7 Big Reasons to Hire a Magician for Corporate Events

Magician for Corporate Events

Most business owners usually set regular, mostly annual corporate events. They use these events as a means of getting employees to bond or create alignment. Others are meant for educating and motivating the employees. It is always a challenge for the event and conference organizers to find a way of making the event entertaining, memorable and inspiring.

Corporate magician

Magic is one of the most exciting and fun forms of entertainment employees can ever imagine. Amusing magic shows at the corporate events make them impressive and fascinating events. Due to this, hiring skilled corporate magicians for corporate events is today a popular trend with the variety of entertainment that magicians offer. The following are some reasons to hire magicians Sydney for your next corporate event.

  1. Memorable Moments

Magicians are one of the best at catching people’s attention. The awesome magic that they display on the stage usually provokes the thoughts for a long time. This is especially when they let the audience be part of the magic tricks they perform. It makes the event memorable.

A constant interaction between the magician and the audience often measures the grand success of the show. When planning to hire a magician, it is, therefore, important to go for one who values engagement with the audience.

  1. Enthusiasm and Excitement

A professional magician for a party is perfect at uplifting guests’ enthusiasm and energy levels. This keeps them entertained and thrilled as they normally interact with the audience during the shows. This type of interaction tends to make guests feel as though they can be part of the event’s fun highlights.

  1. Laughter and Fun

Hiring magicians for corporate events is like providing people with the most appropriate icebreakers especially after serious lecture sessions. It is like hiring an entertainer and a magician in one. This is because the magicians are also great when it comes to adding humor in their performances. The magicians are also trained to fill the audience with endless laughter. You can go for magician to hire Sydney.

  1. Extraordinary Charm

Unlike the production of numbers, magic shows can offer both fun and entertainment to the event. This entertains guests in a unique way and adds extraordinary charm to the entire event. Hiring a magician will actually turn a regular corporate event into an exceptional event.

Entertainment can be used as an excellent marketing tool to ensure you stand out amongst your competitors. Magic is one form of entertainment that is usually appreciated by all social classes and ages. Whether you are planning a company seminar, convention, award banquet or trade shows, it is advisable to hire a magician to spice up the corporate event.

  1. Unique and Interactive

Most parties are thrown with enthusiasm but can often be dull. Some of the guests don’t know each other and there is an uncomfortable silence. A magician will bring all your guests together in a party and make them talk to each other.

  1. Team Building

Corporate meetings/events are an opportunity for fun and team building but often fall short. Hiring a magician for your corporate event allows all team members to get involved and have fun. Instead of sitting around listening to a speaker tries to motivate your team, have a magician come in and WOW with sleight-of-hand that will have them bonding.

  1. The Magic Touch

What if you are hosting a party and you just want to add that special touch? Whether you are planning a corporate event, a private party, wedding or any other event, a magician is a great way to make the event more entertaining and memorable for you and your guest. Hire a magician to perform up close and personal for your guests will amaze party-goers and really enhance your corporate event or party. Choose one who has performed various magician show Sydney. Magicians can easily mix into the crowd and mingle with guests who seem to need some extra entertainment; which relives a lot of pressure from the hostess.


Number Balloons

balloon numbers

The term balloon number refer to either. Clusters of extensive helium balloons connected to a number-shaped frame,

Numbers created by artistically twisting balloons or ready-made mylar balloons for each number, often related to as Mega loons (which is 1 of the most famous brands). Balloons are the one of the most vital items for any occasions. As here we are talking about the balloons numbers so balloons number are the best for the kids. Kids mostly enjoy these types of balloons and they could also use in the parties as well.

This article is about the three types, the Megalodons. You’ll get an overview of where to take a high-quality mylar balloon at the most suitable price, and how to manage them nicely into a name or whatever word you need to form.

What You Should Know about Balloon Numbers:

Most retailers offer balloon numbers in gold and silver only. Balloon numbers have a broader color palette – pink, red, purple, blue, or multi-colored. You might notice them signed up as 35 inches or 40 inches.

When filled, they are between 34 and 37 inches big (that’s between 86 and 95 cm, for us metric states), depending on the number. Their diameter ranges from 23 to 25 inches (58 to 65 cm).

The balloons should have suspended tabs on the top, sides, and bottom, for different ways to promote them. Like most foil balloons, they should also hold a so-called self-sealing device, as seen in the image. Anagram, one of the great players in the balloon industry, deserves to have created this kind of pipe.

Price Range

In the United Kingdom, a 40-inch mylar balloon number or letter prices between £5 and £6. I’ve also noticed multi-colored 18-inch balloon numbers for under £2. Those are perfect for a kid’s birthday.

In the US, prices are within $6 and $9.

Where to Get Them

Do you have a favorite online or offline balloon supplier previously? Then it’s sufficient to ask them if they provide balloon numbers, or if they could buy them for you. Even if they charge a little more than the prices stated above, you know that you can grant them.


Organized in 1986, Party Packs is a medium-sized company with a real family feel. On their “About Us” page you can see photos of their old and new elevator and some aspects of the 30 staff members. They have completed 7000 items for sale, and they pride themselves as signifying “dedicated to giving an individual and effective service to our clients.”

They give the full range of 40-inch balloon numbers in silver and gold and balloon numbers in pink, blue, silver and gold. Also, they bring the 18-inch multi-colored balloon numbers.


Betallic is an industry-leading producer of foil and latex balloons with worldwide distribution, main office in St. Louis, Missouri.

Besides a broad range of 40-inch Mega loon balloon letters in gold, silver and black with dots, they also bring balloon numbers in a kind of solid colors and party patterns.

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