What are some of the best wordpress theme for my eCommerce store?

Best Free eCommerce WordPress ThemesBest Free eCommerce WordPress Themes

If you use WordPress themes into your website then you have to read this article carefully. Because here are some of the Best eCommerce WordPress Theme for your eCommerce store. Nowadays most people use ready-made stuff for their website for saving time and money. In the WordPress themes, you can get everything ready-made you have to just use it for your website. So now any non-technical person also starts up their online business through the website. 

eCommerce Gem

eCommerce Gem is a Free WordPress theme to easily launch and run your online store or online business. eCommerce Gem is a Free WordPress eCommerce Theme also It has a clean and contemporary layout with a stylish and minimalist design. This WooCommerce theme has remarkable customization options for easy to manage your website and makes it easy for visitors to navigate your website. This theme is fully responsive so you can get the perfect view of your website in any size of mobile devices.  It is a flexible theme and runs well for various types of online businesses including jewellery, clothing, etc. 

This theme has lots of features like Responsive Layout, WordPress Standard, Elegant Design, Easy Customization, Incredible Support, SEO Friendly, Theme Options, Featured Slider Options, WooCommerce Ready, and many more which can help you to get more attractive your website layout.

best ecommerce wordpress theme



Fagri is a Best eCommerce WordPress Theme for small businesses, startups, niches, and product pages. That can improve your business faster and easier than any custom website. Its smooth one-page design, along with the modern appearance and clean sections. This theme has also very minimalist and simple design layout. With the help of this theme, you can make it a great choice for your promotion campaign.

In this theme lots of features like multipurpose design, full-width header with a contact form, responsive design, compatibility with Elementor page builder, WooCommerce ready, color options, parallax scrolling, and many more that can help for your business growing up faster.




This theme built with Gutenberg and Elementor in mind, which you can customize with ease using blocks and drag-and-drop options. Which can help you to easy customizable in your website just because of that you can make any changes. Zakra provides 10 different demos and a bunch of starter sites that are ready to use for your business. 

In this theme lots of features like a primary color option, GDPR compliant, responsive design, seven widget areas, Block editor and Elementor support, ten different demos, lightweight and fast, drag and drop customizable option. 



In short, this all is the best eCommerce WordPress themes which can make your website more powerful and easier to manage than any custom website.


How to Overcome Inventory Management Challenges?

inventory management

What is Inventory?

Inventory management saves you both Time & money and also enables you to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Lousy inventory management leads to lessening accessibility to services and products and increased delivery period.

Simple inventory management software can offer significant advantages, not only for your organization but also for your clients too. Additionally, it may help retailers install product variations, reducing the possibility of build-ups of excess inventory, leading to clearance sales at the finish of the season. Ultimately a simple inventory management software might offer extensive advantages to your client.

Inventory is a crucial part of your Business and Inventory management is an extremely customizable percentage of running the business. It is an excellent practice for almost any corporation.

It’s a significant part that determines the fitness of the supply chain in addition to the consequences of the economic health of the balance sheet. Inadequate inventory direction may also cause a loss in earnings. Secondly, effective inventory management could cause low storage expenses, which can consequently result in a rise in the company’s profits.

Benefits of Proper Inventory Management?

Inventory management is now an intrinsic portion of supply chain administration. It is the procedure of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of components in to and out of an existing inventory. In other words, better inventory management contributes to raised cashflow administration. Active inventory management may make it feasible to avoid unnecessary spoilage.

The many methods of inventory management will trust the fundamentals of the company. It’s essential for keeping inventory amounts stable as well as determining and controlling the amount of stock needed for optimal profit. In an accurate inventory, the direction can result in lost sales. Appropriate inventory management can assist you to figure out just how much inventory you’ve got on-hand.

Proper inventory management plans vary based on the organization. Project management is an area of management that handles the most effective management of varied forms of projects. Appropriate management of the distribution chain, to the flip side, can enable a company to flourish.

Relatedly, inventory management techniques help organizations keep tabs on any thefts which may have occurred. Lastly, they have been necessary for any business because they allow you to save costs on sales patterns.

Afterward, the inventory management system needs software which could keep track of all the items and help manage them.

An excellent inventory system will offer high visibility of most items directly into the shelf and bin in most locations if needed.

An extraordinary inventory control system will alert you once you would like to reorder specific products, which means you always have the appropriate level of the stock according to requirement. If you have a trustworthy inventory control/Management system, you never face the danger of running out of stock without your knowledge.

You can see if sure inventory sells at specific times of this twelve months, or even during particular times of the afternoon.

Inventory needs to be insured, of course, if it’s not sold with time, it may need to be removed at clearance prices or just shattered. It’s straightforward to track little amounts and kinds of inventory, but if your business (and inventory) grows may become exceptionally complicated and inefficient. Besides fixed assets, the inventory is typically the biggest priced asset of almost any venture.

An organization’s inventory is just one of its best assets.

Inventory is advantageous to a business’s turnover because using an excellent turnover ratio is ordinarily an indicator of high consumer requirement. It is frequently the most essential item in the current assets category to get the balance sheet. It is a significant company asset that helps a company with activities like planning and staying within budget. Everyone should realize that keeping inventory current is simply one of the absolute most essential things that you may perform as a retail or wholesale organization. You shouldn’t hesitate to request a decrease minimum so you won’t need to take up to inventory. Should you do an entire physical inventory at the finish of the year plus you also usually come across issues, or you have got plenty of merchandise, you might want to start spot assessing during the year.

To steer clear of costly delays on your manufacturing processes and client order gratification, you ought to make use of inventory management application. Inventory management applications aren’t necessarily simple or straightforward to master. Otherwise, it is designed to work for a more extended time. Additionally, it can give you a bird’s eye view of your entire supply and distribution series.

If your inventory management software is cloud-based, then you certainly can only open another tab to restrain your stock in the place of needing to switch between 2 distinct programs. If you’re still using inventory management software that you must put in on each user’s computer, then you’re passing up some critical benefits that the cloud offers.

Cost may be a massive disadvantage of inventory management computer software. It will soon be an essential part of purchasing inventory software. By streamlining your inventory management processes, that you don’t only stand to get rid of the inventory costs related to human error, but you can also make money from further cost-savings.

If you can not find the money for a live provider than at least leave fundamental informative data on your outgoing voicemail message. In the event you choose on an overseas supplier, make sure they use native-looking speakers. It’s likely to utilize a domestic provider, or you can spend by having an offshore firm.

Inventory direction makes it feasible to avoid wasting money on slow-moving services and products so that you can set it into use in different regions of one’s organization. A vital part of inventory management is having the proper volume of inventory on hand. It is an excellent practice for just about any corporation. Superior inventory management makes it feasible to figure out just how much inventory you should have on-hand. Process-Driven inventory management and using faculty management applications are an excellent fit. You might just be spending inordinate time and effort managing your inventory as opposed to the remaining of your business.

Organizations often utilize inventory management software to cut back their working costs. They use inventory management software to avoid product overstock and outages. Businesses which are primarily service-oriented alternatively of product-oriented can use inventory management applications to track the price of the substances they utilize to furnish services, like cleaning supplies. Many large companies utilize inventory management software, but smaller companies could discover that it’s catchy to afford it.

Once your company is growing, it’s crucial to protect your staff gets access to these applications they’ll need to fulfill and ship customer requests. A wholesale company may benefit greatly in reacting support. Smaller businesses usually utilize just the most fundamental functions of their software to make sure they maintain a constant inventory flow. With smart inventory management, your company will enjoy many additional benefits. This type of company would have to employ a range of workers. As it’s to do with growing your internet business, on the list of most massive challenges is based on managing your inventory.

The expense of further barcode readers tempers the benefit of allowing several employees to do inventory management tasks. There are several benefits of utilizing a proven inventory app as opposed to attempting to create one on your own. Since you may view, there are plenty of benefits to using cloud-based inventory management applications, if you’re a solopreneur or perhaps a multi-location company.

The applications system you select needs to be adaptable to your company and user-friendly. Even in case, you take advantage of a continuous inventory system; then you will need to execute a physical count periodically to ensure that your inventory records are accurate. Cloud inventory management methods increase efficiency in several means. Undergo as much on-line clinic management system as achievable.

Because the program resides in the cloud, so business people do not need to buy and maintain expensive hardware. POS applications are easily the most recent introduction that provides numerous added benefits and will assist in preventing situations which could otherwise lead to unnecessary chaos. With a few straightforward clicks, the more computer software will help streamline and regulate various procedures involved with a retail company.

Inventory Management Automation Benefits – What Is It?

Automation will completely eliminate the human factor, which means you may rest assured, there’ll be no more frustrating mistakes. In this kind of situation, customer service automation is no huge surprise. CRM software employs transaction-processing methods to record sales while marketing utilizes an analytical strategy. No matter whether you fabricate your application with a single compiler, you can utilize unique compilers later on. A number of the applications have the capacity to connect to a database whilst spreadsheet solutions commonly need manual data entry. The whole process would have to occur for each and every expense claim, however small it may be. What’s more, it contributes to a streamlined product retrieval process to cut back a load of warehouse workers.


Unicommerce provides cloud-based inventory management and omnichannel & multichannel order management system that provides complete warehouse management solutions for online and offline sales.


What Is So Good About A Bad Credit Loan?


Troubled finances and a low credit score is known to be the pair of eternity because in every individual’s life they walk hand in hand.  When a person thinks to set them apart, he or she needs to pull up their socks because it can test the patience until the journey ends. On that note, it is important for every individual to know the BREAKUP RULE of these two constraints. However, through hassle-free borrowings, it is important to bring them back on its original platform. In other words, it can be assumed that balancing finances can help a person to use the funds via online assistance whenever a credit holder wants.

To answer the question of what is so good about a low credit loan is that, you can use the loan amount to solve any of the requirements. It is just one of the basic reasons from the count of numerous explanations. Let just take “solve any requirements” as the base and move further to justify the question with other arguments. With the given fact, a low credit score can make your identity look like a debt trap and that is when loans for bad credit with no guarantor play an important role so that a borrower can improve the credibility of credit score to solve various future purposes.

What are the good things about the credit term?

The borrowing term holds various features that include easy retuning procedure, applicants accepted on bad credit score and no fees on instant decision. Other than that, a borrower is also not under any obligation to present a guarantor as it used to happen earlier.

If a borrower wants to invest in a business projector on any of his official or personal purpose, that is also possible with the help of borrowing amount.

Why is the repayment schedule known to be flexible?

It is because a direct lender provides the borrower to select the date and time as per the demand of the situation. It has helped many borrowers because they were already prepared for the situation of returning the amount. For example, a person is working in setting up a business and he has scheduled the date and time as per the ease. It has helped the person to complete the project first, and then with his convenience, he has repaid the amount as soon as possible.

What is the process of a bad credit loan?

A lender deals with this process by providing them with no credit check feature so that the process of transacting money becomes easy. This feature allows any type of credit score so that the borrower can get instant disbursal anytime by just using the smartphone or a laptop.  Not only that, it specifically provides no credit check loans with no guarantor to give the borrower another chance to improve the credit score and side by side to get over with financial struggle.

What other goods a bad credit score can cause?

There are some other reasons, which can benefit you from the constraint of having a less than average score:


The acknowledgement of accepting the way you have spent the money can make you learn the importance of money.  It can be the learning, which provides you gratitude within yourself and turn you to become a better person in terms of handling the funds.


When you lose your nuts then life teaches you a lesson of why you should keep it tight. In the same way, when you let your finances to lose the grip that can land up the situation of falling in credit score. It is mandatory that a bad credit score happens only because of carelessness, there are some other reasons also. But to see from the wider aspect, it can make you have a good learning experience.


The borrowing of the direct lender accepts the application because it provides a chance so that the borrower can use it to favour the situation.  This attitude can help you to solve the financial crisis and also help you to improve the credit score for future borrowings.

The bottom line

To divide the paths of two constraints of unbalanced finances and low credit score is important because it can create difficulty for any of your borrowing purposes. Therefore, with the help of flexible features, this borrowing term can bring a good outcome from the bad situation.


5 Benefits of using Wikipedia as a central marketing strategy for businesses!


Wikipedia marketing is a new concept that became a thing only a decade or two ago and that is why many businesses are still contemplating its potential to benefit their companies. However, every company who has tested implementing Wikipedia marketing knows that it is one of the most effective marketing strategies that are being used currently by different businesses.

Marketing through Wikipedia is an indirect marketing solution that can help businesses access numerous major business goals without difficulty. It can reshape the overall image of a business and bring a very positive impact on the marketing results of a business. The strategy is so powerful that it is often considered to be stronger than social media marketing strategies. This is exactly why businesses choose to use it as their central marketing strategy for online marketing strategy.

This article is compiling top 5 benefits of using Wikipedia as a major marketing strategy so that companies who are still confused whether they should use Wikipedia as their top priority marketing strategy would have a chance to see a clearer picture.

Reaching the edges of International Markets!

Wikipedia is a global platform that is actively visited by a diversified group of audience from across the globe. Having a representative profile on the site can help a business become familiar in the international market, leading to generating more leads and a genuine expansion of the target market. This is one of the best ways to grow and become a stronger business entity with a better international business reputation.

SEO Ranking Improvement

Wikipedia is a site that is visited too frequently, as it contains extensive encyclopedias about almost everything. The high amounts of information means that the site is full of keywords and thus, this factor along with the fact that the site is visited by thousands of people from all around the globe, contributes in maintaining  Wikipedia’s SEO ranking on the internet.

When a business chooses to become a part of Wikipedia, the strength of Wikipedia’s SEO ranking influences the SEO ranking of the business and improves it all around the globe efficiently. In this way, Wikipedia marketing resolves the SEO issues and makes the company appear on the top of the resulting lists on search engines.

Credibility and Trust

Businesses need to be credible to have a standing in the marketplace in the long run. Credibility is the core factor that influences the conversion rates and thus, sales are also dependent on the image of the business in the long run. The more trustable a business is; the better will be its growth rate.

Wikipedia is a platform that provides information and has a policy against direct marketing. These factors make the site have a very reliable image in front of its audience and any business that is presented on the site will automatically be sharing the attribute. So, Wikipedia marketing can help businesses appear more credible. All a business needs to achieve this valuable asset of credibility is get connected with a marketing specialist or some content development firm who can provide Wikipedia editors for hire UK.

More benefits with Less Investment!

Unlike other marketing platforms including social media, Wikipedia is quite less consuming in so many ways. It does not require regular upgrades or constant content generation. The site needs only one time investment and yet, the benefits that it provides go a long way.

Be more Visible and Accessible

Wikipedia can help a business become much more accessible and familiar for its target markets, leading to better brand awareness. When people know who you are, the tendency to buy from you increases and so, it impacts sales in a very positive way. Wikipedia page can be an ultimate solution for making you more visible and accessible online.



Ways to make SEO Friendly FAQ Page:

featured image

Most of the websites are adding FAQ pages nowadays to solve the general queries of visitors instantly. Having this page is important for your website as well because people have certain questions in mind when they open your site. These could be related to what you do, how you do it, and why they should choose you.

Now, if your website won’t provide them with all the answers, then they will remain confused, and only a few of them would think to reach out to you for finding answers. So, you should add FAQ page, that too an SEO friendly one, on your website. You can visit if you want to build an SEO friendly website for your business.

Make a List of all the Questions you Get Regularly from Clients:

Your FAQ page should provide valuable information to the clients. For this, you have to enlist the questions asked by your clients regularly. You can modify these individual queries to serve a general purpose and add them into your page.

You should keep updating your FAQ page with the changing needs of clients. For example, adding new services and areas into your business would give birth to new queries. Sorting all these queries is your responsibility. If you have more than 10 FAQs, then divide them category wise to avoid the mess.

Link your Answers to other Pages of your Website:

Writing long form answers in your FAQ section isn’t a good practice. It only increases confusions and makes your FAQ page cluttered. So, what you can do if the query can’t be solved by a few lines? In such situations, you can link your answers to other related parts of your website.

Linking means you have to add a link of that particular page in the answer so that the reader can click on that to get comprehensive information. For example, you can add the link of a blog if that specific blog is dedicated to the concerned topic. By doing this, you can direct your audience to other pages of your website as well.

Add Relevant Images:

Sometimes, you can also take the help of images and other media options to explain a topic in a better way. If your answer contains a stepwise process, then adding images would be best to clarify the doubts.

Using clear and interactive images, graphics and info-graphics will add a visual appeal to your answers. So, instead of writing long chunks of texts, try this approach to shorten and strengthen your answer.

Include a Call-to-Action Button on your FAQ Page: 

Call-to-action is the best way to ask your audience to take some action on the website. They won’t mind taking actions like signing up, giving their email address for a free e-book or anything like this; once their queries are solved.

Try to keep a free service on this CTA to get more responses. Adding a CTA here would show that you care about your audience and you want to remain in touch with them. This could be very helpful in gaining new clients.



Easy Ways to Develop an SEO Friendly Website

At the initial level, an SEO friendly website is one that allows a search engine to read and explore pages across the whole site. Making sure that the search engine understands and crawl the website is the first step towards better visibility and higher rank of website ranking. The search engine must crawl and understand the content that your webpage has in order to rank it on the search result page.

According to professionals offering website design, Melbourne and some other renowned webpage developers in other locations say that creating an SEO friendly website need a structured approach and careful planning. Here are the top ways of making SEO friendly website



You may use the domain like ‘.com’ for your business as the primary domain. However, it is essential to match your domain with what you do, and it must match with your business too. You also need to ensure that your entire subdomain and all variations correctly point to the canonical version of you. Moreover, please do not get fooled by thinking that having the keyword on your website name will make it catchy or better working; instead, that will make it daft.



CMS has utmost importance when it comes to the website building process and on the success of your business. For situations like this, WordPress is a great option, but it is not the only option. There are some other options also available in the market. However, it is wired up at the fundamental level, and it is the way that Google understands. It may not be the best option for every situation but is excellent at the starting point of most ventures. One must be sure that the CMS you select is the right for your case and not because the web company prefers to work with it.



To understand a page, the search engines have to read and understand the content of a website. So in simple word, the content of your website must be in text form behind the screen. Even in the advancing world of multimedia, your main content must be written in text form, not video or images. And for your image and video of your site, there are some great tools. The tools can describe those things in text and keep the ranking of your website higher.


Mobile Friendly Design

To make most out of a website, it must be a mobile-friendly website. We live in a period where mobile became an inseparable element of people’s life. Folks are happier, and they feel confident when they browse webpages in mobile. So when you have a website, make sure that it must show the mobile accessibility.


Those are some top ways to develop an SEO friendly website. If you are looking forward to have a beautiful site, you can consider web design Armadale or some other web developing companies as they are doing the job accurately.

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