How to Watch Ray Series Online For Free

_Watch Ray Series Online For Free

The most awaited and trending series RAY is released now on Netflix and everybody is in the queue to explore and enter into the stories of the most iconic Indian filmmaker SATYAJIT RAY. Satyajit Ray was a marvelous filmmaker who not only used to amaze the audience with his phenomenal art but he was an inspiration for many legendary Hollywood filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, and many more.

Netflix decided to once again live the spark and magic of Satyajit Ray by bringing up the anthology base on  RAY’s short stories. The casting of this series is on the point that makes this series a  remarkable one, the cast includes

Star Caste Of Ray Series

  • Manoj Bajpayee
  • Kay Kay Menon
  • Ali Fazal 
  • Gajraj Rao 
  • Shweta Basu Prasad
  • Radhika Madan

Ray Web Series is released on 25th June on Netflix, if you have a Netflix subscription, then you can go immediately and enjoy this magnificent roller coaster of cinema.

But the problem arises for those who don’t have Netflix and want to watch Ray’s web series free online. Many of you have this question that is there any possible way where we can watch ray web series online free of cost. Techwide is here to bring you a surprise that yes there is a possible way where you can watch Ray season 1 free online.

Good news for Jio postpaid plus members 

If you are a Jio postpaid plus member; then you are gift with free access to Netflix along with your regular Jio plan. 

Steps on How You Can Access Free Netflix

  1. You need to recharge your internet pack with Jio postpaid plan
  2. Select your desirable plan from Jio postpaid plus.
  3. As soon as you select any plan from Jio postpaid plus; you are permitte to enjoy free access to Netflix for a whole year
  4. Now you can use Netflix just the way you want and enjoy your favorite movies and series 

If you don’t have Jio postpaid plan but still want to watch RAY free; then also no need to worry, many other websites offer free online latest movies, where you can check for RAY 

Some of these websites are 

  • 123movies 

They usually have all the latest movies and series released especially from the platform of Netflix and Amazon prime 

  • AZMovies

They have a wide range of recent movies and series; RAY season 1 can be found here and even they give you the option to download it

  • Telegram

Telegram is a hub of most of all recent and old movies and series, checking on Telegram for RAY would be a better option as they bring up all trendy movies and series on the wall; that is also free of cost, all you need to do is just sign up to the website or app and you are ready to have its access.


How to master the art of bowling ball


Although many pessional bowlers adore Murray’s extravagant success, they may have a few quibbles with the technical aspects of the scene. “For a ball like that to come into play, there will have to be severe conditions on the lane,” says professional bowler Kelly Kulick. Pro bowlers usually use this smooth-surfaced ball when they only need to pick off one or two pins at the lane’s end to score a “spare.” Smart bowlers usually use balls that have an asymmetric weight block in the middle and are covered with a porous polyurethane shell to knock down all 10 pins and secure a hit, as Murray did.



The ancient Egyptians, who invented a primitive version of the game, will be blown away by today’s bowling balls, which are a vast improvement over their stone forerunners. According to Danny Speranza, senior director of equipment requirements and certifications at the United States Bowling Congress, the sport’s national governing body, the sophisticated materials science slipped into modern balls has helped boost player results. Between 1910 and 1980, just one out of every 3,000 USBC-registered bowlers was able to bowl a perfect game—a strike 12 times in a row. By 2007, the number had risen to one out of every 30 people.


Modern-day bowling ball

A modern bowling ball usually consists of three parts: an inner core, an outer “filler” core, and a shell, which is known in bowling lingo as the coverstock. A modern bowling ball will cost anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on its design. You can find best bowling ball for hook beginners at number of platforms.

According to Victor Marion, director of R&D for Utah-based manufacturer Storm Products, the exact materials that go into making each part of the ball are called “proprietary technologies that are closely guarded.” The inner core, on the other hand, is usually made of powdered metal oxides like calcium or iron oxide combined with a resin and a catalyst to harden the mixture. This is the ball’s heaviest element, and its shape—whether symmetric like a sphere or asymmetric like a lightbulb—affects how it rotates down the path.


The outer core is light but rigid, and it contains materials like polyester or glass beads, as well as a resin. This section of the bowling ball is used by manufacturers to fine-tune the final weight. Bowling balls weighing 7 kg or more have a high density, but balls weighing 4.5 kg or less have a low density and can float in water.

Don’t be fooled by the ball’s vivid, swirled colors—or its sometimes pleasant scent (Storm Products impregnates its coverstock with fragrances like “birthday cake”). The ball’s outer shell isn’t just for show; it has a significant impact on the ball’s motion as it hurtles down the lane.

A bowler’s ball skids down the lane through a thin layer of mineral oil as he releases it. The ball reaches a nonlubricated zone about two-thirds of the way down an 18-meter lane. It gains traction there, just like tyre treads on a lane. The ball will now begin to curve, or hook, around the lane, scattering the pins, depending on the type of spin the bowler applied to the ball during its release.



Lane conditions, or the amount and pattern of oil added to the lane, can differ dramatically from one bowling alley to the next. And when balls soak up or scatter around the oil on the lane during a game or tournament, the conditions may change. “Some days you’re driving in California and it’s a sunny day, and some days you’ve got six feet of snow and you need every bit of traction you can get,” Marion says, using the tyre tread analogy. Bowlers don’t need a ball with a lot of friction with the lane on so-called sunny days when lane conditions are good, but on snowy days, they would want something with a more brittle, and therefore rougher, outer shell—a ball with some studded snow tyres, so to speak. “Good bowlers understand the ball is better for a specific game,” Speranza says. “If they’re going to a tournament, professionals will bring six to eight different balls.”

According to Kulick, the number may also be higher for full-time bowlers. When she travels to tournaments, she has been known to ship ten balls and bring five more.

“Typically, bowlers will begin with the most aggressive ball in their bag”—the one with the highest friction, according to Kulick. Then, when the ball rolls down the lane, they’ll change which ball they use based on where it begins to hook.

Outer Shell

Polyester is the most basic of a bowling ball’s outer shells. This rigid, low-friction plastic covering is used when you want to throw straight, such as when you just need to topple one or two pins to pick up a spare, according to Speranza. Polyurethane-shelled balls, on the other hand, have more friction with the lane. Manufacturers combine isocyanates and polyols to create these rough but pliant shells, which are useful for knocking down several pins at once. If they want to make a reactive resin shell ball with even more friction, they apply patented additives like plasticizers to a urethane base layer to create a multitude of cross-links in the polymer strands, increasing the porosity and roughness of the ball’s coating.


Pro bowlers used to prefer these high-friction reactive resin balls for nailing strikes—at least until recently. One of the most significant developments in the sport in the last ten years, according to Speranza, is that some professional bowlers now throw the ball with a two-handed release rather than a one-handed release. Jason (Belmo) Belmonte, a celebrity bowler, popularised the technique after having great success with it in tournaments.

“You can put more spin on a ball when you throw it with two hands,” Speranza says, and thus get more hook. Two-handed bowlers have discovered that super high-friction balls aren’t always necessary. They don’t want to over-hook the ball on the lane and send it into the gutter, so they’re gradually opting for balls with a simpler urethane shell.

If pro bowlers’ strategizing sounds confusing, it’s even more so for ball manufacturers. They are bound by USBC’s rules and regulations. The organisation sets limits on criteria like the coefficient of friction and surface roughness of a bowling ball’s outer layer to level the playing field and ensure that none of the approximately 46 million bowling participants in the United States has an unfair advantage due to excessively designed equipment.


Hotstar Free Trial | Hotstar USA Membership

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-17 at 11.58.46 PM

Are you a fan of Hotstar like us? Hotstar is a moving platform for the maximum people as it brings us over one hundred hours of drama and films in 17 thousand extraordinary languages.

We have some handy and budget-pleasing hints that you can use to get Hotstar’s top-class account. But if you are new to Hotstar and you are blind to Hotstar premium benefits, then allow us to check them out first.

What is Hotstar Premium?

Hotstar Premium is a membership software where you get the experience of staying with no cuts and advertisements.

Hotstar Premium gets you a remarkable consumer in which you can experience your signs, sports activities, movies without any disturbances.

Benefits of Hotstar Premium Membership

The Hotstar Premium membership account has some interesting privileges that you get to experience on a daily basis.

Privileges include – you indicate trendy Americans without trimming and ad-less, and you can transfer them within minutes after the authentic telecast. You can watch trendy episodes of Indian TV drama and air it from 6 am. Each day with a Hotstar Premium Membership. Hollywood films Ad-Unsafe and Untoot and New Indian Movie Premiere.

Suppose you are a fan of Marvel and the Avengers. In that case, you can be satisfied to understand that you get to experience Avengers: Unexpected in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages ​​with Hotstar Premium Plan. Hotstar Premium Price Hotstar Premium Membership comes at a completely nominal price. Hotstar Annual Membership is all you need to get it.

But if you need to experience an unexpected Hotstar premium, then you want to have something up your sleeve. Disney + Hotstar Premium Hotstar was given more exciting with only Disney + signs and movies streaming online. Now you can watch all your Disney signs and movies at Disney + Hotstar Premium with Hotstar coupon code: LIVE CRICKET

You can subscribe to Disney + Hotstar, or you can watch it free of charge. All you need is an easy trick to follow, and you can get Disney + Hotstar Premium Free. Disney + Hotstar Premium Free First, you want to keep the Hotstar app on your smartphone.

Experience Binge-Watch Hotstar free trial indicates, movies, and collections free.

Watch Disney + Hotstar Premium Unpublished – You can watch Disney + Hotstar Premium free of charge.

Get a free 1-month trial Hotstar Premium Membership

Hotstar is offering a first-month free trial and Hotstar premium subscription services for $44.99. Now enjoy live TV shows, channels, news, and movies from all over the world on Hotstar Premium subscription. Hotstar currently offers over 50,000 hours of TV content and movies in 8 languages, and covers every major sport live.

Follow the steps to activate Hotstar Free Trial

Step 1: Go to the Hotstar website and click on the ‘Go Premium’ option. There you will see an option in which sign up to start your free month. You can either sign up for a Hotstar account using Facebook or manually add details such as login credentials.

Step 2: Add your first name, last name, debit/credit card number, cardholder’s name, CVV, and expiry. Plan and choose it. Now your account will be eligible for a month free trial.

This membership is currently available only in India. Terms and conditions: –

The entire amount will be taken on your card for 1 month. This amount is nonrefundable. In a recurring plan of 1 month, a token amount of non 5 will be charged to verify your credit card. This amount will be returned to you within 7 working days. Choosing a 1-month recurring plan, you authorize us to charge your credit card with your free month after / 1$ / month until you cancel. Only once per month is valid for a card or Paytm account.

Hotstar free trial offer for USA users
  1. If you are you can get Hotstar Premium for Freestar, you just have to follow the steps for Hotstar Premium Trick –
  2. Hotstar app from Playstore –
  3. Now search for channel star plus or any star channel.
  4. Now make sure you have the Hotstar app installed, open the channel.
  5. Now you will be redirected to Hotstar, here you can watch live TV. Press the back button and now you can enjoy some premium features on Hotstar for free.
  6. You can watch live TV channels at absolutely no charge.


EntertainmentLife Style

4 Best Asian Romantic Films that Will Make You Cry and Love Even More


Yes, Hollywood cinema is the ruling cinema in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no quality cinema for the rest of the world. In fact, Asian cinema is one of the most compelling, attention-grabbing cinemas that is capturing the hearts of people all over the world, more and more every day. To convince you in this, we’ve compiled a list of the most romantic Asian films that will create a storm of emotions in you making you cry, laugh and love the characters as they were real people.

A Werewolf Boy

Director: Jo Sung-hee

Year: 2012

This South-Korean romance is actually a fantasy where a beautiful teenager named Sun-yi goes to a country house to bring back her health. There she meets a feral boy Chul-soo who is not really civilised. Nonetheless, she wants to befriend him but soon she discovers that there is a beast inside him that is waiting to burst out any moment. It has a really touching story ending – one of those that will certainly make you cry and it will make you question the concept of happy endings in life. The film was hugely awarded and it became the most successful Korean melodrama of all time.

The Beauty Inside

Director: Baik

Year: 2015

This is also a South-Korean film which falls into the category of romantic comedies. It is about a man who wakes up every day in a different body of a man, woman, old, child and sometimes a foreigner. He has a girlfriend who loves him for the beauty inside but the challenge is for the man to figure out how to reunite with his girl every time he changes. The story is unusual and very captivating. It has a refreshingly steady pace and is well-composed to the details. There are a lot of characters (because, remember, the main character of the story transforms every single day) so you might need to be concentrated to keep track, but overall it is an interesting funny story that celebrates the beauty of the love for the personality and not the appearance.


Director: Song Il-gon

Year: 2011

Another South Korean film, this time directed by Song Il-gon. It is a romance between an ex-boxer who has isolated himself from the world and a telemarketer who is slowly going blind. Both of them meet at his new part-time job as a parking lot attendant where she walks into the tollbooth, sits next to him and starts talking to him thinking he is the previous employee of this place. He realises that she is blind and what happens next, changes their lives forever. This film was later remade in Turkey, In Canada and Hindi.

Architecture 101

Director: Lee Yong-ju

Year (2012)

This film is a South Korean romance which tells the story of two students who meet in a beginning architecture class and fall in love. However, the different paths separate them and 15 years later the girl tracks down her first love to help her build her dream house. Will the sparks ignite once again, even though both of them have different lives now? It is certainly a story that delivers on an emotional level. It is very subtle and emotions are very pure. The picturesque screenplay and setting will surely steal your heart.

Have you seen any of these films? If not, make time to see them, especially if you are intrigued by the Asian cinematography. Plus, the pristine emotions will show you how and where to meet Asian girls, fall in love with the one and create your own successful love romance story.



Do Online Games Are Really Meant for All Girls?


Summary: Online games for girls offer an environment full of fun and learning. Get into them to learn some useful activities of the real life.

More than 50% gamers are from the female category these days and the gaming industry has recently aware of this fact. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, women creates 52% of the gaming audience and this percentile is expected to increase in the coming years. Well, it’s amazing to see the majority of people exploring online games during their free time are women.

Has this information shocked you? Chances are very high. Well, that figure was 49% approximately 7 years ago. There are many reasons what has actually made online games for girls popular in the last few years. With the increasing number of female consumer base, many leading top gaming companies have come forward to add some quality games to the existing girl’s game category.

Why Girls Games Are Popular These Days?

Most of people think that one of the most important reasons why women prefer to visit online gaming websites is the desire of passing their free time. However, this is not the only reason that triggers women towards the girls games. Today’s situation is completely different from what people think about these online games.

The internet world includes many best games that can be explored by the girls to learn new and interesting things that could help females adjust into their real lives. They get a chance to grab smart tricks and tips on how to perform the real life activities in the optimum possible way.

When individuals enter the world of free online games for girls, they are sure of going through some valuable content that is essential for them. There is no shortage of learning unique and useful things in games that include cooking games, dress-up games and make-up games. Apart from teaching something good, they also provide girls with a wonderful opportunity to have a lot of fun.

Barbie Games Have a Huge Fan Base

Barbie games have become the favourite online recreational activity among girls from different age groups. These games feature state-of-the-art graphics, easy control, seamless gameplay as well as outstanding audio and video effects. Barbie games for girls are appreciated by kids, teenagers and grown-ups.

Dora games, baby hazel games and baby games are some of the best examples of Barbie games. The exploration of these games ensures girls to avail of the high quality advantages for the real life. On one side, Barbie doll games also leave the positive impact on the improvisation of communication skills of the gamers, whereas, on the other side, they help sharpen the brain.

Girls Games Are a Source of Great Fun

Online girls games have already proven a viable source of great fun and entertainment. You can’t stop yourself from checking out all the top games from the girls category once you have spent a few minutes over your chosen free online game website. Right from a huge assortment of kitchen games to an exclusive variety of dress-up games –  the online world has a lot to offer to you.

Today lots of websites are out there in the market allowing individuals to get the best fun out of internet world. However, I personally want to recommend you atmegame.com, which caters to the best games for girls. They have today become a big name in the free online gaming industry serving a large customer base.

The fun and excitement provided by these online games are matchless. Most of girls games come with some attractive and meaningful content that makes sense why every kid should try them at least once in their lifetime.

In dressing games, girls can get a chance to learn new tricks about the fashion world, whereas cooking games for girls come as a great help to those who want to polish their kitchen skills. They allow them to learn new and delicious recipes that they also try in their real life and surprise their loved ones.

Make up and Cooking Games Are the Most Loved Ones

The market of online games for girls is increasing day by day and as a result lots of new games hit online every day. Not only girls, but a good number of boys also love to visit girls gams based websites with a reason of improving their knowledge about the cooking, dress up and make-up world.

In make-up games, users get an opportunity to know the cosmetic industry closely and very soon they start recognizing the commonly-used make-up items like lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and more.

Cooking games for girls help individuals to learn how to use the tools available in the kitchen to prepare the scrumptious recipes using the needful ingredients.

Conclusion: Online girls games are excellent when it comes to creating a fun and learning environment to the gamers. With the availability of huge choices, the number of women audience has been rising at a fast pace. All the best to explore the best girls games on your preferred websites to reap more fun!


Why do you require an Emcee service in Singapore to produce a fantastic occasion?

Master of ceremonies with microphone on stageMaster of ceremonies with microphone on stage

That is to make it incredible when it comes to an occasion arranging and organizing a conference you individuals one thing. What do you believe about a smooth occasion which will be enjoyed by all of your audience? Think about the preliminary number of dependably warm weeks your indication to start preparing your outdoors area.

Deal with whatever from trading bulbs for the outdoor lights to in one significant push, at that point prepare yourself to sit back and take advantage of your terrific outdoors meeting place.

When the considerable lift is done towards the start of the duration, all you’ll need to do in between soirees is a touch of stimulating; your outdoors area– no matter whether it’s a yard, a patio, or a patio area– will stay healthy as a fiddle throughout the whole season, regardless of any genuine summertime storms.

As with anything, assisting in splendid balcony knocks gets easier after some time. The very first may be a notable test; prior to the surface of the mid-year, you’ll have the choice to damage together an outdoors event to applaud the surface of Little League, graduation, a birthday, or whatever another toast-commendable celebration has actually just happened at the drop of a sun cap.

Here are a few of the significant favorable points of employing an Emcee service that you men require to understand.


Image result for emcee

Experience matter

Training is an amazing technique to get vital info of the celebrations organization and the basic neighborliness market too. There are lots of schools and colleges that presently provide degrees in associated fields, independent celebration courses, and testimony programs.

These tracks and courses are advised by specialists in friendliness and celebrations who can discuss the realities, in addition, to deal with private tales.

This explanatory facility is an amazing approach to differentiate yourself from other profession searchers. You’ll stick out on the premises that you made the interest in specific preparing. It’s also a remarkable technique to open your eyes to each of the possible results of the business. All those individuals who are attempting to host their very first occasion employing an Emcee service can bring a terrific worth to your occasion.

Host service can bring life to your celebration

Numerous Emcee services in Singapore provide you an expert host which will engage your audience all the time.

They understand the marketplace

Host business constantly has various sort of connection in case arranging market. In lodging and celebrations, it’s about who you understand and who understands you. It’s essential to put yourself out there, to go to systems administration celebrations helped with by neighborliness associations, present yourself in a skilled method, make smart conversation and advancement. Systems administration is connected to developing considerable associations with various professionals and up keeping those connections.

Systems administration is absolutely not an irregular roadway; you can’t expect that others must continually support you. It will need effort on your part to link and keep the conversation essential and open.

Nobody can inform individuals’ identity related to. What’s more, no matter whether someone you’ve gotten in touch with might allow you to find your next big break!Time Time management

Is it an excellent concept to employ an Emcee service for your occasion, absolutely. If you will not be able to pull or handle the time off a terrific style for your celebration, you can not pull off a terrific occasion of your own. Because case an Emcee service will assist you to get your ideas together. With concerns to going after for professions inside events, do not constrain yourself. A large range of associations hold events and are intending to get specialists that are suitable for organizing them and getting individuals to experience them.


7 Big Reasons to Hire a Magician for Corporate Events

Magician for Corporate Events

Most business owners usually set regular, mostly annual corporate events. They use these events as a means of getting employees to bond or create alignment. Others are meant for educating and motivating the employees. It is always a challenge for the event and conference organizers to find a way of making the event entertaining, memorable and inspiring.

Corporate magician

Magic is one of the most exciting and fun forms of entertainment employees can ever imagine. Amusing magic shows at the corporate events make them impressive and fascinating events. Due to this, hiring skilled corporate magicians for corporate events is today a popular trend with the variety of entertainment that magicians offer. The following are some reasons to hire magicians Sydney for your next corporate event.

  1. Memorable Moments

Magicians are one of the best at catching people’s attention. The awesome magic that they display on the stage usually provokes the thoughts for a long time. This is especially when they let the audience be part of the magic tricks they perform. It makes the event memorable.

A constant interaction between the magician and the audience often measures the grand success of the show. When planning to hire a magician, it is, therefore, important to go for one who values engagement with the audience.

  1. Enthusiasm and Excitement

A professional magician for a party is perfect at uplifting guests’ enthusiasm and energy levels. This keeps them entertained and thrilled as they normally interact with the audience during the shows. This type of interaction tends to make guests feel as though they can be part of the event’s fun highlights.

  1. Laughter and Fun

Hiring magicians for corporate events is like providing people with the most appropriate icebreakers especially after serious lecture sessions. It is like hiring an entertainer and a magician in one. This is because the magicians are also great when it comes to adding humor in their performances. The magicians are also trained to fill the audience with endless laughter. You can go for magician to hire Sydney.

  1. Extraordinary Charm

Unlike the production of numbers, magic shows can offer both fun and entertainment to the event. This entertains guests in a unique way and adds extraordinary charm to the entire event. Hiring a magician will actually turn a regular corporate event into an exceptional event.

Entertainment can be used as an excellent marketing tool to ensure you stand out amongst your competitors. Magic is one form of entertainment that is usually appreciated by all social classes and ages. Whether you are planning a company seminar, convention, award banquet or trade shows, it is advisable to hire a magician to spice up the corporate event.

  1. Unique and Interactive

Most parties are thrown with enthusiasm but can often be dull. Some of the guests don’t know each other and there is an uncomfortable silence. A magician will bring all your guests together in a party and make them talk to each other.

  1. Team Building

Corporate meetings/events are an opportunity for fun and team building but often fall short. Hiring a magician for your corporate event allows all team members to get involved and have fun. Instead of sitting around listening to a speaker tries to motivate your team, have a magician come in and WOW with sleight-of-hand that will have them bonding.

  1. The Magic Touch

What if you are hosting a party and you just want to add that special touch? Whether you are planning a corporate event, a private party, wedding or any other event, a magician is a great way to make the event more entertaining and memorable for you and your guest. Hire a magician to perform up close and personal for your guests will amaze party-goers and really enhance your corporate event or party. Choose one who has performed various magician show Sydney. Magicians can easily mix into the crowd and mingle with guests who seem to need some extra entertainment; which relives a lot of pressure from the hostess.


Number Balloons

balloon numbers

The term balloon number refer to either. Clusters of extensive helium balloons connected to a number-shaped frame,

Numbers created by artistically twisting balloons or ready-made mylar balloons for each number, often related to as Mega loons (which is 1 of the most famous brands). Balloons are the one of the most vital items for any occasions. As here we are talking about the balloons numbers so balloons number are the best for the kids. Kids mostly enjoy these types of balloons and they could also use in the parties as well.

This article is about the three types, the Megalodons. You’ll get an overview of where to take a high-quality mylar balloon at the most suitable price, and how to manage them nicely into a name or whatever word you need to form.

What You Should Know about Balloon Numbers:

Most retailers offer balloon numbers in gold and silver only. Balloon numbers have a broader color palette – pink, red, purple, blue, or multi-colored. You might notice them signed up as 35 inches or 40 inches.

When filled, they are between 34 and 37 inches big (that’s between 86 and 95 cm, for us metric states), depending on the number. Their diameter ranges from 23 to 25 inches (58 to 65 cm).

The balloons should have suspended tabs on the top, sides, and bottom, for different ways to promote them. Like most foil balloons, they should also hold a so-called self-sealing device, as seen in the image. Anagram, one of the great players in the balloon industry, deserves to have created this kind of pipe.

Price Range

In the United Kingdom, a 40-inch mylar balloon number or letter prices between £5 and £6. I’ve also noticed multi-colored 18-inch balloon numbers for under £2. Those are perfect for a kid’s birthday.

In the US, prices are within $6 and $9.

Where to Get Them

Do you have a favorite online or offline balloon supplier previously? Then it’s sufficient to ask them if they provide balloon numbers, or if they could buy them for you. Even if they charge a little more than the prices stated above, you know that you can grant them.


Organized in 1986, Party Packs is a medium-sized company with a real family feel. On their “About Us” page you can see photos of their old and new elevator and some aspects of the 30 staff members. They have completed 7000 items for sale, and they pride themselves as signifying “dedicated to giving an individual and effective service to our clients.”

They give the full range of 40-inch balloon numbers in silver and gold and balloon numbers in pink, blue, silver and gold. Also, they bring the 18-inch multi-colored balloon numbers.


Betallic is an industry-leading producer of foil and latex balloons with worldwide distribution, main office in St. Louis, Missouri.

Besides a broad range of 40-inch Mega loon balloon letters in gold, silver and black with dots, they also bring balloon numbers in a kind of solid colors and party patterns.

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