Call of the hour : Outsourced Marketing


Outsourcing marketing need of an organization is the wisest decision being made. It forms the core of any organisation willing to explore more and get higher rate of returns. Many support functions like IT, HR, Accounting, etc. are outsourced by businesses. How is it beneficial to outsource marketing? Marketing defines the brand, image and persona of the organization in a marketplace. Outsourced marketing agencies make it worthwhile for many companies to invest in marketing as they are ensured of procuring returns in the due course of time. Would it make an organization feel insecure about allowing another organisation to play with the brand?

Let’s get a better understanding of how outsourced marketing services work :

What is outsourced marketing?

When an external organization is given the responsibility by our organisation to handle the marketing functions at the strategic and/or executioning levels.

Why outsourcing?

  • Marketing Strategy and execution can be managed better by specialists
  • Expert insight’s on your business and market is invaluable
  • Updated with the latest industry trends
  • Focus more on the core of your business
  • Consistency in marketing is guaranteed
  • Stay connected to the latest technology
  • Lower the cost of hiring a personnel separately
  • Access fresh skills as per the requirements

The process is : 

  • The strategy of growth
  • The marketing partner understands your aspirations
  • A plan is worked out with a go to marketing strategy for the future
  • A marketing partner motivates the leadership team to come up with messaging that will work for the company for the coming 3-5 years
  • Both work together to ensure success in the marketing campaigns
  • Appropriate personnel and agencies are hired best suited to your industry segment and campaign needs
  • The partner oversees the execution of the campaign as it rolls out in the marketplace 

What are the advantages?

Availing outsourced marketing solutions has ideally been a positive effort in reducing costs. However, in the last decade, outsourcing the marketing needs has gone onto a new level. It has now become a critical business strategy for large and small organisations, which think even beyond cost cutting. 

What should one search for in a partner?

  • Understanding and experienced about the outsourced model for marketing 
  • Experienced marketing practitioners in leadership and decision making roles
  • Diversified consulting experience in marketing
  • Willingness to work with a long-term objective
  • Willingness to align the appropriate resources as per the business objectives
  • Ability to generate powerful content and messages

It is essential to select the right one matching to the needs of your business. It is a good practice to outsource, which an organization would realise only when positive results and ROI’s start coming in.

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written by: Aarohmarketing
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