How to minimize damage to your touring caravan due to flood this rainy season

How to minimize damage to your touring caravan due to flood this rainy season

How to minimize damage to your touring caravan due to flood this rainy season?

The rainy season is one of the biggest factors for damaging our houses and other major household assets. We feel safe inside our houses but when the houses are not safe, we will not be able to feel in the same way. If we look at the caravans, there are hundreds of accidents that happen per year in Ireland. These accidents should not be neglected if we talk about the security of our houses. This is because. the caravans are more prone to the damages. They can easily get damaged with a certain amount of thunderstorms and floods. But, there is a cure for every problem. There are some effective ways to keep our caravans safe from these problems. Using these tips to protect your caravans will surely help you. Along with these tips, you should also consider taking good caravan insurance too.

Make Higher Ground

The best way to keep your caravan safe from the floods, you should make sure to keep it higher enough from the normal ground levels. When it will be away from a certain level of the grounded areas, there will be very fewer chances of damages caused by the water. Also, you should make it sure to keep the base of the caravan resistant to the water.

Caravan Axles

Caravan Axles are great to maintain a good distance between the ground and the base of the caravan. You will be able to make your caravan safe from a little amount of water by allowing it to pass below the caravan. Also, these axles give a good placement to the caravan. You will be able to make your caravan move from one place to another if it has options for wheels.

 Flood Warnings

If you hear any emergency flood warning in your area, it is good to move your caravan to a safer place. We use these caravan homes to easily move from one place to another. So, use this feature and move the car to a place which is on a height that is safer for it. Also, take caravan insurance Ireland in your consideration. This will make your caravan backed up with a good back up amounts in the case of any unwanted damage.

 Secure the assets places inside the caravan

You should have to pay your close attention to the things which are placed inside your caravan. While the movement or huge thunders, they can get down and damaged. Also, make sure to unplug all the electric sockets to save them from getting wet. Place the things in the safe boxes that have the tendency to get blown away.

Mobile Home Insurance

You should also have good mobile home insurance to get good covers for the damages occurred by anything. These insurances are available at cheap prices with various benefits. It is required to have insurance for anything in our lives. But, the caravan in which you are staying needs more attention. If unfortunately, there is any mishappening with your caravan, you have to spend lots of money on its repair. But, having insurance will work as a financial backup. You will be able to get most of your expense as your insurance cover.

Protective Measures

Having protective measures is necessary. Most of the caravan parks give safety assets along with the homes. They will offer you different things like pallets, sandbags, power generators, fire extinguishers, etc. Make sure to have them before purchasing your mobile home. Also, gather proper knowledge of how to use these safety measures. Along with them, do not forget to renew your mobile home insurance Ireland.

With these tips, you will be able to protect your mobile home or caravan from high levels of floods too. By doing these things, you will be able to make your caravan easy to protect from the natural calamities. So, do everything that can protect your family and home from them. Floods can take massive forms, so it is necessary to leave your mobile house if the situation seems to be out of control. Otherwise, you may have to face serious issues.


Top 10 Tourist Destinations to visit in Delhi

Humayuns Tomb

Looking to go to the capital of India and clueless about where to go? A magnificent symbol of Nations rich ancient culture to the modern structures, Delhi is the most visited city in the tourism world of India. Watch out below for the Top tourist destinations in Delhi. Be it a visit to a historical monument, a look out for some fresh air, or to have some lip-smacking food, we’ve got you all covered.

1. Red Fort

Debatably being one of the greatest monuments built in India, the Red Fort was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years. One of the reasons for its popularity is the size of its walls which are made of red sandstone. It’s architectural style and design has influenced many buildings which were later on built in neighboring states like Punjab and Rajasthan.

2. Qutub Minar

A historical monument probably an eight-year old as heard of. This one deserves to be visited purely based on its popularity. Symbolizing victory, the Qutub Minar is the tallest brick minaret in the world. Given this fact, there need be no mention of the kind of view one would get from the top of this monument. This view however costs you a climbing of 379 steps. There are also other historical monuments that surround the Qutub Minar.

3. India Gate

A visit to this place should surely bring out the patriot in you. This War Memorial was built to pay homage to the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Empire in World War 1 and the third Anglo-Afghan War. The glowing look this monument gives past sunset is simply amazing.

4. Humayun’s Tomb

For a person who loves architecture, this place is an absolute treat. For a person who does not, he might fall in love with architecture in general. Such is the strength of this place. The Humayun’s tomb is the starting point of the Mughal architecture in India and is an amazing mix of Indian, Turkish and Persian architectural influences.

5. Waste to Wonder Park

Some places are a visit purely for their concept. Made from scrap, waste and junk material, this is one of its kind park in the world. It has replicas of the seven wonders of the world, all of which are made from scrap material. A fair deal for someone who hasn’t visited any of the wonders of the world.

6. National Zoological Park

Used to only looking and dealing with humans, we definitely need to see the other side of the world. At the National Zoological park, you will have a look at creatures you might see maybe once in a lifetime. Hippopotamus, Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer, Indian rhinoceros, Chimpanzees, you’ll find them all.

7. Lotus Temple

Marking one of the highest levels of architecture, this temple is actually constructed in the form of a lotus. The beautiful gardens and the pools at the entrance give this place another vibe, also making it an apt place for devotional meetings.

8. Chandni Chowk

A famous saying relating to this place which translates as, “If you visited Delhi and did not see Chandni Chowk, what did you see?” This place is the ultimate shopping destinations & food lovers. The real flavors of India can be found in its street food and a round through Chandni Chowk would make that belief even stronger.

From Dahi Bhalle to Chaat to Falooda, there’s something for everyone. Speaking of food, a special mention definitely needs to be made for Paranthe Wali Gali, which has almost all varieties of parathas.  Apart from the food, Chandni Chowk is also a paradise for shoppers, with a huge variety of clothes, electronic items, lifestyle goods, etc available at more than reasonable prices.

9. Rashtrapati Bhavan

The official residence of the President of India, it is considered one of the largest residencies of any head of the state in the world.

10. Connaught Place

One cannot leave a city without having an actual vibe of the city. Known as the commercial and financial centre in Delhi, this place is a perfect exhibition of that vibe and is a must visit. Connaught Place is also famous as a shopping hub in the city of Delhi. And this is the must visited place during Delhi tours.

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Top 10 Cheapest Airlines to Book Flight Tickets Online

cheap airlinescheap airlines

Flying isn’t commonly the most reasonable travel technique you can discover. In any case, on the off chance that you realize which minimal effort aircraft to go with, you can spare yourself a genuine wad of cash. Regardless of where you’re going on the planet, a few carriers offer Cheap Flight Tickets while others (like American, United, and Delta) center more around client administration than they do on offering value breaks. 

Related image

Be that as it may, a few people would prefer to discover modest flights and incredible flight bargains than stress over the degree of client administration they’re getting or significantly whether there are advantages like extra legroom. To address that issue, we’ll talk about how you can spare gobs of cash on carrier tickets and which aircraft to look at in case you’re attempting to discover travel bargains. 

Top 10 Cheapest Airlines 

To locate the least expensive flights, Rome 2 Rio saw economy-class airfares during a two-month time span to measure which carriers offered the least expensive flights. Of those aircraft, here are the least expensive ones out of the U.S. suppliers. 


On the off chance that you live in the U.S. what’s more, are pondering where to begin your quest for a modest flight, you’ll need in any case these aircraft. 


1. Soul Airlines: 

Soul Airlines has its central command in Florida. Since it is a spending aircraft, be set up to pay for any additional items, for example, sustenance or drinks and even your lightweight gear. 

2. Wilderness Airlines: 

With its home office in Denver, Colorado, Frontier goes to in excess of 80 goals locally and globally. It has had a lot of awful press, be that as it may, being named in 2015 as one of the best five most noticeably awful aircraft in the U.S. 

3. Hawaiian Airlines: 

Hawaiian Airlines is the greatest carrier in Hawaii, giving support of the U.S. territory, just as universal goals. It has cooperated with Mastercard to offer the Hawaiian Airlines Bank of Hawaii World Elite Mastercard, a Mastercard that offers extra miles and multiple times the miles on Hawaiian Airlines buys. 

4. Allegiant Air: 

Allegiant Air is based out of Las Vegas and has as of late wrapped up its armada. It resigned the most seasoned airship it was working, MD-80 planes, and now utilizes Airbus A319 and A320 planes. 

5. Sun Country Airlines: 

Sun Country Airlines gives goals all through the United States, just as spots in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica. It is headquartered in Minnesota and has around 70 courses. 

6. Utilize a Comparison Website :

The initial step you’ll need to take to locate a modest, round-trip flight is to quit taking a gander at every aircraft’s individual site. You’ll be disregarding a few carriers you’ve overlooked or have perhaps never known about in the event that you look into every one independently. 


Rather, you ought to go to a site that gives you a chance to look at different carriers on the double. That will give you the best sign about which aircraft routinely offers shoddy flights. 

7. Book in Advance: 

You’ll additionally need to look as far ahead of time as you can in light of the fact that flights by and large get higher in cost as the date of the flight approaches. That is difficult to do on the off chance that you need to book a crisis trip to see your family, however, it’s anything but difficult to do in case you’re getting away. Converse with your manager, close off your excursion time, settle on a goal, and book that trip as quickly as time permits. 

8. Leave on a Weekday: 

On the off chance that you can leave during the center of the week rather than at the end of the week, you’ll set aside cash since weekday flights are less expensive than flights at the end of the week since they aren’t popular to such an extent. You can likewise search for any limits, including a minute ago value parts from undersold flights. In any case, know, waiting at a very late cost break can be dangerous in light of the fact that you may wind up paying significantly more than if you had booked the trip at a lot prior date. 

9. Fly Out of a Large Airport: 

On the off chance that conceivable, attempt to fly out of bigger urban communities and air terminal centers too. You’re probably going to spare in case you’re ready to fly out of Boston, New York, San Francisco or any huge city rather than leaving from a littler territorial air terminal. 

10. Watch Out for Additional Costs: 

In the event that you are flying with a spending bearer or no-nonsense carrier, be wary of extra expenses for processed packs and even lightweight suitcases. These expenses are typically isolated from the base ticket cost and can include rapidly. 

Final Thoughts:

While flying isn’t for the most part seen as a minimal effort approach to travel, there are approaches to score bargains on the off chance that you invest a little energy and exertion arranging out your methodology. Make a point to take a gander at all your conceivable flight alternatives including spending bearers, and don’t get bolted into going with one specific aircraft. Remain open to voyaging midweek in the event that you can and you’ll likely set aside much more cash. There are likewise instruments like Hopper that can enable you to discover progressively moderate travel bargains as you search flights. If you can book your Airlines ticket So you must be Dial American Airlines Contact Number.


On the off chance that you realize what you’re doing and watch out for constrained time deals, anything is possible with regard to the amount you can spare in your movement spending plan.


Henley-on-Thames Airport and Taxi Transfers

Untitled design (1)

Here, at Henley Taxi Services, we pride individually in being one of the most reliable providers of taxis Henley on the Thames. We give our services from the leading Henley taxi Station Road. Similarly, we offer taxi Henley on Thames services as drivers and for business purposes. Using our Henley taxi regularly, as a business individual, you are allowed to your perks, such as commissions. Moreover, we have a package express service that we support is worthwhile opting for if you are with a business.

Our Henley on Thames taxi service gives itself, as a taxi Henley supplier, to and from main airports within London. Airport arrivals and flights can be easily adjusted to aid you whenever you want with our taxi in Henley services.

Our line of Henley taxis covers from Saloons to MPVs; we give a local taxi service, which is available a whole day, all year globose. The first report of Henley is from 1179 when it is documented that King Henry II “had obtained land for the construction of buildings.” King John granted the estate of Benson and the town and mansion of Henley to Robert Harcourt in 1199.

A church at Henley is beginning mentioned in 1204. In 1205 the city suffered a paviage[clarification needed] grant, and in 1234 the bridge-whist is first mentioned. In 1278 Henley is defined as a hamlet of Benson with a church. The end of the 13th century established the street plan.

As a demesne of the crest, it was presented in 1337 to John de Molyns, whose family held it for about 250 years. It is assumed that members for Henley sat in governments of Edward I and Edward III, but no writs have been obtained to substantiate this.

The real Thursday market, it is understood, was granted by a charter of King John. A market was absolutely in existence by 1269; however, the jurors of the assize of 1284 said that they did not understand by what warrant the earl of Cornwall held a market and fair in the town of Henley.

A charter of Henry VI granted the existing Corpus Christi fair. During the Black Death pandemic that cleared through England in the 14th century, Henley spent 60% of its population. A variation on its name can be viewed as “Henley up a Tammy’s” in 1485.

As one of the more common Henley taxi companies, we are dedicated to giving the best service; having some of the ablest individuals assisting you on your travels, be it as local taxis or more.

Our Henley cabs become with operators who reach punctually and are in well-presented attire, assisting you with your bags, as and when you require. Our vehicles are regularly nicely cleaned, making your ride with our Taxis Henley on the Thames, easy, reliable and stress-free. Our taxis in Henley are both fast and safe, making us ideal for bookings with big companies such as for birthday parties or to work as a taxi near me.


Camping in the realm, Best camps to stay in Leh-Ladakh

featured image

Leh-Ladakh is a paradise situated in the lap of mother nature. The captivating snow-capped mountains, lovely lakes, lots of trekking options, welcoming peoples, there’s so much to explore that every time you will be in this beautiful land, you will keep craving for more and more. Bestowed with nature’s best hues, imagined a night in a camp under the open sky far from the hustle of cities, surviving toughest weather, camping in Ladakh is an enthralling adventure that will give you the cherished memory for a lifetime.

The ‘Land of High Passes’ gives you remarkable opportunity for camping and there are numerous options to set your own camps. If you don’t want to set your own, don’t worry there are lots of camping options with best of amenities and comfort, let’s explore a few of the famous camping sites in Leh-Ladakh.

Camp Redstart

With a perfect 180-degree view of the mountains and beautiful lake, camp redstart is situated at Pangong Lake, Spangmik Village. If you are traveling with an idea of exploring comfortable camps amidst perfect natural surroundings, this tranquil campsite in captivating Himalayan land is a must for you. An ideal place to start with your Ladakh travel, incredible view along with spectacular Pangong Tso in the backdrop will leave you mesmerized.

The camps are well- maintained with all the amenities, starting from comfortable stay to delicious dining options and free parking lot if you are staying there. Deluxe tents with attached bathrooms are also available.

Pangong Retreat

Pangong retreat camp is one of the camps with highest ratings by travelers and if you have not stayed in it than you have not enjoyed the real camping experience. Bliss for a nature lover and a delight for a photographer, it offers the best picturesque view of the lush greenery, nightfall, mountains, and lovely Pangong Lake. You can book tour packages from ekashmirtourism, if you want to enjoy the delightful stay at Pangong Retreat.

The camp is situated at 150 km from Leh city facing the Pangong Lake.

Nature’s Nest Camp

Camping by the side of Pangong lake is one of the most amazing activity to cherish when you are in Ladakh. Nature’s Nest Camp situated at 14200 feet on the bank of pristine Pangong Lake fulfills that dream while offering perfect views of gigantic snow-capped mountains. The best part is you can easily enjoy the changing color of the lake from the camp. Nature’s Nest Camp is also opted by a lot of travelers around the world.

It offers beautiful Deluxe Camps designed for modern day use along with the attached bathroom to every tent. Also, the dining area is well-maintained with a variety of local cuisines to choose from.

Camp Martsemik La

Camp Martsemik La, is a delight for every camping enthusiast and one of the best camps in Pangong Lake. It is a luxury rose and Hut camp along with wonderful resort’s options available for a lavish stay in the mountains offering an unparallel view of a snow-capped mountain range and surrounding Pangong lake. Nature’s serenity can be experienced from every corner of the camps.

They have 34 tents and all of them are perfectly named and equipped with best of amenities, joined washrooms as well as private verandah. A must when camping is in your mind and you are in Ladakh.

Tsomoriri Camp & Resort

Tsomoriri Camp and Resort is situated near Tsomoriri Lake in Changthang territory, Ladakh. Amazing scenic beauty in the background and remarkable view of a sparkling lake gives immense pleasure to every nature lover in the town.

There are 05 lovely well-equipped Rooms and 15 connected tents. Medical facilities are also available in these camps for emergencies as well as to take care of the peoples influenced by high height ailment because camps are is situated at a high altitude of 15,080 ft. Staffs are helpful and proficient to assist you with everything. For a rememberable camping experience, do try this site.

Nomad Camp Pangong

Pangong lake is a paradise in Ladakh and there are lots of camping options available for backpackers nearby Pangong lake. Nomad camp is one such magical experience, situated at walking distance from the lake, you can easily witness the changing color of the lake, once in a lifetime of experience.

These perfectly laid-out tents are well equipped with all required amenities and also offer an attached bathroom with each room along with hot & cold running water.

Nubra Ethnic Camp

The most beautiful and exclusive camps in Nubra Valley. The best part of the camp is it offers Fresh, organic produce, buffet meals, sophisticated bedding, regular electric supply along with the well-mannered staff making your stay at Nubra Ethnic Camp an unforgettable experience.

They also help their guests by providing local sightseeing schedule of Nubra valley which includes activities like camel safaris and trips to local attractions like Yarab Tso Lake, Diskit Monastery, Samstanling Monastery, Panamik, etc.

Whispering Camps

For a perfect camping experience, Whispering Camps are another best camp in Pangong Lake, Spangmik situated at 14,200ft. It’s a paradise for adventure enthusiasts offering some of the remarkable views of the Changchenmo mountains range to the north which will make you fall in love with nature again & again and you will wish to remain at this place forever.

There are 15 special tents with all the amenities and with the facility of cold running water. Enjoy your time admiring the beauty of nature and the reflection of gigantic mountains on Pangong lake while enjoying the changing colors of the lake.

100 Sky Camp and Camp Watermark

These two lovely camps are again situated in Pangong Lake, Spangmik. They offer a perfect view of the world’s highest and most astounding saltwater Lake Pangong. 100 Sky Camp comes under one of the most luxurious camps and Camp Watermark is a perfect option with all the basic amenities to delight you.

There’s a never-ending list of amazing camping options in Leh- Ladakh such as Norling Camp, Highland Camps, Yak Camp Tsomoriri, Mystic Meadows Camp, etc. All the camps are bestowed with best of scenic beauty, so keeping your budget & preference in mind you can select the one that suits you.


How To Plan Your Trip Wisely

ancient-arch-architecture by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Travel! How widely we used this word in our daily life. Often, college students or school students plan to go out, thus taking a break from their studies. Well, the parents are also not behind such students as the best way they think to do in their leisure time is to travel around the country or travel around the world. Every kind of information is gathered, and the plan is made out. And if you plan your trip wisely, then the trip becomes fantastic and enjoyable. But before you take out your vehicle or rent vehicle, make sure your pocket has the International Driving Permit or International Driving License.

So, before you go out to travel somewhere around the country or globe, make sure you plan your trip wisely. There are plenty of things to see and take care of while one travel, but there are a few basic requirements which one must understand before going out. Those requirements are listed below:

1. Location
2. Best Possible Route
3. Travelling Means
4. Affordable Stays
5. Local Touring either through Personal, Rented or Local


The first thing is the selection of the location. Though, it is not very tough to decide as you can google out the best places to visit in this month or any month as such. There will be thousands of articles which will give you enough ideas to choose your location but always plan your trip wisely. Let’s say for an example; the summer is not leaving you to live happily, so you can prefer to go to a place where it is chilling out, like hill stations. Well, surf the internet. You will get the best results.



After you have selected your location, see the possible routes to go to that location. While choosing the path, understand it takes minimum hours as compared to others as a longer stretched route will initially make you feel bored and tired and thus will affect your trip. On the internet, you can get all these data; you are just a click away. For best outcomes do some research and plan wisely, it will always help you to design a magnificent trip.



Now, the means through which you will go to your location, it will be through your personal or rented vehicle, via flights or through trains. This thing will entirely depend on your budget, the vacation period, and several people with whom you will be going. If you plan to go to foreign tourist places, then you will have to opt for flights. Suppose you plan to travel across the country, then you can choose trains as they are the cheapest and the best medium to go to.



Now, after all this, you will reach your destination. But wait, where will you stay? Oops! You forgot to book a reservation for yourself. Now what?
Well, that will depend on the season in which you have gone, i.e., off-season or prime season. So you must plan your trip wisely and you need to keep in mind that If you visit a location in its prime season, then the rates of hotels per night are very high and, in some cases, you wouldn’t get a hotel for accommodation. But if you visit a destination in its offseason, the rates of hotels per night will be very much affordable. So, this is yet another thing to consider while visiting a location.

What you can do to rescue yourself from this chaos is that you can book online hotels, home stays, or cottages depending upon the number of people and your budget. When you make reservations for stays in hotels or homestays online, you may get massive discounts, and the rates are quite affordable. So, make sure you clicked the reservation button before you go head towards your destination


Now, after reaching your location, you can travel the local places either through local transport or through the rented or personal vehicle. If you are in your country, then your license will be enough for renting vehicles for traveling purpose. If you are in some other country you will need an IDP, i.e., International Driving Permit to rent a vehicle and thus you will be able to visit the local places. International Driving Permit is a kind of booklet which translates the Driver’s License (Domestic one) into other languages so that you can drive legally across the globe. An International Driving License translates and carries the domestic license of the driver. This helps the authorities of that region, rental agencies, and travel companies to understand the endorsements of the driving. In a few countries, a local license is required before you put the gear on, for that you should have an IDP to get that local license.

This way, you can drive comfortably and more important, legally. There are many companies which provide this IDP, International Driving Permit. ITA is one such company which provides the IDP on the very same day, and the service offered by them can be availed by people across the world and that too at the best rate. The points, as mentioned earlier are the basic things which must be taken into account while planning any trip.


Once you plan your trip wisely it has its own advantages. So, traveling through a personal or rented vehicle has its advantages over going through local transport.

  • First of all, you will not have to follow any time table to catch any local transport. According to your convenience, you can go out and come back.
  • Second, you won’t meet any rush or crowd when you travel through your vehicle (personal or rented) as typically found in local transports.
  • Third, you can stop anywhere during your travel as per your choice and click some good photos, eat some spicy snacks and food and rest out for a few minutes or hours.

Well, there are a few disadvantages which you must take into consideration, the first one is the cost of the travel will increase as you will have to pay for petrol, diesel or CNG fuels. There must be a person with knowledge of car repairing because the vehicle may break down and you might not be able to get any mechanic near you. Thus, mark this point when you travel through your personal or rented vehicle. You will have to pay for getting your International Driving License. If you feel very much confused about your planning, you can go to agents as they will provide you various packages for your travel and you would get a good idea of your trip, and thus the journey will become more clear, and then the trip will be more enjoyable and memorable.

You can plan to visit Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in Paris, Taj Mahal in Agra, Machu Picchu, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Great Wall of China in Beijing, Great Barrier Reef, Statue of Liberty in New York, The British Museum in London and so many other places across the world. This write-up sums up all the essentials required to be taken into consideration whenever you plan your trip. From the best route to the best stay and IDP, International Driving Permit, everything is briefed adequately above here. Well, don’t plan too much because planned things don’t often give you the joy you should get on a trip. When things are surprising, then we enjoy them and tackle them accordingly, and thus trips or travel becomes memorable.


Amazing Wildlife Sanctuaries in Bhutan for Nature Lovers


Bhutan is famous for its beautiful landscapes, pacifying energy and natural wonders. This fascinating country has so much in store for nature lovers. While talking about Bhutan, we must not miss its exquisite flora and fauna that keeps amazing visitors every now and then!

The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Bhutan are the popular tourist attractions of the country. If you are a nature lover, you can book a tour package from Tourism Bhutan then you should add these amazing wildlife sanctuaries into your travel list! Let’s gather information about them first:

  1. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary:

Situated in the Trashigang District, this sanctuary houses rare flora and fauna of the eastern ecosystem of Bhutan. You can see beautiful flowers like blue poppy during the spring season here which is the national flower of Bhutan.

Apart from it, the best highlight of this sanctuary among the fauna is black-rumped magpie; which is the smartest known bird of this ecosystem. According to locals, this place is also home to mythical creature Yeti.

  1. Jomotsangkha Wildlife Sanctuary:

Jomotsangkha Wildlife Sanctuary is the most famous wildlife sanctuary of south-eastern Bhutan and also area-wise the smallest protected reserve of the country. The main animal that attracts people to this sanctuary is pygmy hog; which is a critically endangered species.

You would be amazed to know that only around 150 pygmy hogs have remained in this world now; which means maybe this is your only chance to see it.

  1. Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary:

Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is quite big as compared to other sanctuaries. It shares its borders with two countries namely Tibet region of China and north-eastern regions of India. This wildlife sanctuary is the hub of many endangered species so; you would have to go through many security checks before entering the territory.

The unique and rare creatures like red panda are waiting for you in the sanctuary! Its cuteness would surely steal your heart, and you will end up spending more time with it.

  1. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary:

Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary was established with the purpose of preserving the sal forests of the country, but now also became the habitat of animals and birds. Situated in the southern part of Bhutan, it houses animals like gaur, Asian elephants, golden langurs, and Chital deer, etc.

Nature lovers would be happy to know that they can find a diverse variety of tropical and sub-tropical foliage in this sanctuary!

  1. Royal Manas National Park:

Royal Manas National Park is worth paying a visit as it’s the oldest protected area of the country and also honored with the title of “Bhutan’s Crown Jewel”. This is one of the rare national parks where you can spot the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger!

Yes, you would be lucky enough to see this majestic animal from such a short distance if you are planning to visit this national park. Other animals which you can find here are one-horned rhinoceros, Asian elephant, clouded leopard, and Himalayan black bear.






Things that every traveller must experience in Himachal Pradesh     



Go wild! Go Crazy! After all it is time to have a breezy vacation with your hair laid down. Indulge in some phantasmal activities that will give you memories of a lifetime. Catch up some exotic memories by indulging is some bizarre activities that is bound to leave you charged and exhilarated.


Fly like a bird at Bir Billing


So you often dream of flying free as a bird! You can actually experience what it feels like. Flying lightweight and floating freely in the vast airy medium hovering up above the hills and meadows of Himachal is one of a kind of experience. Soar high across some scenic locales of Bir famous for being the host to the first world cup of paragliding in 2015 in the history of times. A session of paragliding stretching for 15 to 30 minutes at Bir-Billing costs somewhere between INR 2,500 and 3,500.


River Rafting in Kullu Valley

The gushing, tormenting currents of white foamy chilling waters of Beas gives you the opportunity to experience level 1 to 4 rapids. The most enthralling white water rafting adventure allows you to choose your operator from a host of private operators at Pirdi.

The rafting expedition starts at Pirdi and continues for an exciting 14 kilometers down the river till the point of Jhiri. Rafting is somewhat seasonal. This activity is usually closed during monsoons and in the peak winters. The expenses incurred for the activity is around INR 2000 for a session of 40-minutes.


Trek through Great Himalayan National Park


The Great Himalayan National Park is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site. It is thus under special protection and restoration efforts. The trek promises absolutely stunning views of four spectacular valleys of Sainj, Parvati, Tirthan and Jiwa Nal. Be ready to view a grand exhibition of innumerable protected species of flora and fauna that includes an astounding 1,000 plant species, 31 mammal species and 209 bird species apart from all the quaint amphibians, reptiles, and insects. Sightings of western-horned tragopan, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan brown bear and even elusive snow leopard has been reported. Get lucky find the exotic and enigmatic species in their natural wilderness. The difficulty level of a trek through the park ranges from moderate to difficult treks.


Go mountain biking in Spiti

Mountain biking through Spiti Valley presents some spell-binding arid scenic beauty that is unmatched. The arid high-altitude desert plateaus present a stark and barren beauty of the shades of earth mingling with the liquid blue of the sunny skies.

The curves, bends, valleys, crevices, and winding terrains make for a challenging biking route that stirs the souls of adventurous bikers all across the nation. The panoramic and picture postcard surroundings lead you through the Kunzum Pass which is at a height of 4,590 meters and offers a killer experience to a passionate biker.


Trout Fishing at Rohru

For those who are in love with this vitamin-rich source of food freshly caught from the clear waters of Pabber River in Rohru, fishing makes a very thrilling activity to indulge in. Rohru is situated approximately 120 kilometers away from Shimla and is extremely popular for trout fishing in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

There is also a trout hatchery situated in Chirgaon, that is an approximately four-hour drive from Shimla. In Chirgaon, get elated with some Brown and Rainbow Trout fish prized catches. Rohru has a rich history of fishing that can is dated back to the time of Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh of Bahadh. The erstwhile ruler was immensely captivated by the charm of this quiet and serene place and developed it into a tourist location.


This place has now deemed a haven for anglers. Besides trout fishing, you can also indulge in paragliding, trekking and hang gliding in Rohru.



Golf at Naldhera

Naldehra boast of its spectacular colonial-era golf course located approximately 22 kilometers away from Shimla. Naldehra Golf course is among the most beautiful and the oldest golf club in the country, flanked by tall cedar trees and crisp, clear air.  The 18-hole course is tremendously challenging to keep golfers at bay. It is situated at 2200 meters above sea level and bear semblance to the Scottish links courses.






Top 5 Highest Mountains in Nepal


When we got the opportunity to go to Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, we decided to visit one of the highest mountains in Nepal. Nepal is a country with a considerable part of Himalayas. It also connected with one side border of India. It was amazing to reach the heights of the sky. Let us know about the top five highest mountains in Nepal. There are eight highest mountain peaks in the world above the height of 8000 m in Nepal.

Mount Everest (8.848m)

Mount Everest is also known as the Sagarmatha. Its height is 8,848 m above sea level. It is located in Mahalangur Himal. It is a subrange of the Himalayas. It is the biggest mountain peak in the world. Every year there are many people who try to go to Mount Everest. There are two main routes to reach Mount Everest. The first one is the standard UT from Southeastern Nepal and the other one is from the north in Tibet. It is dangerous if one tries to reach the Mount Everest.

Kanchenjunga (8.586m)

Kanchenjunga is the third and highest mountain in the world. It is located between Nepal and Sikkim. There are five peaks in total (main, Central, South, west, Kangbachen). The main, central and south peaks are in India and the remaining two are in Nepal. There are 4 climbing routes to reach Kanchenjunga. Three roots are in Nepal from the southwest, the northwest, and northeast. The fourth one is from North Eastern Sikkim in India. The Indian government has put a ban on expeditions to Kanchenjunga since 2000.

Lhotse (8,516 m)

It is the fourth highest and popular mountain in the world. The literal meaning of this word is South peak in the Tibetan language. The location of the Summit is on the border that goes between the Tibet of China and the Khumbu region of Nepal. The main Summit of this mountain was first climbed on the 18th of May in the year 1956. There are extremely strong winds and the lowest of temperatures. There are some smaller peaks in the mountain region also so like Lhotse middle (East) with the height of 8,414m and Lhotse Shar 8,383 m.

Makalu (8,485 m)

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world of the Himalayas. Its location is in Mahalangur Himalayas which is in the southeast of Mount Everest. It is situated on the border that goes between Nepal and Tibet autonomous region in China. Makalu has a very different shape of the four-sided pyramid. The first attempt to climb Makalu was made in the year 1954 by some Americans but the first successful attempt to reach Makalu was made in 1955 in a French expedition.

Cho Oyu (8,188 m)

It is the sixth highest mountain in the world of the Himalayas. The literal meaning of this towards is a turquoise goddess in the Tibetan language. This pic is in the westernmost extreme of the Khumbu subsection. It is also located in Mahalangur Himalayas which is 20 km west of Mount Everest. The exact location of the mountain is on the border of China and Nepal.

It is a dream come true you even if one reaches any one of these summits. On Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages; there are opportunities to try to attempt any one of these. It is the achievement of life if one is capable of reaching these heights.

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