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Why certain people do not loss weight even after a lot of exercise over a period of time?

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The best nutritionist in Mumbai says: 

when a person tries to lose weight their first option which comes to the mind is to hit the gym or go for walking and do exercises. They intensify the exercise schedule; skip meals thinking that reduce calories and will lose weight or even try some drinks which promise lose of weight in 30 days or so.

When these things don’t really work they give up and don’t try for something which could be a better choice. It is a gradual process where the body needs to get used to a routine and then it will show results. The best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. If you work out and do not take care of your diet it will not show results. It is not a magical process that will help you lose weight. It will take time; effort and dedication which will help you achieve your personal goals.

Diet Suggestion :

If your meals throughout are not in the right proportion and a lot of junk or processed foods go in your body it will just accumulate all extra calorie dense foods and all your workout will go in vain because the amount of calorie that you burnt all came back and did not help. This is why when you work out for weight loss you need to see what you also eat. If there is no protein and only carbohydrates in your body then the muscles do not get the nutrient they need for building and repair of muscles.


When you work out your meals need to right and it needs to balance with all the macronutrients that are required in your body to keep it healthy and not have any deficiencies. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, The main energy giving nutrient is carbohydrates and then comes fat. So when your carbohydrates are not enough to give you energy the fat starts to get utilized and then fat burns and that’s when you tend to lose weight. Initially when you start working out the loss is usually the water weight that you lose.



The body prepares for it to utilize the energy giving nutrients for energy. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, consider that you have two batteries in your body, the carbohydrates being the first source of energy, followed by fat and lastly protein from the muscles. When you eat these carbohydrates and fat batteries are stored for giving you energy. When the body undergoes any form of physical activity the carbohydrates are giving out energy. Once the carbohydrates are utilized the body moves to fat batteries for energy.

If the energy from fat also gets utilized it takes energy from proteins which is harmful as losing protein makes your muscle weak and you are prone to injuries. For this process to occur and to stop at the right time it is necessary that your pre, post and during workout meals are properly planned. Your pre workout meals need to include carbohydrates which will give you energy and can be utilized for energy.

During workout hydration is extremely important to prevent soreness and post workout is very necessary to ingest protein and a little bit if carbohydrates and the minimum amount of fat that comes from food. You can include some fat burning foods to speed up the process of fat burning such as cinnamon powder, lemon water; negative calorie fruits which will burn fat but give you energy. Then when you work out in right amounts and intensity you will see a loss of kilograms. Initially you need to start having balanced meals and then focus on right type of exercises.

You will also feel pain and will feel like it is not going to work, then you must work and keep yourself motivated. When you feel there is pain that is the fat that is burning and your muscles tearing which indicates that it is working. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Once you experience this and see your results you will be positive, be more productive and also be more active.

When you are on a healthier side you would look to lose weight and there is always fat in every part of the body, so you need to start with simple exercises to burn the fat. If you start up with hard exercises the muscles will grow on fat and you will not see a reduction in the weight. So initially start with simple exercises and balanced fat so once you start losing fat then automatically muscle will grow and muscle will start to build making your body stronger and making you more active.

It is always said that diet and exercise help a person to shape their body where 70% comes from diet and 30% comes from exercise. When you work with both the things in hand you will achieve your body goals. You can eat everything and not get anything but if you eat everything in the right amounts and also in moderation it will help you get the body you wish for.

The best nutritionist in Kolkata tells to keep a check on your diet as well as your exercise routine and you will lose weight correctly and this will prevent the weight from bouncing back. Make sure you do not overdo anything, do always consult a nutritionist to help you suggest the right foods and also motivate you to do the right things in the right way.

After you have achieved your goals do not go back to the same routine and neglect your diet and exercise. Keep it continuing by eating well and follow a maintenance diet. Remember to eat on time, eat in proportions. The best nutritionist in Mumbai says only exercise will not help you lose weight nor will skipping meals help you. So even if you are working out a lot and still not losing weight it is because you are not doing it the right way in terms of your diet.

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