the makeup on them, a lot of bacteria can nest on them, and when you use them the next time you will transfer the bacteria and on your eyes and on the remaining product in the tube/bottle.

Decrease the Brightness Level on Your Smart Devices

Sensitive eyes don’t like flashy lights pointed at them, and the biggest flashy devices that we are so attached to are, of course, our smartphones. So, what you need to do is decrease the brightness level set it to automatically adjusts itself depending on the outer light. Also, you mustn’t spend a lot of time in front of the screen and if you have to (it is part of your work) you must take frequent breaks. 

Eat Healthy Food, Especially for the Eyes

Yes, there is food that can improve the condition of your eyes and the sight as well. Eat a lot of nuts, seafood, berries, leafy greens, citrus fruits and eggs. Also, make sure there are a lot of omega 3 fats included in your meals. 

Cool Your Eyes with a Compress

To reduce the redness of your eyes, use a clean wet towel and place it on your eyes. Keep the compress for about 10 minutes and you will immediately feel the effect.


How Carbonless Paper Came to Become So Popular?


The invention and the way carbonless paper developed over the years has an interesting start. The initial concept was transferring ink onto two separate sheets of paper resulting in two copies of the same document. As inventors of the carbonless paper are recognised Ralph Wedgewood and separately, Pellegrino Turri. What they were doing was trying to help blind people write letters but without making a mess when using a pen and ink. So, here is how it all went.

Ralph Wedgewood designed a stylograph in 1806 and a machine with it and the first invented carbon paper. Back then, carbon paper was a thin sheet of paper coated with wax and ink. This sheet was put between two sheets and horizontal metal wires were put on the top sheet so that blind users would be guided by them. 

After realising that this could lead to transferring information from one sheet to another, further development of a new system took place. With a metal stylus, you could write on the top sheet and the pressure applied created an imprint of the writing onto the reverse side of the immediate sheet below. This was the new invention that captured the attention of England. 

The businessmen became the biggest users as the needed to produce documents that have several copies. However, the carbon paper had its disadvantages that made its popularity to decline. The biggest problem was that no matter how quality the paper was or the writer’s technique, it could only give a limited number of copies. Ever since its invention, the carbon paper could produce copies of out-going correspondence which meant that if people needed copies from incoming documents they still needed to copy them by hand.

That is why in 1953 carbonless paper was invented and offered as a better alternative to the carbon paper. Carbonless paper or NCR paper (No Carbon Required) was the masterpiece of two chemists Lowel Schleicher and Barry Green. They created a system where ink was released from tiny bubbles inside its texture when pressure was applied by a pen. This system saw rapid development in photocopying and information technology in the 20th century and led to the irreversible decline of the old carbon paper system. 

The way carbonless copy paper works are very simple. On each sheet of NCR paper (except for the top sheet), there is a special layer of re-active clay. On the back of each sheet of paper (again, except for the top sheet) there are very small particles of ink. And when you write with a pen on the top sheet the ink and clay are squeezed together where the pressure of the pen is applied. This created an outline on the top sheet of the NCR below.

Today, there are lots of multi-part NCR pads, NCR books and NCR sets that are used in offices all over the world. Commonly used are the duplicate invoice books carbonless paper, statement pads, delivery dockets and adjustment notes. All of the carbonless books have pre-printed layouts so that they can look professional. They are also sequentially numbered so that the user can keep a record of jobs, purchase orders or invoice numbers. 


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