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Carrie Obrien


How to check Avast subscription expiry status


Avast antivirus is a famous antivirus program that offers the best internet security features at good prices. It also provides reliable data security features that keep your device fully secured from all unauthorized access. Avast plans are compatible with every OS which means it has security features according to your device. If you have a Windows PC then your Avast plan will provide you features according to Windows security. For phone devices; it offers anti-theft, app lock, and other advanced features. You need an activation key to install your Avast antivirus reliably. 

When you get your Avast plan; it provides you a year-subscription. You can use all the advanced features of Avast antivirus until you have the license. But when the Avast license gets expires; you can’t access the Avast features. If you want to use Avast then you have to renew your Avast license. You can easily renew the license after expiry. But you can also renew the subscription before the expiry date. You can check the Avast expiry date and renew your Avast antivirus accordingly.


Checking Avast Subscription on Windows PC:

  1. Open the Windows PC and click on the Avast icon from the desktop
  2. Avast dashboard will open the screen
  3. Go to Verify Subscription option
  4. A prompt may appear on the screen
  5. Click on the Yes button
  6. Wait for a minute
  7. Your Avast subscription details will appear on the screen

Checking Avast subscription details on Mac device:

  1. Open Mac device and click on Avast security
  2. Go to Account
  3. Tap the Verify button
  4. Click on Verify subscription window
  5. Wait for a minute and you will get Avast subscription details on the screen. 

You can also check your Avast subscription details on other devices with your Avast credentials. Follow the steps for checking Avast details on other devices:

  1. Open the device and go to a web browser
  2. Search for Avast antivirus
  3. Go to Avast homepage
  4. Click on My Account
  5. Select Sign In button
  6. Now you have to enter your Avast antivirus username and password
  7. Press the Login button

Now your Avast profile page will appear on the screen. Click on the My Subscription button and you can check the Avast expiry date and all other details regarding How to Disable Avast Antivirus.

Some Avast products have auto-renewal mode where the Avast antivirus will renew its subscription automatically. If your Avast product is under auto-renewal mode then you don’t have to worry as it will renew the subscription before expiry. In case your Avast is not eligible for auto-renewal or your auto-renewal mode is disabled then you have to renew the Avast subscription manually.


Avast sends Avast warning popups when your subscription is about to expire. When you get the warning pop-up you should renew the subscription immediately. Follow the steps given below to renew your Avast subscription:

  1. Click on the Avast warning popup
  2. You will be redirected to the Avast website
  3. A login screen may prompt
  4. Enter your Avast username and password
  5. Now go to the My Account window
  6. Choose subscriptions
  7. Click on Renew button

Now follow the on-screen instructions and enter the billing details. Check your billing details and then click on the Confirm button. When the billing process completes then you will get a confirmation message on the screen. Now open your Avast antivirus and go to the subscription window. Check whether your Avast expiry date gets extended or not.

Renewing Avast antivirus from product key

If you purchase an Avast retail product but you don’t have a CD driver then you can renew the Avast plan with the help of the product key. Open the Avast retail box and take out the Avast card. Check the product key and the URL imprinted on the card. Now open the PC and search for the given URL.

  1. Click on the Account button
  2. Choose Redeem your Avast retail card
  3. Now an activation window will appear on the screen
  4. Type Avast key carefully
  5. Press the Submit button

Now enter your email address and tap the Next button. Choose the country and language. Click on the Verify button. Wait until you get a confirmation message. Once your Avast subscription gets renewed; you can use all the Avast features on your device reliably.


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