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Top Strategies Should Be Implemented In Taxi Booking App


If we list down top lucrative businesses to practice these days in India, taxi business will surely make it to the top of the list. The taxi business in India is flourishing at an unimaginable fast rate where many start-ups have been witnessed to put their stakes in the sector to generate high revenues.

Taxi booking apps have contributed significantly in helping the entrepreneurs to outreach a wide range of customers in every nook and cranny of the city, state and hence the country. 

You are strongly advised to stick to the tips mentioned in this article if you are willing to launch cab service in India.


Points To Consider While Starting Taxi Business In India

Before you invest in any business, it is mandatory for you to thoroughly study the subject for a planned approach. Without wasting time, let us hit to the core points that you need to consider while you launch your cab service in India.

Market Potential

The market is flooded with many taxi service providers, the ones that provide their service privately and the others partnering with the aggregators. However, the market, although tight, still has room to accommodate the new entries. However, the statement is subjective and what matters the most is the concept.


The most essential resource that will be required in launching a taxi business of your own will be a ‘taxi’ itself. There are two ways of having a taxi assigned to your business. 

One is having a taxi or a fleet of taxis of your own. However, there is the cost-saving alternative for those with a strict budget, and that is to partner with drivers having ownership of taxis. 

If the latter approach is what fascinates you, then having to invest in a taxi booking app is the best option.

Strategy For Taxi Booking Start-up

The points, as mentioned below, will guide you in your taxi service start-up and work a long way with you in making your business a big success.

App Development: Gone are the days when passengers used to wait at the taxi stop no matter if it was in the scorching sun or frosty weather. Thanks to the taxi app development that is trending these days. 

Investing in customer-centric app development by an expert app development company will help you extend your services instantly to the customers by making it technologically advanced and accessible.

Not getting into the price war, too soon: The initial focus should be on delivering quality service to the passengers rather than competing at high prices that the already established brands offer.

Making the roots stronger: Instead of having high expectations for revenue generation in the initial year, focus on making the brand famous.

Marketing: Advertising your brand will help you go a long way in this business. Having a full-fledged marketing strategy will be a strong factor that boosts the sale.

Permit: Applying for the taxi permit is a vital need for your business to make it legitimate. 

Essential Features For Taking Booking Mobile App

The rate of success of your on-demand taxi business does not only depend on the quality of service that you provide but also on the app development. It is vital to ensure that the customers have access to a full-fledged mobile-based application for a hassle-free taxi booking experience. 

Considering the below-mentioned features for the taxi booking app development can be a wise division that might turn the fortune of the business in your favor.  

Registration: Registering the user account is the first phase that the customer will come across. The app should allow the user to sign-up using an existing email address or link a social networking account. 

After successfully registering the account and signing in, the user should be able to set up its user profile conveniently mentioning all the necessary details.  

Tutorial: A step by step instructions to make the user familiar about the functions of the app will add convenience. It will eliminate the room for unnecessary tussles and encourage smooth navigation.

Instant search: The user should be able to instantly search for the cab in a few taps. A dedicated search bar to enter the destination location followed by automated cab detection is an essential feature for a taxi booking app.

Also, the app should be capable of detecting the customer’s location using built-in GPS features or allowing the user to manually enter the destination location.

Selecting the mode of travelling: After the user has entered the destination, the user should be able to make a selection from the various styles of transport like a hatchback, sedan, SUV, auto-rickshaw or motorbike, suiting their budget.  

Payment methods: Nowadays, there are multiple modes of making a transaction. Keeping this in mind, the taxi booking app should allow the user to add their suitable mode of payment such as debit or credit card, net banking details etc.

Estimated arrival time: Once the booking is confirmed, the estimated time of arrival of the taxi should be displayed. Also, complete details of the driver and the cab such as driver’s name, contact number, taxi number, car model and color should be displayed. 

In-app navigation: The passenger should be able to view real-time navigation using the GPS feature. The app should also be capable of displaying the estimated time to reach the destination and also the distance remaining. 

Saving destinations: You can enrich the user experience by providing a feature for the customers to save the often or the regularly visited locations such as the office, home etc.

Rating and review: Another attempt for a customer-centric approach is to include the rating and reviews option that form one of the most essential features of the taxi booking app. It not only allows the user to rate and review the quality of services received but also helps the business owner to better scrutinize the functioning. 

Final Words

The taxi aggregator business is expanding at a rapid pace, making investing in the taxi app development a wise decision. 

Since the launch of the taxi booking apps, traveling via a taxi had become a lot more affordable as compared to the times when these apps did not exist. The attractive prices, instant bookings, and a wide range of cabs to select from makes these popular.

With the help of a software development company, you can build a website and an app for your cab service in India.



Must Have Features For Your Food Delivery App

Must Have Features For Your Food Delivery App

The world is getting digital with each passing day in the speed of light. Different types of industries have been flourishing rapidly through online channels. One such sector is making the life of foodies easier by developing the food delivery app for customers. Gone are the days when people used to prefer eating out in a classy restaurant. The digital world has made people’s lives easier. 



Nowadays people just require a high-functionality food delivery application form which they can order their favorite food in the blink of an eye. This in turn helps them to save the time involved in going to the restaurant and coming back. Moreover, the application enables the foodies to satisfy their taste buds at any part of the day. Well, there are some essential factors to consider for these kinds of applications.

5 Essential features to include in your food delivery app: 

#1 Tracking the food through an online channel with ease: 

One of the essential features to include while planning for online food ordering app development is the live option for tracking the food. This will help people to know how long it will take for the delicious cuisine to reach at their destination. As a business owner, you can plan to make the food reach your customers on time. If the food reaches the customers on time, then they are likely to be your repeated customers too.

#2 Checking about the background of restaurants: 

Many times people love to know more about a particular restaurant before they place their favorite food order from that restaurant. This feature will help your customers to choose the best cuisine after completing the research work. The best part is that customers will also be able to know the best cuisine served by the restaurants and they can proceed further accordingly for ordering. 

#3 You must plan to do something for your loyal customers: 

As a business owner, your important goal must also be to reward loyal customers with some kind of coupon, etc. This gesture of yours will eventually lead to getting more new customers with each passing day. There are various options to reward the current customers such as you can plan to give them thrilling offers of some restaurants. This will also lead to word of mouth marketing of your food delivery app. 

#4 Choosing the favorite food must be easier for the customers: 

This feature will again save much time for the users. Once a person is done with creating the profile on a food delivery app then the next part is to reach the favorite food faster for ordering. For this, you can plan to create new sections and categories in an application. Say, for instance, you can opt for categories like sweets, veg, non-veg, etc. Furthermore, you can also categorize as per the food which a particular user loves more. In this way, the users can reach the particular food to order, in very less time. 

#5 Payment gateway must be simple with different options: 

Yet another feature to consider for online food ordering development is the payment gateway. As a business owner, you need to provide different types of payment options available to the users in your application. In this way, if the user is unable to make payment through 1 gateway then they will be able to opt for another one. In this way, they will be able to save a lot of time. There are some users who opt for paying beforehand and other users select cash to be paid when food is delivered. So, both options are a must in the application. 

Final Words: 

So, this post might have given you an insight into some essential features to add in a food delivery app to entice the customers. You need to plan appropriately to keep all these features for the users. This will eventually help you to increase your customer base at the speed of light. Keeping this mind, you need to choose the best mobile app development company for food delivery application development. It is vital to carry out the research before you single out the right company as per your requirement.


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Tips to lead a Successful Taxi Booking Business


In the fastest growing digital world, different companies are taking up their business on the online platform. Numerous businesses run efficiently through digital platforms and help save time for people. One such business is taxi booking solutions online for the people. The first thing you require for such business is taxi app development which does not cost a king’s ransom. 


Moreover, there are certain factors to keep in mind for starting this particular business. This kind of application enables the user to book the cab in a few clicks without any hassle. Whenever the user has to commute from one place to another, they can easily book the taxi from such a taxi booking application. 

Well, looking at other taxi booking applications, it is essential to add uniqueness to your app to make it stand out from others. 

7 essential things to keep in mind for a successful taxi booking business: 

#1 You must know about the competition and make a strategy accordingly: 

The first thing to keep in mind is researching the ongoing competition in the taxi booking business. You can know about different competitors carrying out taxi business. You must also check about the features they provide and the charges they charge for the rides. It is also essential to check if there is a taxi service required in your area or not. You can plan to add a few features that are not present in any other taxi booking software. You must opt for a dedicated taxi booking app developer for developing the best in class application.

#2 You need to arrange for the good quality vehicles that will be utilized for business: 

In this step, you can simply plan to acquire the taxi or vehicles that are customized for the business purpose. It will eventually help you save a lot of time which can be utilized for thinking about strategies that will take your business to the next level. For this process also you can check through online channels about different cabs available for auction and accordingly you can arrange. It is important to choose vehicles that are well-maintained and neat for use. Another essential part is safety because ultimately these vehicles are for the users who will use a taxi booking app to book these cabs for a particular ride. 

The vehicles must also be spacious enough so that customers can easily keep luggage. If you wish to purchase new vehicles then you will have to make necessary alterations such as taxi meter, voltage regulator, etc. 

#3 This is most important: getting insurance and other licenses: 

In this step, you can easily contact your concerned authorities that will provide licenses for your vehicles. Furthermore, insurance companies can help you with providing insurance for your vehicles and cabs. This procedure will take some time but it is an essential part of running a taxi business. When it comes to insurance, you need to decide about the proper insurance plan. Apart from this, a driver’s license will be easily available by completing certain formalities. Registration of all the cabs that will run for the business, is also much needed. For beginning with an online taxi booking app, this is the most important part to consider. 

4  SEO is also essential to carry out the marketing of your business: 

When it comes to taking your business to the next level, you can also opt for carrying out search engine optimization. This will eventually help you reach out to the right amount of target audience in no time. The smashing website is required to do the SEO of your online business efficiently. There are numerous parts involved in SEO such as good content, attractive images, etc. You can opt for applying the PPC campaigning online for growing your audience.

5  Marketing must be considered for your business: 

Be it any business, marketing is one of the important parts to spread the word. Once you have developed the taxi app solution, you need to market it at the appropriate platforms. Offline as well as online marketing, both are required for reaching out to a wide audience. You must also make a strategy to promote business through social media channels because this is the most important factor to consider. This will also increase the audience of your business in no time. 

#6 You can also choose the marketing through referral basis: 

Another efficient marketing technique is by referral basis. In this, you can also get more number of downloads for your taxi booking app with each passing day. In this promotional technique, your users will spread the word about your application to some friends and in this way, a chain of new customers will be formed. With this particular marketing technique, your application users will be able to tell about the taxi app to their friends. 

#7 You can also start off by providing discounts on the ride to customers:

Another effective way to get more customers is by providing discounts on rides on different occasions, for instance, any festival, etc. The promo codes entice the customers in the blink of an eye. Moreover, initially when the customers download your taxi booking app, then you can offer them some reward in the form of money. This will also help you gain new customers because those initial users will tell about the same to other people. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Well, starting the taxi booking business is a piece of cake provided you consider all the essential factors required for the same. It will eventually fetch you more customers as well as higher revenues in no time. If you are looking forward to operating the business, then the vital factor to consider is choosing the best taxi booking app development company for the creation of the app. This will help you to take your business to the next level and generate good sales. 



How to Design and Develop Snakes & Ladder for Kids?


As we all know that the coronavirus outbreak is spreading its wings at the speed of light. In such a scenario, people are looking for a source of entertainment at home, especially the kids. There are various types of online games made for the munchkins which they can choose from a wide range. Snake & Ladder for kids is one of the top-rated games that are easy to play online. 

If you are all set to starting an online game business, then this is one of the best games you can develop for kids around the globe. It will eventually lead to good revenues. 

Development of online snakes & ladder for kids: 

Snake & ladder game in this quarantine is the most loved game by adults and kids. The reason being it is famous from the time even when it was not available online. It is a classic game people loved to play with friends and family. 

While developing this game, you must note that the number of snakes is denoted by the s lines. Furthermore, that particular line must include two different numbers, one at the tail of the snake and the other at the head of the snake. 

In the same way, ladders are denoted by the l lines. It also includes two different numbers specified at the upper end and lower end of the ladder respectively. 

Players are denoted by the p lines. In the player’s line, you will see the names of every player who is playing the game. 

After keeping the above mentioned factors into consideration, developer codes. 

The next part which comes in snakes and ladder game app is the dice roll which is required to begin the playing of the game. The entire board on which people play snakes and ladder includes 100 boxes which are denoted by the numbers starting from 1 and reaches till 100. The most important thing which is needed in a game is the dice that includes numbers marked from 1 to 6. Whenever a player starts playing the game online then the dice begins to roll when it is clicked. This part of the game attracts the attention of kids in the blink of an eye. A player is able to get a random number on the dice after rolling.

It will then be the number which a player has to move their piece on the squares from1 to 100. Another important factor to keep in mind while developing this game is that The snake should be developed in such a way that the head of the snake must be at the number bigger in value whereas the tail of the snake must be at the number smaller in value. The ultimate thrill in the game which kids love the most is when the dice rolls a number due to which their prescribed piece reaches lower because of the snake. The most important thing to keep in mind while developing this game is that snakes must be added at the square box numbered 100. 

Closing Thoughts: 

So, it can be said that the development of an online snake and ladders game is a piece of cake for developers. Are you looking forward to starting the game business? If yes, feel free to contact us and we will assist you further in developing the gripping game of snakes & ladder for kids. You must opt for the leading game development company having laudable developers with affluent experience in developing feature-rich game software. 


Why Rummy Game Should be Played on Mobile Phones?


It is the quarantine time going on due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The best way to have entertainment during lockdown is by music, cooking or playing games online. Well, if you love playing online games, then there are numerous options available for you. One such option is the online game of rummy fun on your smartphone. This thrilling game is quite easy to play even for beginners.

The best part of playing rummy online is that you can enjoy it anytime of the day. It is the card game which thrills game lovers to bits. In today’s date, the world is getting digital around the globe. And, so is the gaming sector. Numerous games are there to play on the online platform. In the fast paced world, you can start the rummy game online in just a few clicks.

4 reasons why people enjoy playing rummy on smartphone

Developed with cutting-edge technologies, the mobile apps for rummy game entices gaming enthusiasts around the globe. Moreover, when it comes to playing online games in which a player has to spend money for playing, a secured platform is the necessity for enjoying the game. Gaming app developers make sure about the utmost safety so that the essential card details are not subject to the risk of data theft.

#1 It is easy to play online rummy by sitting anywhere: 

One of the best advantages of playing rummy online is that a player can opt for playing the game as per the convenience whenever they get time. Moreover, it is also the best idea to play rummy when you are in a cab and stuck in a traffic jam. All you need is a function-rich mobile or desktop for playing this thrilling game. It is just so simple to create an account and login on the rummy game application.

#2 You can zero down your rummy game as per your choice: 

Another important advantage to opting for playing rummy online is that you can choose from various types of rummy which excites you the most. You will also be able to know different players who are pro at playing rummy. While enjoying this game online, you will be amazed to play multifarious matches with the competitors. You will also be able to take online guidance from professional rummy players to take your passion for the game to the next level in no time. If you are a business minded person, you can also plan to create rummy game software and start earning good revenues with the same.

#3 User interface is so attractive that it lures the online game lovers: 

When it comes to game application, it is the colorful interface that draws the attention of gaming aficionados at the speed of light. The icing on cake is that functioning of the user interface is like a cakewalk. It is plain-sailing to begin a rummy game with just simple clicks on your mobile handset. Furthermore, it does not drink away all your mobile data. This is the reason why people choose to play rummy online these days.

#4 Online platform is secured to use for gamers: 

The important factor to keep in mind for rummy software providers is the advanced security for the people who love online games. The game of rummy requires players to add card details for winning cash while winning the rummy matches online. That’s why, it is important to make the online rummy game fully secured to use by players. The payment details entered on the application are completely encrypted and do not involve any risk of theft. The safety included in mobile apps for rummy games is such that third parties are not able to know about card information which you add for playing this awe-inspiring game. You can any time enjoy rummy fun on your smartphone without worrying because the payment gateway is safe to use.

Closing Thoughts: 

So, now you know the reason why people love to play rummy on their smartphones. If you are planning to start a rummy game business then it is very simple. You just need to contact the dedicated rummy game software developers who will further assist you in creating a spiffing online rummy platform that will fascinate the game enthusiasts day in and day out.

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