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The Ultimate 2020 Guide to Write SEO Friendly Content

BiggContent- SEO Writing Guide

SEO Friendly Content for layman is only go around ‘keyword optimization’. While that is one piece of it, there are different factors also that requires consideration. For what other reason do you feel that a few pages rank on the tech giant – Google’s search results while others in the eighth and ninth places? While some take a couple of months to get ranked on the very first search page, others neglect to arrive at the main page of the SERP considerably after years. What you have to comprehend is that SEO is a perplexing procedure that is best left with the specialists at a Brand Promotion Company India giving SEO Content Writing Services.

In any case, to comprehend and become familiar with the means that the confided in content advertising company India take for their SEO Friendly Content, follow the following segment.

Keyword Research

The initial step begins with looking into keywords that are both pertinent to your intended interest group and famous pursuit terms. The perfect blend of key-phrases incorporates one essential keyword and a couple of optional long-tail keywords. Content Writing Services India utilizes instruments like Keyword Planner of Google and Ahrefs for the reason.

Find Relevant Topics

Settling on the keywords isn’t sufficient. The following significant advance is to locate an important inclining point that your intended interest group might be keen on perusing. Web optimization Content Writing Services suppliers use apparatuses like BuzzSumo for the reason.

Word Count

The quantity of words assumes an imperative job in SEO. While shorter substance beneath 500 words are increasingly shareable via web-based networking media, Google considers 1500 worded articles as a quality substance with esteem.

Write High- Quality Content

Not exclusively does the Search Engine has an eye for worth and quality, yet it likewise thinks about duplicating as wrongdoing. When you are gotten with copyright infringement, your site gets a punishment, and the positioning of your page turns out to below. Taking SEO Friendly Content from a content marketing services India guarantees you top notch written falsification free content that pro-claimed freelancers may not give.

Give Headings And Subheadings

Clarity is another factor that influences the positioning of a page. Utilizing Heading and Subheadings improves coherence and positioning in the Google lattice.

Keyword Advancement

One of the fundamental pieces of composing SEO Friendly Content is Keyword streamlining. As per the Yoast SEO module of WordPress, the perfect keyword density on a page is somewhere close to 0.5% to 2.5%. In any case, there are SEO specialists who have confidence in utilizing keywords whatever number occasions as could be allowed normally, without making it seem as though Keyword crowding.

Include Links

Search engine optimization experts giving SEO Content Writing Services put stock in putting both outer and inward connects to make the substance look dependable.

Make It Shareable

While positioning on Search Engine may require some investment, shareable substance may get recorded on Search Engine quicker. In the event that substance becomes a web sensation via web-based networking media, at that point the web index makes it as a prompt and starts believing the material to be loved by clients and in this manner begins positioning it.

Use Services, Tools For Content Advancement

Prior to posting content, consistently check the write-up for streamlining utilizing different SEO tools accessible for nothing on the web. Search engine optimization Content Writing Services utilizes Grammarly, Copyscape, and so forth to discover the comprehensibility, language, and uniqueness of every one of the articles delivered by them for the best quality.

Include Pictures With Labels

Did you realize pictures assume a job in SEO too? Have you seen the labels used to depict an image? In the event that you utilize your keywords on the picture, you will begin seeing the picture in the Google pictures drawing in more individuals and clicks and inevitably taking the position of the page high. The size of the picture likewise influences the SEO; an advanced configuration keeps the stacking time of the page less, improving it internet searcher streamlined.

While the means look simple, it gets hard for organizations to leave their essential business to focus on the nature of the content creation. In this manner, you can undoubtedly decide to depend on content writing services India like BiggContent rather, for better quality, proficiency, results, and spare time.


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BiggContent: A Premium Content Marketing Agency In India


Indian Companies and Marketing Agencies are still the very first choice over thousands of other marketing agencies for hiring blog writers at affordable prices. Business owners not only living in the US, but also who are living across the world find hiring those companies is a cost-effective deal. Pursuing a great team of professional writers, marketers, analytics and web-specialists, many Indian SEO Content Writing Services Provider companies have great portfolios to serve the top-notch content strategy to b2b and b2c businesses. A step towards this write-up introducing BiggContent – the best emerging Content Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, India that provides much-needed quality content advice and tips for its clientele living across the boundaries.

Read the full-rising story of this prospective start-up company of 2020 like how it started, what it serves everything here.

The Success Story

The Idea behind ‘BiggContent’ was not an instant flame that cooked-up in someone mind. In fact, it is a result of visionary leadership of its Founder and Content Marketer- Priyanka Yadav who always admires that a real legacy is following the dreams one pursue. She is a young mother who has a keen desire to be an entrepreneur since her childhood. With best writing practices, she set-up a path for companies and website owners who are staggering to get noticed in digital web space.

At last of 2019, the entrepreneur mind thought to shape-up her dream of having a one stop content marketing solution in the form of ‘BiggContent’. Backed with a proficient team of web writers, the company offers 360⁰ complete web content solutions designed to serve the motto of several online businesses. Soon, with the calibre of great marketers this company has become the hot-choice of people. Businesses find this rising start-up as the most reliable b2b content marketing agency, India.

Why BiggContent Is Different

Being an epitome of best Content Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, BiggContent is gaining popularity with positive responses coming from its satisfied clientele. They proactively works on miscellaneous projects coming for different sectors including real estate, healthcare, beauty and fashion, cosmetics, media, entertainment, footwear, hotel, e-commerce, restaurant, apparel brands, travel, transportation etc.

Give a quick glimpse on key-factors that make BiggContent slightly different from other content marketing services:

  • Elite Writers 

The company has a team of skilled professional analytics, blog writers, SEO content writer, article writers, digital marketers and tech gurus. Such strong team ensure to give the best optimal content production based on client’s budget and scope of a project. Bingo!

  • Immense Research

Through the endeavour of tech-nerdy people and researches done of web analytics, BiggContent has a capacity to leverage businesses with the most scalable, quality web content. They read audiences at its best knowing their intent.

  • 100% Web Success

Whether it’s related to professional blog writing services or social media marketing, this company helps to mainstream various business verticals with guaranteed web success.

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Website Content Writing Services
  • SEO Content Writing Services Provider
  • Social Media Content Writer
  • Article Writing Services
  • Product Description Writing
  • White Paper Writing Services
  • Blog Content Writing
  • Case Study Writing Services
  • Hire Whitepaper Writers
  • Newsletter Writing Services
  • Company Profile Writing
  • Email Writing Services
  • Content Marketing Agency in Chandigarh

Last Words

At a time when world is practicing social distancing to fight-back COVID-19, writing blog is the best way to communicate with your audiences. In case of any un-certainty, manage your priorities determining the growth of your business. Remember, content marketing remains operational for all time. It is a sustainable, long-term strategy that pays you back. For increasing customer retention rate and loyalty, think about hiring a reliable Content Marketing Agency in Chandigarh like BiggContent as your next investment!


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