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WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide (FAQs)

WordPress Beginner’s Guide


WordPress is a website builder and a content management system. It is globally popular to make websites, e-commerce stores, and multiple sites with different functions. About 38% of the websites from all over the world are powered by WordPress. In short, WordPress is online software that you can use to build a website, store, or any blog. It is an easy and effective tool as it provides you admin access.

WordPress is available in two versions, i.e., and is an open-source software that makes it easy to manage and prepare a website. Whereas is a website that offers website and hosting.


To build an online website using WordPress, you must need a domain name and web hosting. Both these requirements are available at a moderate cost. Moreover, effective themes and plugins and other super flexible features of WordPress help to design a website perfectly. 

Today we are sharing the most commonly asked questions related to WordPress. We hope it will help to eliminate the queries raised in your mind. So, let’s begin.

FAQs about WordPress 

  • Is WordPress free? If yes, then Why?

WordPress is free when we talk about freedom as it is flexible and easy to use. With multiple plugins, you can design a website. Whereas, when it comes to cost, then WordPress is not free. 

  • Why is this type of hosting required for WordPress?

Various web hosting providers offer WordPress hosting. Whereas, you can also purchase shared, dedicated, VPS, or cloud hosting depending upon your website’s requirement.

  • Does WordPress offer free domains?

Yes, you can get a free sub-domain from

  • What kinds of websites can WordPress design?

People from all over the globe use WordPress to make money online. You can make a blog, e-commerce store, build a membership community, business website, sell online courses, etc. 

  • How WordPress Works?

WordPress shows an admin section where you can find different sections including dashboard, pages, posts, themes, plugin, appearance, settings, etc. You can go to any of these sections and manage the website easily.

  • Do brands use WordPress? 

Yes, different big companies and brands use WordPress. You might be surprised to know that BBC America, Bata, The New York Times Company, Facebook News Room, Snoop Dogg, Inside Blackberry, and many other brands use WordPress to manage their sites.

  • Why start with WordPress?

You should start with WordPress because it is easy to use, multilingual, the software is easy to install and free, cost-effective as domain and hosting are affordable, super-flexible, and provides you complete freedom.

  • Which hosting company is good?

Different companies offer different packages. You should choose the hosting from a well-reputed and trustworthy company that has satisfied customers and a good review image. Moreover, hosting matters a lot for the website therefore, we will recommend you to choose the right hosting company.

  • How to start a website?

Purchase a good domain name for your website. Then purchase hosting for it. After that, the hosting company will provide you access to the WordPress admin portal. Afterward, you can design the website, share the content, and launch your website.

  • Is WordPress Safe?

WordPress is safe. You can use different plugins to keep your website secure. For example, the SSL certificate plugin is compatible with WordPress and adds enough security to your website.

  • Is technical skill required to use WordPress?

No, for using WordPress you don’t need to learn any technical skills. Basic learning about the computer is enough. Coding and other setups are not required. You can use plugins and the drag n drop technique to manage WordPress easily.


WordPress is a content management system or a simple software to manage the website, stores, and online blogs. It is easy to use, setup and management makes this software popular all over the world. Moreover, you don’t need any technical learnings to use WordPress. 

WordPress is a free platform, whereas you need to invest some money in the domain and hosting. Both these services are available at affordable cost. Therefore, we can say starting with WordPress is cost-effective. So, you can start your website using WordPress today.

Internet Business::Web Design

How To Optimize The User Experience (UX) On Your Site?

user experience (ux)user experience (ux)

Providing an exquisite person journey is the purpose of websites and applications. It is as regards the transformation over traffic in customers, however additionally theirs loyalty.

Understanding the “user experience”
The formulation about the diagram enterprise may be puzzling now such comes to user experience. The phrases UI (User Interface) because of consumer interface then UX (User Experience) for consumer trip are often used together, and it’s no wonder humans mixture them up. The UX person journey is some thing intangible as humans experience or ought to stand considered beyond the start. The lousy terms must keep understood in accordance with apprehend the idea of user experience.

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User ride is essentially a person’s emotions then attitudes in regard to the usage of a specific product, provision then employ or whole concerning the contact points round it. It offers together with how many a individual interacts along a system, both firstly then due to this fact upon time. These perceptions perform stay exceptional beyond one person in conformity with another, the purpose animal to that amount the trip is continually colorful then encourages action.

Experience thru design
This is the advent regarding vivid interfaces: graph be able encompass both person journey and person interface design. A cluster concerning instances human beings think the format are simply coloring, however it’s extra than that. As the net has matured, format has emerge as an umbrella time period as covers certain matters as like visual design, interface design, ergonomic structuring regarding content, as like nicely as thinking around user experience. . We are at last talking in relation to UX Design.


Experience through functionality.
It comes under after usability. These assessments consist within erection definitive that the site and the software workshop well. The purpose is so much anyone may operate duties except problems in the dominance regarding cases. At DML Lahore, our websites are examined during their design, transport after the customer then since at all oftentimes through our teams.


Experience via accessibility.

Accessibility is touching erection websites usable through so dense people namely possible. For example, suppose about thine cell interface in certain a course so in conformity with facilitate its utilizes for a person anybody holds a baby within one arm, while the use of a cellphone into the other. Or a proper coloration distinction could assist each visually impaired people yet these attempting according to read between a unhygienic lit environment. When creating a tool, it is hourly recommended in accordance with observe Web standards (W3C among particular) yet best practices, because you repeatedly reach a helpful level regarding makes use of barring even tons effort. Many grade Web factors (forms, menus, buttons, etc.) are designed “accessibility” yet action simply as much nicely including the mouse then keyboard as like together with frame browsers.

How after diagram a user experience?

The sketch over the user ride is consequently not confined in imitation of appearance. In the association on constructing an utility then site, UX Designers consider or facts is presented, whether screens then actions go with the flow together, then how many this relates in imitation of the user’s perspective. They focal point about digital touchpoints, developing wireframes or prototypes, blended together with person interviews and user profiling / testing.

If UX sketch is in relation to someone’s journey usage software program (the chief concerning the iceberg), the awful thinking round the architecture or usability about the employ takes within tab the venture as a whole. (the iceberg itself).
UX is oft the analysis on a unique end-to-end employ experience. This is important because the beneficial on-line shopping internet site can’t fulfill up because of a terrible client situation journey and bad production packaging plan upstairs delivery.


Understanding the user

UX is consequently a question about affect then emotion, but we do solely assure as Internet customers have a honest person ride with the aid of perception that he are, the place and what it utilizes the product. Users are ethnic beings whoever hold desires and impressions. To operate this, UX Designers fast originate sample consumer profiles called consumer personas that may help teams recognize who they’re creating a product because of or in what context.

Why fulfill the endeavour according to understand the user?

As technology advances, things so much seem after remain the primary baseline quickly grow to be obsolete. It is necessary in imitation of usually offer the superior purchaser experience, because customers are constantly solicited by using you opponents who also drink competencies on the opportunities so much come together with practical advances. The intention is now not according to fail thy competitive competencies by way of getting assist in your digital strategy by a expert SEO company in this considerations. Making things simpler, greater efficient yet more fun for users is our job.


How in conformity with lie user-centric?

You bear according to assume in relation to the users. Focus of theirs needs, context, dictate or goals. We need to also seem to be at theirs behavior, theirs emotions. For so ye have in accordance with interview them. Reviews are additionally sources of facts after locate out more as regards users. Decisions committed need to stay based totally on consumer needs. It is necessary in conformity with chart the direction regarding production uses with the developer yet ignoble stakeholders. Having the desire of several people is integral for a wider thoroughness concerning views concerning things, which is necessary now it comes according to existence user-centric.

DML Lahore supports ye among you a number of net marketing techniques yet the implementation regarding strategies in accordance with enhance the quality of the consumer ride concerning your site.

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