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Google’s New Android Developer Policies: Things You Need to Know About

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Google has been making changes to its Play regulations and Android APIs. This was done in response to user discontent and requests for improvements. Google made this choice after consulting with the developer community, based on user demands and feedback.

User trust is critical to Google Play’s success. Users’ downloaded apps should not include hazardous or objectionable content, should not behave unexpectedly, and should not treat user information incorrectly.

If you follow the Google Play developer policies and instructions, you may create applications that contribute to the overall trust that all users have in Google Play.

Google’s New Android Developer Policies: What You Should Know?

Following changes to Google’s new Android Developer Policies, which went into effect in October 2018, Android app development services can no longer use Call Log and SMS permissions unless they are used to establish the application’s core functionality.

When Google proclaimed the new regulations, developers were given 90 days to bring their apps into compliance with them, with non-approved apps being removed from the Play Store.

Attempting to reclaim rights already granted to Android app development Services, on the other hand, has caused a great deal of consternation among Android developers and users of applications that have had functionality that rely on those rights taken removed.

Google announced changes to the review system for resolving concerns to policy changes and execution methods on April 15, 2019.

Let’s go over the fundamentals concerning Google’s new Android developer policies:

Android app development Services

  1. The reasons for the limitations on call log and SMS permissions

Under the title of Project Strobe, Google announced an overhaul to how personal information might be used, including how third-party access to private data via APIs is made available. And this declaration was made in conjunction with plans to shut down Google Plus due to the discovery of an API issue that allowed unauthorized access to data.

Meanwhile, Google stated that a few Android applications request authorization to access a user’s phone and SMS data. In the future, Google Play will limit which applications are permitted to seek permissions.


These permission requests may only be made by an application that you have set as your default application for sending text messages or making phone calls. However, there are certain exceptions, such as backup and voicemail software.

Despite the fact that Google states that they have always asked developers to limit these permission requests to only what is essential for their application to run and to be honest with users about what information they provide.

Android had a wide range of permissions that provided developers with greater access. Alternative APIs, according to Google’s proposal, provide for more raw access, allowing developers to reapply functionality.

  1. Limiting permissions degrades performance in demanding programmers.

According to the organization, the unpredictable limitation of these rights caused great concern among developers, as Google’s ability to communicate what was and was not authorized was often imperceptive, difficult to finish effectively, and unclear.

The self-sufficient developers relied on community boards like Reddit and Google’s Issue Tracker to register their complaints, with the maker of EasyJoin Pro, an application that allows calls and SMS to be delivered from remote devices, a feature specifically limited to the Pro version, stating by Google that the announced feature is permitted, but they determined it to be unimportant.

Similarly, the creator of ACR Call Recorder was denied permission to record phone calls, and the creator of the automation program Tasker was set to lose the same capability, albeit their plea resulted in task automation being listed as a permitted exception.


  1. Google promises to be human, not a bot, and to be more responsive.

Google approved comments, indicating that it took a long time to receive replies on whether applications met policy requirements and that the method for getting a decision was cumbersome and time-consuming.

The corporation also accepted the notion that their judgments were automated, with no human involvement, and that it was difficult to contact someone who could provide information on Google’s policy choices and the most recent use cases presented by developers.

Google promised to examine and improve the request method, including the inclusion of application instructions in every execution email, and said that the application form containing information may also be found in their Help Center.

Furthermore, Google claims that humans, not bots, currently examine each delicate choice, but that they are improving their communication to provide more targeted replies and that they are optimizing their personnel to assist speed up the application process.

  1. New developers will face additional scrutiny when submitting their apps.

Google is targeting developers who create new accounts after being banned, which has an impact on new developers. Google indicated on April 15, 2019, that they would be spending extra time shortly to analyses applications produced by developers that do not even have a track record with Google.

This will allow Google to do more extensive monitoring prior to approving applications to go live in the Play Store, as well as make more accurate choices on developer accounts.

According to DoubleVerify, typically, Hire Android App Developers generating applications that exhibit a lot of advertising, or excessive offerings that are not showcased, are a developing concern, with the total number of apps involved in fraudulent ad impressions increasing by 159 percent from 2017 to 2018.

  1. Developers will see further changes in Android Q.

Android Q will also make it difficult for developers to manage scoped storage, prompting comments on Google’s Issue Tracker. Scoped Storage prevents the use of current API calls for writing to or reading from external storage.

Finally, the efforts to employ the previous technique were likewise silently futile due to the lack of file system visibility that is available to programs when developers utilize the API.

Although photographs, video, and audio will still be available, this change renders FTP programs and file managers ineffective.

Final Words:

In a nutshell, whether you are a seasoned or inexperienced developer, you must adhere to new Google Play guidelines and standards in order to create apps that contribute to the general confidence that users have in the Play Store. It is one of the most well-known Android app development Company. We offer a wide range of Android app development services, such as store customization, download, theme creation, migration services, testing, maintenance and support.

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GetInsta, the App to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram for Free

free Instagram followers

Getting free Instagram followers is a need for every individual who works with regards to this interpersonal organization. Truth be told, getting perceivability permits you to expand your reputation and advance your picture, bringing your message (and conceivably related items and administrations) to an always more extensive crowd.

To accomplish significant objectives around here, there are different rather unpredictable and tedious systems to execute. Indeed, even explicit programming, nonetheless, can give an extensive hand in such a manner.

We are talking, for instance, of GetInsta, a freeware application made by Orangeview that permits you to build your followers totally free of charge.

The product, accessible for all variants of Windows (from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10) is truth be told, a legitimate partner for the individuals who are attempting to make progress on what is without a doubt the informal organization existing apart from everything else.

GetInsta: how can it work?

At the point when we talk about GetInsta, we allude to an app to get free top notch or more all genuine likes on Instagram. The working arrangement of this application is splendid and, most importantly, doesn’t include any kind of cost with respect to the client. So how does GeInsta work?

To get free Instagram followers without human check you need:

Download the application, introducing it on any adaptation of the Windows working framework

Register a record on the application to access it (as of now at the hour of enlistment it is feasible to acquire coins, a credit that permits you to purchase followers and preferences for the previously mentioned informal community)

Add at least one Instagram records to interface with GetInsta

Now, you can utilize the product by choosing Get followers (to get followers) or Get Likes (to get likes) by spending the virtual money, characterized coins, utilized by GetInsta.

Security And Privacy Of Clients:

GetInsta is an Instagram followers app that aids in getting followers just as keeping up the security of the client. As it is evolved by proficient and experienced individuals, it has limited the danger of safety related issues. This Instagram followers app will ensure client’s security and will assist them with getting followers. There is no danger in utilizing GetInsta. GetInsta is an application that gives free and genuine Instagram followers for free.

Nature Of Followers:

GetInsta is an app which manages free Instagram likes and free Instagram followers. These free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes are by and large the genuine Instagram clients. They are not phony or we can say that they are not both clients. Just the dynamic and genuine records will actually want to like and follow you. This Instagram followers app has no danger, preferences and followers will increment simultaneously. There won’t be any danger in utilizing GetInsta for free Instagram followers.

Free Or Paid?

GetInsta is a totally free application for getting free Instagram followers and preferences. Here you needn’t bother with cash, you simply need coins. You can undoubtedly get these coins when you sign in to GetInsta. Presently subsequent to getting these coins you can get free Instagram prefers just as free Instagram followers. GetInsta is an uncommon Instagram followers app that doesn’t need any extra cash charges.

Time Took:

This is one more benefit of utilizing GetInsta for free Instagram followers. The followers will be conveyed inside a sensible time. Remember that these are genuine followers so when they will see your follow or like solicitation they will immediately hit you up. These progressions will be seen in practically no time. GetInsta will give free Instagram followers and preferences.

GetInsta Support:

It is the idea of a man that he needs assistance or backing in tough spots, so in the event that you get into any issues you can contact GetInsta for help. They are accessible nonstop. Clients don’t spare a moment to contact GetInsta on the grounds that they will help them at any expense.

Experience Of The Team:

GetInsta app has encountered colleagues that work day and night to assuage their clients. This group has made things incredibly simpler for their clients. As they can reach them whenever just as different things. GetInsta gives Instagram followers free in basic advances. You simply need to login and afterward get a few coins. From that point onward, you will get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. These will be genuine individuals who are dynamic on Instagram.



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SEO Trends You Can Expect In 2021


SEO Trends You Can Expect In 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to attract buyers to your online platforms – if you use them properly. SEO is constantly changing, and staying on top of the latest updates can be challenging. However, you’re well worth the effort: Some 70% to 80% of users focus exclusively on organic effects and ignore paid listings. In addition, another 28% of those searches are conversational, leading to purchases. High SEO performance requires attention to many metrics, including traffic, backlinks, and social sharing – just to name a few. Our guide to giving you an insight into some of the most relevant and timely ways to make search engines look forward to 2021, allowing you to customize your SEO strategy accordingly. Here are some projected SEO trends you can Expect In 2021.

Artificial Intelligence Will Play A Great Role In SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) changes the way people interact with online content. The Google AI algorithm is especially important. Unveiled a few years ago, the algorithm – called RankBrain – plays a key role in Google’s search engine results page (SERPs).

So, the big question is, how do you use your SEO with RankBrain? While a large search company may not share information, experts believe that user experience signals are the key determinants. This can include items from click-through rate to time spent on the page. You need to capture and engage readers with useful, well-organized content. The on-page SEO explorer can help you test the power of a page based on points like readability, backlinks, and more. SEO Trends You Can Expect In 2021

Voice Search Will Affect Search Queries

Thanks to new features like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search technology has come a long way. As technology has improved, it has become more popular. In fact, the percentage of households predicted to have a smart speaker in 2022 is 55%.

To increase voice search, think about your keywords. Identify the long phrases that people use in everyday conversation. Voice search is often best done with a long, natural sound composition. When people type, they tend to shorten. For example, one might want to voice search, “What are the new SEO styles for 2021?” but type the words, “new SEO 2021. styles

Featured Captions Will Highlight

Don’t panic. You will not be required to generate long-term content unless you want to upgrade Google. Featured captions, released in 2017, are a shortcut to Google’s prominence – and are very short. Sometimes, when you type something in Google, you may notice a box at the top of the SERPs, above the actual results. That’s a caption.

Rating of the included captions is a great way to get into that first page of results. In addition, captions steal important traffic from competitors.

Featured captions show a piece of information, often constructed as a Q&A or a short point of the alphabet, on how to earn a living. There are also rich captions, including photos, star reviews, product prices, and similar details. To create captions, focus on questions based on questions and relevant keywords. SEO Trends You Can Expect In 2021

Predictable Search Set Up for Improvement

Google Discover was launched in 2017, revealing a new type of search – not even requiring a user query. Discover is one of Google’s AI-driven tools. The content recommendation tool identifies user behaviour patterns over time and gradually learns these habits. With this information, Discover can identify the most accurate content that may be of interest to the user.


Google Discover is already looking for over 800 million users. In order to appear, you do not need to do anything special. If Google identifies your page, it will be included. Content is calculated based on algorithms that assess content quality, as well as user interest. While Google did not discuss specific issues, it seems that location history, browsing history, app usage, calendars, search history, and home and work locations are all compatible.

An Effective SEO Strategy Will Require Video Involvement

The online video appears to be the way forward. YouTube has over 1 billion users. If you are not making video content, now is the time to start. Not sure? Here’s the food for thought: According to Cisco, the video is expected to surpass all other forms of content in use.

How can you use that video content, though? Make sure you improve the name and description of your video channel. The description should not be full of keywords but give an easy-to-see view of what your channel is all about.

Apart from this, keywords are important. For example, if you are preparing for YouTube, you may be encouraged by the platform’s automatic completion feature. Start typing in the title of your video and see what appears in the search field, which is a list of suggested keywords, which tells you exactly what people on YouTube want.

The Use of Images Will Play A Wider Role in Search

Visual image search has changed dramatically. It was common for people to look at pictures. In the future, people will be able to use images to purchase products, access information, and more. Google has long emphasized proper tagging and optimization, so it makes sense that this is part of their long-term plan.

If images on your website can be improved, take care of them now. Use high-quality, consistent images, and make sure you customize the file name, labelling the image file to match the content on the corresponding page. Use alt tags, which scammers use to classify images. Finally, add images to your site map, where they are easy to crawl. You can check out some of the posts where we discuss image SEO for more tips, too.

Focus on High-Quality Content

Everyone knows how important content is in digital advertising. But its value is still expected to continue in the years to come. Creating high-quality content will help your business attract the attention of highly targeted customers who want complete and relevant information. Search engines such as Google also value good writing and will flag any poorly written content that fails to provide a good user experience.

In addition to providing relevant information, your content should include relevant keywords to help improve your websites. But always remember to avoid adding too many keywords to the environment in one short article because Google can mark it as spam.

Also, Check The Purpose of Your Site’s Traffic

Having a high volume of traffic can do wonders for your website. But by 2021, the quality of traffic that your website receives is more important than its size.

If you use a blog and aim to get as many readers to see your site as possible, then high traffic may be your best option. But if you want your site visitors to buy something from your site, you will need to attract more potential buyers and willing to invest in your products. So make sure your website offers real goals that will attract a real audience. You also need to choose the right keywords to include in articles that should give you flexible attention to your products.

Familiarize Yourself With Local SEO

Local SEO is back this year because more people are living at home because of the epidemic. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be important in the years to come. Google often updates search engine algorithms that include local search and how it generates results in SERPs. So you are ready to invest in your local SEO practices today to reap all the benefits in the years to come.

These are some of the most thoughtful SEO styles that could be significant in 2021. If you try your best to make those digital marketing tools right now, you can expect to see the benefits of all your hard work when these tools start to show their influence on digital visibility next year.

Creating high-quality content will help your business attract the attention of highly targeted customers who want complete and relevant information.



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Top 10 best Android keyboards for all kinds of typists

best android keyboard

Different types of keyboards exist on ios and android play store. But we hardly get a chance to explore different types of keyboards. But as we think about it now, different types of keyboards serve the purpose for each one of us. Some have better emoji features while others have better spelling correction mechanisms. These things do not appear much of an issue unless we are typing enthusiasts.

Here are some of the virtual keyboards for android which caters to the needs of all kinds of typists-

Malayalam Keyboard –

Malayalam keyboard is one of the best and fastest regional typing keyboards designed and introduced by Bharat Keyboard. The Malayalam typing keyboard comes with a lot of new and exciting features like Manglish translations, Malayalam typing, auto-correct feature, animated Malayalam stickers, and gif creators.

The Manglish Keyboard App has a friendly user interface. That makes it simple to use, even for people unaccustomed to a Malayalam keyboard online. The ‘Download Statistics’ is a testimony to the user-friendliness of this app. It proves that users would prefer this keyboard app over other applications because of its intuitive User Interface and ease of usage.

GBoard –

This is a google product. When anybody talks about a keyboard, it’s the first one that comes to mind. It has different themes which makes it a forever favorite of users of all demography. We like to insert emojis when chatting with someone.

Gboard has a search emoji within the keyboard feature which comes in handy to most users. The keyboard is highly customisable and can be adjusted according to need. The swipe gesture is a cool feature that you can learn to use with practice.

It features some nice colours that make it look bright and colorful. It has built-in settings to access the settings bar. There are tons of options within the settings bar – languages, preferences, theme, text correction, glide typing, voice typing, and dictionary and also other search and advanced options.


In one-handed mode, the keyboard shrinks to one side. This feature is very useful when you cannot use both hands for typing.

The dictionary helps to expand the shortcut part into complete words after this setting is enabled.

Microsoft Swift Keyboard –

Clipboard and other options are available directly on the top row. Themes are inbuilt and are managed from within the keyboard. User Interface is better than GBoard. There are tons of theme options available. You can also customize the design. It does not give the option to hide the numbering key which is kind of annoying.

Inbuilt keyboard –

Inbuilt keyboards are those that come along with the phone like Xiaomi, Samsung, Lava, etc. These keyboards are pretty easy to use. The User Interface is simple with basic features.

Samsung Keyboard –

These keyboards are for Samsung phone users. It has an inbuilt screenshot option. Samsung spends a lot of time and money developing it. Hence, it’s one of the best keyboards out there.

Flesky –

Flesky comes with features like emojis, GIFs, more than 50 themes and gestures. You can swipe right to add and swipe left to delete a word. It comes with new voice features. You can give your voice command to a smart assistant. Many keyboard companies store data on their end with the company. But Flesky saves it on the local phone.

Mint –

There are lots of stickers and GIFs that come with this keyboard. It’s a Smart Keyboard that comes with Indian languages like Gujarati and Marathi and many other global languages.

Xploree –

It has a wide variety of stickers and GIFs and also pictures of cricket teams. It provides direct access from keyboard to services like food, entertainment, cabs, etc. it features 49 Indian languages and 150 global languages.


It has a smart feature to auto-correct spellings. It comes very handy to people who commit spelling mistakes often. It also has a unique feature that checks grammatical errors of complete sentences. It is gifted with a wide variety of emojis, stickers and GIFs. Word prediction feature is also available. There are lots of themes that you can use according to the mood. Inbuilt tools can quickly review text. It has one of the best emoji searches across different keyboard apps.

Grammarly –

It’s like a sophisticated grammar checker which can do spelling checks instantly, punctuation correction and vocabulary. It’s great for professional use especially when you’re writing emails or LinkedIn messages. It has a keyboard look and feels feature where you can decide how the keyboard is going to look. You can also add key borders, the number rose and some extra symbols to the keyboard. You can adjust the height of the keyboard according to your need. You can auto-correct misspelled or mistyped words. Auto-capitalization capitalizes the first word of each sentence.

These are the top 10 keyboards for Android devices. To know more, explore the world of regional typing experience by downloading the best keyboard app from the play store now!

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Best Online Business Marketing Techniques


The best online business marketing strategies generate the most raised degrees of achievement for any online business. The following 6 best online business marketing techniques are essential for your online business to survive.

1. Branding

Your site visitors need to consider your to be as a specialist and authentic undertaking. They are less disposed to remain or buy from a site if it looks humble, cluttered and chaotic. A properly arranged website helps with improving webpage changes and moreover makes a fair excess with the web search apparatuses, which consequently, helps for higher rankings. Critical factors for web synthesis fuse simple to utilize course, clear page plan and style, extraordinary use of pictures and quick stacking times visit for more Pixellu SmartAlbums.


2. Content

Top quality substance on your webpage keeps your peruses captivated, improves normal traffic from the web search instruments and enables reiterate visitors. Your substance material should be useful, comprehensive and tackle issues for customers. Solidifying a blog to your website is a remarkable strategy for including content a standard reason and your blog sections can in like manner be shared on your electronic media pages.

Read More: How To Unhide Facebook Messages

3. Search Engine Optimization 

Webpage improvement incorporates executing a variety of online advancing procedures so you can show up at the most vital web searcher rankings for the watchwords on your website. More than 90% of people glancing through online gander at locales that are on the chief page of rundown things. The key segments of SEO join new substance, content length, critical expressions, marking pictures, associations, and text based style beautifications.

4. Online Media

Electronic media has an immense occupation in online exhibiting strategies today. Online media locales have high traffic and customer data which make it doable for associations to interface with unequivocal and zeroed in on business areas. Online media is an essential part your electronic advancing plans. It directly passes on traffic to your webpage and when people view and offer your substance by means of online media it is seen by the web search devices and will uphold your site smoothing out.

5. Mobile

Over 25% of web customers simply access the web through a phone. If your website isn’t totally open to review through a flexible or tablet contraption it will impact your web crawler rankings and your web traffic will drop. The significance of adaptable promoting will continue creating as online organization improves making it functional for extra people to scrutinize online with their phones during the day paying little notice to where they are.

6. Video Marketing

Video exhibiting grants you to contact monstrous groups who are searching for your things and organizations. Dispersing appropriate chronicles to locales like YouTube and Vimeo can develop your online presence on a very basic level. Video passes on the ideal smart system for your displaying messages.

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How your SEO strategy makes you a winner?


Your SEO strategy plays a big role in bringing success to your business by creating more traffic to your website. And if so many people are visiting your site, some of them may become your clients. But then you need to fine tune your SEO strategy for the best results. So let’s find out what are the different elements of a good SEO strategy that makes you an absolute winner.

  1. Make a list of topics

Keywords are important for SEO, but they are no longer the only factor to achieve organic growth. In fact, the first step should be to make a list of topics you’d like your content to address. In the beginning, compile a list of about 10 words and terms that are directly related with your product or service.

Find a suitable SEO tool such as Google’s Keyword Tool, GrowthBar, or SEMRush Ahrefs to research these words, identify their search volume, and decide about variations that make sense for your business.

So, you are indirectly associating these topics with popular short-tail keywords without dedicating individual blog posts to these keywords. For example, if you are in the business of running a new social media platform called CoNnEcTd, and trying to rank for “guaranteed match” that receives 70,000 searches per month.

This short-tail keyword can represent the comprehensive topic for creating their content, but the business may also need a series of related keywords to include in their content. Therefore, they could opt for keywords such as “social media lifestyle” or “dating without waiting,” to achieve additional rankings for the overall keyword of social media platform.

  1. Make a list of long-tail keywords

At this point, you will begin optimizing your pages for specific keywords, and for each pillar you have identified, use your keyword tool to search for five to 10 long-tail keywords that align closer with the original topic keyword.

We normally create content about SEO, but it’s not easy to get good rank on Google for such a popular topic with this acronym alone. Besides, it’s also risky competing with our content by creating multiple pages that are all targeting the same keyword, and potentially the same SERPs.

Hence, it’s better if we create content on conducting keyword research, optimizing images for search engines, creating an SEO strategy, and other related topics within the SEO circle.


  1. Build pages for every topic

Talking of websites and ranking in search engines, it will be next to impossible to get one page to rank for a handful of keywords. But, this is where the theory becomes the reality. So begin using the pillar topics you thought of to create a page or post that gives a high-level overview of the topic using the long-tail keywords.

Such pillar pages are essentially a table of contents, where you’re giving a description of the main topic, and telling readers on subtopics you’ll describe in other posts.

Eventually, the number of topics for which you create pillar pages should complement with your business needs, like the number of products and services you have.

This will make it comparatively easier for your prospective customers to find you in search engines irrespective of which keywords they use.

  1. Set up your blog page

Blogging can be one of the most effective ways to rank for keywords and engage with your website’s users. Essentially every blog post is a new web page in itself, and also an opportunity to rank higher in the SERPs. If your business does not have a blog, consider creating one.

Things that you need to watch out for is to avoid using your long-tail keyword more than three or four times throughout the page since Google doesn’t consider exact keyword matches as it did earlier.

In fact, multiple keywords use in a blog can be a red flag to search engines that you are trying keyword stuffing to gain rankings, and Google may penalize you for this.

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