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Grofers – Business Model and strategies


Grofers, an online grocery store, founded by Mr. Saurabh Kumar and Mr. Albinder Dhindsa in 2013. The headquarters of Grofers is at Gurugram (previously Gurgaon). It is one of the emerging online grocery stores in India and has raised more than 500 million from investors. The top investors are SoftBank, Tiger Global and Sequoia capital.

Working Structure of Grofers

Customers of Grofers have to make an order through their phone and then Grofers delivery person collects it from the warehouse and delivers it to the customer doorstep. Currently, Grofers is available in 18 cities in India. They are Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Noida, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Kochi, Faridabad, Madurai, Bhubaneshwar, and Kanpur.

Business Model of Grofers- Words by its founders

all about grofers


What is Grofers?

You must have heard a lot about e-commerce, but Grofers is m-commerce where you can order your household groceries from your mobile phone. You can shop from whichever store you used to do but you do not need to go to that store. All the ordered items will be delivered within 90 minutes from the time it is ordered. There is also an option of scheduling the delivery time which gives customers more convenience.

What is Grofers Story?

Grofers was started to solve a problem which everyone faces daily. After coming from the office, every day I had to go to my nearby grocery or vegetable store which was very hectic for me. This gave me an idea to solve this problem and this is how Grofers came to life.

How Grofers is different from other online grocery shops?

Grofers is focused on customer satisfaction and it’s the main thing that differs Grofers from other players in this category. Delivering on time and good quality products have made our customers loyal to us. Not the least, the availability of a number of different products in our product categories has also led a lot of impact on this.

What is the Technology Used by Grofers?

Grofers do not use third party for its technology management. It has its own internal team which manages all the technological needs grofers need. A lot of robust platforms have been made for grofers operations management by which it is on the path of growth.

Number of orders that grofers get in a single day

Grofers gets more than 2000 orders per day.

What are the biggest hurdle Grofers still facing?

The biggest hurdle is in empowering the merchant with the technology. Our grocery market has not changed from decades and that’s why Grofers is facing a lot of difficulties.

How Grofers is being marketed for being the first preference for everyone in this market?

Grofers only belives in customer satisfaction. So, we are only focusing on delivering best service to our customers. We think there is no marketing better than “Word of Mouth”.

Wrapping it Up:-

It’s good to hear that Grofers is believing in “Word of Mouth” approach and their main focus is on customer satisfaction. But there is yet another competitor, Big Basket, which still have 73% of the online grocery market. In spite of this, Big basket has several ways to attract their customers like discounts on certain debit and credit cards, Sign up bonus and big basket referral code, by gives referral credits to their wallet from where they can purchase whatever they want.

All this shows that Grofers is still a lot behind its competitors but we hope its growth will be seen soon as still more than 90% of the Indian population is untouched in this category.

Grofers Grocery Offer Today

Home Care

Types of Kitchen Sinks which looks luxurious

double bowl sink

Your sink is as important as any other elements in your modular kitchen accessories. And now with several varieties, shapes, and designs, conventional sinks have been completely revolutionized. And of course, to charm your kitchen work triangle, you need to have perfect sink that increases the productivity, efficiency and ensures your comfort while cooking. If you plan to have a complete kitchen, don’t just settle for any regular sink.

Below are few of the finest kitchen sinks that will be a perfect fit for any regular, Indian kitchen-


1. Single bowl sink-

Single bowl sinks are the best match for small kitchens. Single bowl sink has one large basin with no dividers. They are simple, inexpensive and easy to work with. These sinks have enough space to fit and wash all your utensils. They are compact and can be easily installed in any clean. These kitchens are not at all complicated and are effortless to clean. Single bowl kitchens start from 18 inches and can go up to 36.

2. Double sink bowl-

As the same suggests, these sinks come with two sink bowls. One side can be used for the food preparation and the other one can be used for washing the utensils. Double sink bowls give enough space to your utensils and its multitasking quality makes your cooking job easy. These sinks can go up to 48 inches in length, which is again a great deal for Indian kitchens.

3. Triple sink bowl-

Triple sink bowl has many uses, making your cooking task easier. The bowl on one side can help you in drying the dishes, while the other side can be used for general purposes and the middle bowl can be used for light kitchen task like washing veggies and fruits, or maybe for washing your hands. Triple sink bowl too can go up to 48 inches in length.

4. Sink with a drainboard-

These sinks come with a drainboard space that allows you to dry as well as drain your veggies. With an extra drainboard, these sinks can occupy a bit of your kitchen space, so, they are most suited for the large kitchens. But this extra dashboard also provides you enough space to help you prep before you start cooking.

5. Top mount sink-

Top mount sinks aka drop-in sinks are the most common sink used in Indian kitchens, these kitchen sinks are designed to be dropped into a pre-made opening in the countertop, this means that a portion of the sink (the lip), overlaps the countertop to give a covered edge. Top mount is easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and they offer more room for under-sink storage.

6. Under-mount sink-

This sink is installed underneath the counter, under-mount sinks have no lip or end, allowing the countertop edges to drop directly into the basin forming a more orderly look. These sinks are easy to clean since there here are no crevices where usually dirt or grime gets accumulated. An under-mount sink is 10 inches deep, which makes it better than any other stainless steel sink.

7. Integrated sink-

Integrated sinks are getting popular because of its seamless and elegant look. This kitchen sink is made from the same material as the countertop. They are low maintenance, easy to install, safer to use, and are available in varied stylish designs. They are accessible in many designs like copper, quartz, marble, concrete, etc.

No matter what design you pick, it must first meet your kitchen needs. Work your sink according to your kitchen layout and then plan things accordingly. The above-mentioned sinks cover all the kitchen types and are a perfect match for Indian kitchens.


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