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How to Choose Good Children’s Shoes

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A pair of good shoes walk the world. Children are in a critical period of physical development, and whether shoes are worn correctly or not has a great influence on their foot development. Many children have foot problems, which are related to improper shoes. In different stages of children’s growth, how to choose a pair of suitable wholesale kids shoes to help them run freely?

Principles of Choosing Shoes for Children

  1. Sizes

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    The shoes must be fit. To measure the length of the child’s feet, the space reserved in the front of the shoes should be reasonable, and you should not wear shoes that are too fat or too thin. They must be well covered. The overall length should be about 1 cm longer.

  2. Styles

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    Toddler shoes should choose shoes with higher upper and deeper face. In this way, the shoes are more covered and the shoes will not fall off easily. Shallow shoes and low-top shoes seem to be easier to wear, but the baby’s heels are narrow, not easy to catch the shoes, and not safe enough.

  3. Materials

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    The upper can use materials with good air permeability such as leather and microfiber. Keep the inside of the shoe dry and comfortable, and avoid wearing shoes made of airtight synthetic materials. Try not to choose too soft cloth shoes, too soft material can not stabilize the position of the foot in the shoe.

  4. Sole/Insole

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    The sole and insole should not be too soft, so that the sole of the foot should have a feeling of grip, so as to help exercise the foot muscles and stimulate the nerve development of the sole. In terms of the material of the insole, cotton or suede leather will work, as long as it can keep the sole of the foot comfortable.

  5. Heels

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    The child is in the growth and development period. Wearing shoes with heels will make the upper body lean forward and the hips will protrude. The weight load of the whole body is not on the whole foot. The forefoot and toes are also squeezed and easily deformed, which is not good for the feet. The normal growth and development of the part. If there are children who do not touch the ground or have long and short legs, you can properly fill up the heel of the foot pad.


Winter Apparel Ideas can Make You Keep up with the Trends

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There is no doubt that winter is one of the best seasons of the year, mainly because of the diversity one enjoys in styling themselves. During winters, you can mix and match more than one piece of clothing and use layering to put together some gorgeous wholesale women’s apparel. That is no better place to look for inspiration when designing your outfits this winter than street style. These women are really keeping up with the fashion trends in clothing designed for the cold, and we think you will find some fantastic looks that you can use here!

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Latest Trend of Winter Styles

  1. Striped Outfits are a Good Idea

    Stripes are the perfect choice for your clothing patterns at any time of the year. Incorporate these into your winter apparel by rocking patterns jumpers or long-sleeved blouse under wool coats.

  2. Don’t be Clumsy

    According to your personal preference, both fitted and loose overcoats are acceptable as long as they are matched with the right garments. Try to steer clear from your comfortable winter jogging bottoms. As tempting as they are, they don’t play any role in street style. As summery as it sounds, you can still throw on your ripped jeans and leggings.

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  3. Street Style Leather Jacket

    Pull out your well-fitting jacket with leather sleeves, and put on your shiny leather ankle boots to create this elegant and attractive look. Ripped denim jeans and a classic scarf for some color are the highlight of the show. Decorate it according to the occasion, and you’re ready to go! If you are looking for a fashionable leather jacket, then you have come to the right place.

  4. Casual Look for Day Out with Friends

    You can wear any long baggy blouse with a pair of leggings and pull on a thick winter outerwear to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Be sure you wear laced up leather boots if it often rains where you live. Let your hair hang low naturally and start a beautiful day!

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  5. Concert Look for Winter

    As we often say, being able to layer is the best part of winter fashion. Throw on a button-up shirt, then a sweater over it, and then a collared windbreaker or denim button-up blouse in the end to get this fantastic look. You can wear it at a concert that you have been waiting for or any night time events.

  6. Casual Business Look

    The coat with a defined shoulder cap gives a very formal feel. The fur scarf add more appeal while keeping it elegant at the same time. A well-structured long coat may be your savior on some occasions when you have to dress up a casual business look.

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  7. Look for the Club

    Wear your lace-up heeled boots, as well as your favorite long coat over a sexy dress. Curl your hair loosely to give you a messy look and apply simple light makeup. And now you are ready to dance all night long.

    8.Cozy Evening

    To achieve this exquisite look, all you need is a woolen hat, a long cardigan, and a thick scarf. Layer up your cardigan over a cozy sweater and wrap the scarf loosely around your neck to keep you warm and look chic at the same time.

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What is the Perfect Footwear in Winter

  • The patterned wellies are ideal for a winter look. In any case, they are made for this time of a year, and with such a wide range of colors and patterns now, and it is easy to match a pair to your garment. Boots of different size are conventional and will enhance your street credibility when it comes to style and looking chic.
  • It is not wise to opt for sneakers. Most of these are made from fabric, so if the ground is wet, your feet will also become wet. So it will not only ruin your look, but also make you uncomfortable for the rest of the journey. Stick to leather boots as these will keep you protected as well as giving you a chic and stylish look.shestar wholesale Lace-up Side Studded Trim Leather Boots
  • Make sure to avoid all open shoes like sandals. Always put on socks or at least shoe liners so that you don’t have to deal with smelly shoes. You can go for low top shoes if they’re made of strong and waterproof material. Heeled short cut boots are also a favorite of girls.

What are the Best Winter Accessories

  • This may sound strange, but sunglasses are still a great accessory for this winter style. They add that touch of fun to any attire and are definitely for a style of this season, not practicality.shestar wholesale Women Geometric Shape Chain Sunglasses
  • Thick scarves are flattering and not only look stunning and build up the volume but double up as a warm attire. Beanie style hats are perfect for winter. They can be easily matched with outfits and at the same time are accessories that keep you cozy and warm.
  • However, don’t forget to add other accessories such as necklaces and earrings! They may not be seen under a long overcoat but they will add highlights to your attire when you are indoors and take off your coat.
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