Growing Online Retail with Inbound Marketing



Inbound Marketing

The increased ubiquity of digital devices and the internet has changed many aspects of our lives. With social media, our daily social interactions have changed drastically from what they used to be. Since social media was built to replicate the real model of social life, it has had a tremendous impact on the fabric of our society.

Online retail can be put in the same category. Brands such as Amazon and eBay were created to replicate the experience of real-life shopping. Its impact, like that of social media, has been far-reaching in terms of shaping consumer habits.

E-commerce marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing just as social media is. Since e-commerce is a route to direct conversions and sales, it represents a highly target-oriented nature of digital marketing. Even in the digital marketing industry itself, there is a growing shift amongst professionals to e-commerce marketing as the slow realization of the field’s endless potential becomes more and more apparent.

This is more noticeable in digital marketing education than anywhere else. From a scrappy online YouTube tutorial to a top-rated digital marketing training in Delhi, the emphasis towards online retail has grown many folds.

In his article, we will discuss how inbound marketing can be used to power e-commerce marketing.

Content Driving Sales

Walking into any field of digital marketing, there is a good chance that content has a large role to play in its success. E-commerce marketing is no different. Many top-rated blogs and websites make a lot of money purely on the basis of affiliate sales to online retail stores, thereby confirming the ability of content driving online sales.

With the right content narrative, any marketing goal can be met. For small brands in e-commerce marketing which do not have the resources to spend on paid ad campaigns, content is crucial to power an inbound marketing campaign.

Content lies at the heart of most inbound marketing measures. Depending on the type of online retail store in question, marketers have to figure out in which form would an inbound marketing campaign have maximum impact. This would also depend upon who the target audience for the product being promoted is. Once all such factors are considered, the right content strategy and channel can be identified to deploy inbound marketing campaign.

Social Media

While big online retail brands do not require a lot of engagement on social media to drive their revenues, small brands need to take advantage of every customer they can reach the limited resources at their disposal. Social media at the very least solves the problem of reach and allows marketers to reach a targeted segment of the audience with great accuracy.

A platform like Instagram, for instance, can be used to maximize the far-reaching potential of social media. Many startups in the clothing industry found it difficult to break through the constraints of typical marketing until they took advantage of an image-centric social media channel like Instagram. Some of the many rising companies in the fashion clothing industry are rising in size and stature through the tremendous reach of Instagram.

Instagram is highly lucrative for brands in fields such as clothing, accessories, footwear, and so on. Other platforms afford marketers the freedom to successfully promote other kinds of products. For app promotion, Twitter and Facebook are better and deliver better conversion percentages. This data has to be taken into consideration while running a social media marketing campaign with an emphasis on inbound marketing.


What are the Challenges in Local Digital Marketing in 2019?


Description: In any dynamic field, there are a number of challenges which are thrown down on professionals. Local digital marketing is no stranger to such challenges. We discuss local digital marketing challenges faced by professionals in the field.

Local Digital Marketing

The sign of a dynamic field which is vibrant and full of life is one which deals with its own assortment of challenges. As a tranche of digital marketing, local digital marketing is bogged by challenges and obstacles of its own, some created due to transformational changes in technology and others caused by changing consumer behavior.

The popularity of digital marketing has been led by the change in the attitude of local businesses and startups towards digital marketing. From being perceived as a technically challenging and niche field, digital marketing has come the mainstream as its advantages are now more readily apparent.

Many digital marketing courses have begun incorporating local digital marketing too. From an online tutorial website to a classroom-based Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, there is a growing demand for local digital marketing which is being met by quality training institutes.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges faced by professionals in local digital marketing and how these obstacles can be overcome.

Social Media

Social media is always a tough nut to crack simply because it doesn’t come with a set of guidelines like SEO and search ads do. Social media for local digital marketing can only be mastered by developing valuable instincts which help deliver instant results.

From a local digital marketing perspective, handling social media can be tricky. Since social media is an open platform, finding targeted segments of the audience can prove to be difficult. Furthermore, turning engagement on social media into something valuable for the brand or business is a difficult task in itself.

In local digital marketing, brands have to focus on doing the basics of social media well. Finding the right time to post, posting more media-driven content in the form of images and videos, and creating a coherent content narrative to give the social media effort a push are a few things a local business can do to optimize social media marketing.

Do check: 10 Best Social Media monitoring tools

Lack of a Dedicated Push

Many small businesses operating on a local basis do not invest a lot of time and resources in local digital marketing. In many cases, the job of handling local digital marketing campaigns are shared half-heartedly by existing professionals whose primary proficiency is not digital marketing.

Ideally, any small brand or company interested in optimizing their digital marketing efforts should get professional digital marketers to handle things. This is important for brands who genuinely wish to move away from traditional marketing and dive into digital. Without the presence of a strong digital marketing team at the center of a local marketing campaign, a brand runs the risk of seeing its outreach efforts going down the drain.

If hiring an in-house professional is not possible, local businesses should consider liaising with an external digital marketing consultant or agency. The presence of a professional is necessary for any given local digital marketing campaign.

Finding Local Narrative

In some niches, finding local keywords to supplement local narratives is fairly easy and does not require a lot of effort. In other cases, finding the necessary local keywords can be difficult, therefore making the content writing process longer and harder.

To find local keywords, professionals working for local businesses have to dive deeper into understanding how their target audience behaves and the kind of keywords they are most likely.

For some businesses, keyword identification may be more difficult than others. It is the job of digital marketers to find the right keywords to direct by analyzing the behavior of the target audience.


Sonali melen is a digital marketer, having worked with some of India’s biggest retail brands. Her six years of experience in Digital Marketing has led her to create her own blog to discuss the trends of digital marketing and what the future hold for her own industry specifically. She also conducts digital marketing courses online for young students looking to build their career in the digital space.



used engineused engine

Most of the people are like to purchase a used engine nowadays which is a good decision for your car, you and our environment also. Buying a decent used engine for the car will prevent thousands of rupees and a lot of headaches. 

Sometimes in many cases, customers buy a used engine without proper checking

function and then they encounter problems. So we will tell you in this article what to do before buying a used engine.

What to Do Before Buying a Used Engine

Here are several tips that you should follow before buying a used engine from the junkyard or any other store.

Collect Information About Your Car

Before purchasing the engine you should have all the information about your car because it is important. You’ll want your VIN, engine code, and production date. You would possibly not like all this data, but this information makes it easy to determine whether a used engine is compatible with your car.  You can find VIN number on the VIN plate, that is found on the front of the dashboard on the left facet of the vehicle.

Find the Engine Seller

find in search engine

Search for the engine seller nearby you, ask your relatives or neighbours do they know a good seller. If not, you can find the engine dealer on the internet. Just go to the search engine (Google and Bing) and type used engines in the search bar. You will get different company names. Some companies like AutoTechio sell engines online and deliver your requirements to your door.

Verify That Seller Is Reputed Or Not

Before purchasing the engine from the junkyard or any other store clear that point the seller is a reputed person. Before getting something from a salvage yard, take some minutes to appear them up online. Check for any info as much you can find.

Ask History Of The Engine In Detail

Inquire about all aspects of the engine’s history. Did this vehicle get into an associate degree accident? Has it been rebuilt? Is this a salvage engine? Once was the last time it was run? Will they start it? Get the maximum amount of history as an engine.

Take Report Of The Engine

Is its intake and exhaust manifold? fuel rail? wiring harness? Oil Pan? valve cover? Time cover? Are there any problems in any of these systems? Was the car in front or rear impact?

Ask About Testing Of Engine

Often once a vehicle is destroyed from a wreck, the engine remains operating nice. But, not always, particularly if the harm to the vehicle was within the front, or there was a fireplace beneath the hood. 

You have two ways to know the status of the engine. You will be able to buy the engine and install it and see if it works. Or, you will be able to get an Associate in the engine that has already tested. The second methodology is clearly easier.

There are fewer than honest engine vendors out there so always be cautious and double-check the information. For example, if the engine is ten years previous, however, they’re claiming that it solely has 13,000 miles thereon, it ought to be a red flag. Use 12,000 miles annually as a typical for engine mileage.



Secure Digital Banking with Biometric Authentication


The 21st century is by far the most advanced century with the most advanced generations – the millennials. Along with them being developed and innovative, it has become imperative for every organization to turn to options that suits them the best. These options can be related to any issue. Moreover, the most primary problem that the whole world is facing right now is related to the security and protection of their data by the Banks. Therefore, this article highlights what biometric authentication is and how it is beneficial for financial organizations:

What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication can be defined as a way of verifying an individual’s identity based on their physical attributes and features. These physical attributes include voice recognition, fingerprints, retina, iris of the eye, or the combination of both. We have seen this innovation only in sci-fi movies; however, now, this technology exists in real life. Many financial intermediaries have been slow to join this bandwagon of biometric authentication, but this is the only viable option for security they have. Pins and passwords are slowly becoming obsolete because they are riskier and more natural to hack.

Methods of Biometric Authentication

There are many methods of biometric authentication that can be achieved through different devices. Below are a few methods that are already in use:

Voice recognition

Every individual has a unique voice. That’s why their identity is being recognized through the voice recording they provided. However, this form of authentication is only in a combination due to many different factors.

Iris Scan

This method of biometric authentication contains more than 200 points of data in the initial database. Iris Scan is the most reliable way of verifying an individual’s identity.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition includes verifying through recognizing the whole face of the person. This method can be used in ATMs, online, and mobile banking. Moreover, this model depends on the environment the user is in, such as the lightning around him, the position of his face making it a less effective security option.

Fingerprint scans

Fingerprint scans are the second primary option when it comes to verifying the identity of an individual. It’s already in use many cellphones because of how reliable it is. Many financial intermediaries are considering to use it for their security as well.

Vein Patterns Authentication

Vein Patters Authentication depends on the unique vein patterns on an individual’s palms, around the eyes or face. The vein patterns of every user are unique just like their fingerprint; however, they are relatively much challenging to copy.

Pins and Passwords Are No Longer Enough

Many banks these days ensure the safety and security of the customer’s data through Pins and Passwords; nevertheless, this form of safety procedure is still at risk of fraud. In the era, where security is becoming a highlighted issue, big tech companies like Microsoft and Intel are beginning to identify the need for better and stronger security. Hence, such companies are integrating biometric authentication into their future products. These big tech companies are paving a new path for all the banks by introducing innovations like Biometric single sign-on so that the data of the users can be well-protected.

Multi-Factor for Powerful Security Assurance

Security has become a pressing issue because individuals around the world have become more advanced. It means that the chances of hackers stealing the data have increased as they have access to more ways through which they can perform their actions. That is the reason why pins and passwords solely for the protection of data are not enough anymore. People need banks to integrate stronger security systems because these financial intermediaries are responsible for their data. Multi-factor authentication is a new way. This method is combining the two forms of biometric authentication such as voice recognition along with fingerprint scanner. This will make it difficult for the hackers to steal your data because they will not be able to pass so many walls of security, such as, any student who wants to avail any thesis writing services has to enter their bank account details which can be dangerous for their data, therefore, this method prevents your account details access to any third-parties. This method involves combining what the user is and what the user knows.

Biometrics on the Rise for the New Generation

The largest living generation – the millennials, prefer comfort with advanced options within their homes. They don’t like going to banks, and the last thing they want is to be continuously concerned about issues like security of their data. They want secure and reliable options; therefore, it is becoming necessarily crucial for every bank to integrate this innovation for better speed, security, innovation, and convenience. Banks should realize that attracting and retaining this generation is essential for their growth and image. If they satisfy them using these security options, then their brand will be considered leading-edge and innovative.

Final thought

To sum up, biometric authentication is quickly changing how customers interact with the banks. Many banks are adopting this innovation since many consumers are more open to the idea of using their fingerprints instead of typing long passwords to access their data.


Factory reset Windows 10: Easy methods to Factory reset your windows 10


Do you want to know how to Factory reset your Windows 10 in an easy way? The top one reason may be that you might need to wipe all the information off your PC so that you can sell or recycle it.

You may also want to Factory reset your Windows 10 PC to clean it up for the future purpose. This will be helpful, and your PC will work like a new one, Microsoft has some easy options built into the Windows OS that can systematically Factory reset Windows 10 without formatting all your data. That is if you would like to keep your data, at any step to “Remove everything,” you can instead click the option to keep your all data files.

In this guide, we will explain the complete process of deleting everything for a complete Windows 10 factory reset. Here is everything you must need to know about this.

Factory reset within Windows 10

To get started in performing a Windows 10 factory reset, you need to log into your Windows PC and run the Windows Recovery tool. If your PC is not working properly or you have no access to your account, we will have an alternate method for you further in. Nevertheless, if you do have access the tool via Windows 10, here’s what you need to do.

1. Open the Recovery tool.

You can get access to the tool a number of ways. The speedy way is to click the “Windows Key” to open the Windows search bar, type “Reset” and choose the “Reset this PC” option.

You can also access it by clicking “Windows Key + X” and selecting Settings from the pop-up menu. From there, select “Update & Security” in the new window then Recovery on the left navigation bar.

2. Start the factory reset.

It’s too much easy. From the Recovery tool, simply search the section with the heading “Reset this PC,” which would not be difficult as it will be the quickest one. Below it, you will see a button, “Get started.”

Click on “Get started” button, and a new window will open in a pop-up, notifying you to “Keep my files” or “Remove everything.” For a bona fide factory reset, click on “Remove everything.” If you just want to refresh your PC and keep your data, select “Keep my files.”

Note: Make sure your PC or laptop is charging, as Windows 10 cannot start a reset if the device is not plugged in.

Once you have chosen the option you want, Windows 10 will prepare the reset.

If you chose to remove everything, Windows would prompt you one more time. You will have the option to remove every file using the “simply Just remove my files” option, or to have Windows also format the drive using the “Remove files and a clean drive.”

The latter option is more safe and secure, as it reduces the chances of someone recovering the data from your PC. If you are going to selling or recycling your PC or laptop, you must choose this option.

Note: If your PC has multiple drives, Windows may ask whether you want to format them as well, or whether you want to format only the drive where Windows is installed.

Factory reset without logging in

If you cannot log on to Windows 10 PC, then don’t feel the agitation. We have an alternate method for you to Factory reset Windows 10 and your PC. The output will be the same as the above method, but the way to get there will be little different.

1. Access the Advanced startup tool.

You have 2 ways to access the Advanced startup tool.

Find out if your PC starts up, and you can access the Windows log-in screen. If you can, click the on-screen power button, and while pressing the Shift key, click the restart button. Your PC will restart and take you to the Advanced startup tool.

However, if your PC is not booting into Windows properly, you can go to the Advanced startup tool by power-cycling your PC instead. This is done by powering up the PC then pressing the power button to shut it down before it fully boots. Perform this process three times. On the next startup, your PC should go into the Advanced startup tool.

2. Go to the reset tool.

To get to the reset tool, you need to perform a factory reset by selecting Troubleshoot -> Reset this PC in the Advanced startup tool.

3. Start the Factory resets.

To start the factory reset, choose “Remove everything” or “Keep my files,” depending on why you are performing the factory reset.

You will see the option to “just remove my files” or “remove files and clean drive.”  Now again, the latter will be the more secure option, if your plan is to selling your PC or laptop or giving it away. It will write over any of the data on the drive, making it more difficult for someone want to recover any of your old data and files.

Note: If your PC has multiple drives, Windows may ask you if you would like to format those other drives as well, or only delete the drive where Windows is installed.


5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Website Conversion Successfully

5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Website Conversion Successfully

When you know that your product or services are worth something and still you are not able to market them properly or get them on the public platform. You know that something is terribly lacking. Power of convincing about your products and services would take more efforts. Only then people would know and buy from you. Now you don’t have to be stuck with a terrible conversion rate. As we are introducing 5 ways to skyrocket your website conversion successfully by cheap web hosting in Pakistan.

Take a look at them…

1-) A/B Testing:

You can have A/B Testing by simply creating an A version of a page and a B version of Page and can see which one brings more conversions. Incorporate your website with such things to have surprising bumps in your overall conversions.

  • The headline: having a powerful and positive headline, a negative and a headline which makes bug promises.
  • The page layout: You must check which layout performs best by moving key sections. Include bigger images, less text, more bullet points. You can narrow down until you determine which layout works the best for you.
  • Offer: Display price, discounts, and bonuses with hesitation. Additional bonuses will be cherry on top for having jumped in conversions.
  • “Buy” Buttons: You can use direct language like “Buy now” with the addition of conversational statements such as “yes, I’m in”.

When you are having A/B Testing then you can consider yourself as a mad scientist, experimenting THE scientific tests.

2-) Work Hard to Build Trust:

Internet is packed with untrustworthy promises and fakeness in trying to steal money. If you are successful in getting the trust of your visitors, you will see skyrocket conversion rate skyrocket. Some elements would help such as having a website which looks legit, Providing contact details, including testimonials, live chats, using pictures of people and videos, etc.

3-) Minimizing design friction:

The abundance of pictures and images can have a negative impression on the visitor as it hinders them from moving forward. With too much design friction you should avoid having too many fields, slow loading time, fonts that are hard to read, useless text, etc.

4-) Inclusion of Social Proof:

Adding social proof like case studies are a powerful technique to boost your conversion rate. Showing people the exact steps that you took to help a client succeed, you will see that you have already had a proven and soundtrack record. Sources like E-books and whitepapers are great to showcase case studies to your potential customers.

5-) A Website Makeover:

If your website is not providing simple tweaks that won’t fix things, you are required to get a complete makeover of your website. This will cost you a bit and practice would be hard to do but think of long term costs and benefits which comes with it. Don’t leave yourself in the dust just because of the purposeless website. You can hire a local web design team for getting you a much appealing conversion-centered site for long-term benefits.

Try about techniques and see how your website conversion rate reach higher than your expectations.


How to install MySQL on Ubuntu Server Version 18.04?

How to install MySQL

MySQL is one of the most popular and open-source database management systems. It was released in 2016 with an open-source license. If you are a Linux user or Admin and want to use MySQL with Linux then it is a secure and stable operating system which is also open source and is used by a number of organizations. MySQL is commonly installed as part of LAMP stack i.e Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python and is used to manage data.

Today, here in this post we will discuss the installation steps of MySQL on Ubuntu Server 18.04 that is a version of the Linux operating system itself.

There are two ways to install MySQL on Ubuntu, as per the first method the user or Ubuntu admin can simply update the package index and install MySQL-server package. After this installation the user can run the security script that is given below:

  • $ sudo apt update
  • $ sudo apt install MySQL-server
  • $ sudo mysql_secure_installation

If you have already installed the older version of MySQL than you can upgrade it to the newer version i.e. MySQL 5.7, else you can refer to this article for a fresh installation.

Installation Prerequisites

As you are going to install MySQL on Ubuntu server, so as a prerequisite, firstly you will have to set up Ubuntu 18.04 server, including non-root user with a firewall and sudo privileges.

Step 1 – MySQL Installation

With Ubuntu 18.04 Server the latest MySQL version is available in the APT package repository by default. It can be either MySQL5.7 or the latest one.

In order to install MySQL, you will have to update the package index on a server with apt. For this you can use the following command:

$ sudo apt update

Then you can install the default package with the following command:

$ sudo apt install MySQL-server

This way MySQL will be installed, but you will not be prompted to set the password or to make any change in the configuration. As by doing this your MySQL may become insecure, we would discuss this in detail later in the article.

Step 2: MySQL Configuration

For the fresh installation of MySQL, you may be required to run the included security script. In this way, some of the less secure default options like sample users or remote root logins may get changed. In the earlier versions of MySQL, the user must initialize the data directory manually, while in the latest versions they get updated automatically.

Now at this point, you can run the security script through the following code:

$ sudo mysql_secure_installation

During this installation, you will be prompted for a series of options through which you can make some changes to your MySQL configuration. Here you may be asked for password validation through a plugin, that can test the strength of the MySQL password. In the next step, you will be asked to set the password for root. Here just enter the password of your choice and confirm it.

After that, you can press Y to continue with the rest of the default settings. After this step, some of the test database, anonymous users, remote root logins and load will be removed and some of the new rules will be set to respect the immediate MySQL changes.

Step 3: To Adjust User Privilege and Authentication

In Ubuntu Server, the root login can check the user authenticity through auth_socket plugin by default rather than by using a password. This way they can get greater security and usability but at the same time, it can also complicate some of the things like authenticating any external program to access the server.

If you want to get the authentication to be done through password rather than authentication method, then you can use mysql_native_password rather than auth_socket. To do this just open the MySQL prompt and type following command:

$ sudo myself

Now you can check the authentication method for each of the MySQL user accounts through the following command:

mysql> SELECT user, authentication_string,plugin,host FROM mysql.user;

Above command can have the following output:

Here in the above result, the root user has used auth_socket for authentication plugin. To update the method through password rather than socket you should run ALTER USER command and don’t forget to change the password to a strong password, it can be done through the following command:

 mysql>ALTER USER ‘root’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY “password’;

Now run FLUSH PRIVILEGES that tells the server to load again grant tales and put new changes into effect:


Check authentication method that is employed by each user to make sure that root no longer can authenticate through an auth_socket plugin. It can be done through the following command:

mysql> SELECT user,authentication_syring, FROM mysql.user.

The command will give the following output:

You can notice that the authentication has been changed to the mysql_native_password. Now you can exit from the MySQL shell through exit command.


As an alternate option, you can find better solutions and options to get connected to MySQL with a dedicated user. You can create such user through following MySQL command:

$ sudo myself;

If you have enabled a password authentication then you can use the following command to access MySQL shell, that can be done just through normal privileges:

$ mysql –u root –p

Now you can create a new user and give it a strong password: through the following command:

Mysql> CREATE USER ‘romil’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

Now you can assign new privileges to this newly create a user and add power to this user by making new changes.

mysql > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO ‘romil’ @ ‘localhost’ WITH GRANT OPTION;

Now you can exit from MySQL installation.

Step 4:

After MySQL installation, you should check the running status of MySQL as it should now run automatically. For his you can use the following command:

$ systemctl status myself.service;

Above command will give the following output:

In case if MySQL is not be running then you can start it with the “sudo systemctl start MySQL” command. You can also use mysqladmin tool to connect, that help you in running administrative commands. For the following command, you should get the shown output that can ensure that you have successfully installed MySQL.

$ sudo mysqladmin –p –u root version


Through the above-listed steps, you can make sure that you have installed MySQL. This is a step by step procedure that can be used to install MySQL and you can make sure that it is running successfully just through the standard commands.


Facebook confesses listening to the private conversations of its users


Like Amazon, Google and Apple, Facebook has just admitted to having transmitted private conversations to subcontractors.

After Alexa of Amazon, Google Assistant and even Apple’s Siri, all the giants of Silicon Valley fall one after the other and confessed that employees very human listened to our conversations. It was not counting on Facebook, who has just confessed to having also listened to the conversations of some of its users.

This is in any case what Bloomberg reveals, which indicates that the company did indeed pay subcontractors to transcribe sound extracts from conversations, to improve its advertising targeting. In a statement sent to Bloomberg, the firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg admits to having done so, but explains, however, have obtained the consent of the users concerned by these plays on the Messenger application.

In its release, Facebook explains that it stopped listening to the conversations of its users, not without remembering that it is not the only one to make use of this practice. “Just like Apple or Google, we froze the practice of making human recordings heard last week, but the questions is vr bad for your eyes. “Finally, Bloomberg says that the social network did not explain its subcontractors responsible for the transcription of conversations where they came from and especially what use would make Facebook, which puts, even more, the firm in embarrassment.

While Facebook has just paid a $5 billion fine to the US federal authorities for misusing the personal data of its users, the case does not fall at the best time, especially since Mark Zuckerberg’s firm for a long time denied having listened to the private conversations of its users. The founder of the social network even explained during his hearing before the Congress last year, which followed the Cambridge Analytica scandal, that the social network has never listened to “what’s going on in your microphone”.

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Beware of gift cards that arrive by mail or social networks; so you can identify scams and protect yourself

identify scams and protect yourself


Email is undoubtedly a very important service and used by users and companies. There are many suppliers that we can use. There are also multiple functions that we can perform, not only send and receive a message. However, being a platform so used also creates security problems. Many threats come through a simple e-mail. In this article, we will explain the problem of gift cards that we can not only receive through the mail but also through social networks. Let’s talk about the danger and what they really keep behind.


Most security threats begin with an e-mail; everything you should keep in mind to avoid problems

Email is a widely used means of communication. It is a service that is part of the daily life of many users and companies. However, it also has certain problems that may compromise security and privacy. Most security threats come through a simple e-mail. Therefore in this article, we wanted to review some security tips and recommendations to avoid compromising our devices and our privacy through email.

Most security threats arrive by email

Cybercriminals set their sights on what hosts many users. An example is an email, to which we must also add a wide range of possibilities it offers. By this we mean, for example, sending attachments. Also insert links, images, etc.

Through an email, hackers could put the security of our equipment at risk. This is something that affects private users but also companies. Precisely the latter, security risks for companies, is something that has increased significantly in recent times due to lack of measures to avoid risks through e-mail.

An example of attacks through email is Phishing. Cybercriminals seek to trick the victim into logging in or entering personal information on a site that pretends to be legitimate but is really a scam.

We can also run into the sending of dangerous attachments and that by downloading or executing them, they can deploy their threats. Even QR images that open them redirect us to pages that have been maliciously configured.

We are not mistaken if we say that the vast majority of Internet users have received a dangerous email at some time. Either an attempt at Phishing or sending a fraudulent file. The same happens when we refer to companies. Therefore, we must take into account some tips that we are going to mention.

Tips to improve our security when using e-mail

The most important thing is to have common sense. Without a doubt, it is the best protection to avoid Phishing attacks. We must always avoid accessing pages or platforms through links that we receive by email. We do not know if it can really be a scam attempt, so the ideal is to always enter from the official website through the browser.

Nor should we answer spam emails or any message that asks us for data. Sometimes you can ask us for information to solve a problem, for example. Simply by responding to such an email we are already putting our security at risk. Sometimes they want us to reply to a message to verify that there is an active user behind that account.

Of course, you have to pay close attention to the attached files. It doesn’t matter if you have sent us a contact that we trust that email since that person could have been previously infected. We already saw in a previous article the most dangerous types of file extensions.

Here are Top 5 Browser Extensions to Protect Your Privacy 2019

You always have to have security programs and tools and have updated equipment. On the one hand, security software can prevent malware from entering and block malicious files downloaded through an email. On the other hand, having updated systems can prevent cybercriminals from exploiting existing vulnerabilities. Patches and updates can correct these problems.

We must not forget the security of our accounts. It is necessary to have a password that is strong and complex, to have whenever possible the authentication of two factors activated, as well as to be careful when it comes to logging on to third-party computers.

Beware of the gift cards we receive

Hackers constantly look for ways to attack users. They always find new methods so that their attacks are credible and pass the barrier of doubt. Among this type of attacks, we can highlight the Phishing, which aims to steal the credentials and passwords of the users.

Now, cybercriminals use the way to reach the victim and be as successful as possible. Something that is very present lately is the gift cards. They can arrive by email, but even by social networks too.

It is not a new tactic to use gift cards. However, hackers use this method to reach many users in a short time. In this way, the more users use the greater probability of success they will have.

Basically what they do is send a supposed gift card to make a purchase online. Sometimes they supplant the identity of the company to which they are going to make that purchase or even pose as their boss to give more credibility as if it were a real gift.

Among the most popular gift cards, we can mention Amazon, Google Play, Steam or Apple. We already know that electronic commerce is increasingly widespread. More and more users are making their purchases through the Internet.

The problem is that these gift cards are actually a way to steal user information. Phishing attacks are hidden in images that pretend to be a gift card. They ask users to enter their credentials in order to get the prize. Actually, they are handing data to hackers.

How to identify fake gift cards

The important thing is to know how to identify fake gift cards. For this, something fundamental is to look closely at the sender. Generally, it will supplant the identity of some company or of a natural person, as we have mentioned. However, you will use a fake email address. There we can get the first clue.

You also have to look at the text surrounding that gift card. Normally it will be an e-mail with a message explaining that we have obtained a prize, etc. Surely we find flaws in that text, which may be poorly translated or generate doubts in its content.

If they reach us through social networks, the same. It is very likely that we will see that link in the account of a fake profile or bot. The actual link may be hidden in a shortened link. That is also a sign that we are facing a scam.

But that card may also reach us through a third-party page that we have reached. Always avoid downloading any type of file from third-party sites that do not inspire confidence.



How to reset your Mac to factory settings with 7 steps

Reset your Mac to factory settings

To resell or repair a Mac, you need to reset it to the factory settings to guide you in this task follow this tutorial.

Before reselling or transferring your Mac, it is essential to delete your personal data. Good news is that erasing data on a Mac is not complicated, but before the “we erase everything and we start again”, you will have to go through 7 steps.

1- Clone your Mac hard drive

Restoring a MacBook to factory settings will erase all your data stored on it. You must first transfer all data to another Mac, via a backup. Cloning your entire hard drive is the best option because it’s a perfect copy of your disk structure and its contents.

Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper are perfect programs to clone your hard drive (both have a free trial version; the options are paid for). To clone your drive, you will need an external hard drive and one of these programs. For this tutorial, we chose to use Carbon Copy Cloner (image above).

  • Launch the program then choose your hard drive said source and destination, and click Clone, bottom right of the screen.
  • Now you should be able to boot your Mac from your cloned external drive.
  • To do this, restart your Mac by holding down the Option key (between the Crtl and Cmd key).
  • Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the external hard drive and press Enter.
  • This cloned drive can be cloned back to primary disk again if your goal is to restore your Mac or it can be used to access all the original files on your computer, in case of cleaning your internal drive.

2- Remove access authorization to iTunes

Before you separate from your Mac, remove the authorization to access your iTunes account. This means that your computer will no longer be associated with your iTunes account.

The method to use depends on the version of your system:

Go to iTunes, and then click Account → Permissions → Remove Access Permission from This Computer. Enter your Apple ID and password, and then click Remove Access Permission.

You will also need to remove the authorization from third-party programs such as Photoshop and disconnect from iCloud.

3- Disable FileVault

FileVault encrypts the files on your hard disk, so you do not have to leave it on because you are cleaning it. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open System Preferences and click Security and Privacy.
  2. Select the FileVault
  3. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see Enable FileVault, if it’s grayed out, it’s not enabled. This is confirmed below by “FileVault is disabled for “Mac HD” disk.
  4. To disable it, first, click on the padlock, bottom left, enter your password, and then disable FileVault.

4- Disable iCloud

Disable iCloud is very simple:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select iCloud and click Log Off at the bottom left.
  3. Then, to delete all your personal data, in the window that opens uncheck the boxes of iCloud Drive … then click Continue.

5- Restart your Mac in Safe Mode

First of all, make sure you are connected to the internet, this is necessary for the installation of macOS. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Hold down the Command [cmd] and R keys until the Disk Utility window in Safe Mode appears.

6- Erase your Mac hard drive

Before following this mini-tutorial, it is advisable to have cloned the hard drive beforehand (see above). Once done, do the following:

  1. Select Disk Utility (Application).
  2. Now, choose your main disk (normally named Mac HD), and then click
  1. Select the Erase tab and click Erase to empty your entire hard drive.
  1. Quit the utility. Select Disk Utility → Exit Disk Utility.

7- Reinstall macOS

The final stretch before the rebirth of your Mac! Follow these two small steps:

  1. Click Reinstall under Mac OS Utilities, and then click Continue. Follow the instructions on your screen. This will allow you to load and install a blank copy of macOS without data on your Mac.
  2. If you plan to give up your computer, do not enter your Apple ID or password during this step.

The new owner will finalize the installation.

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