Don’t Miss These Tips If You Are Traveling With Your Kids


We just had finished with our Family Holidays in Morocco and got a lot of lessons through good and bad experiences over there. Are you also packing for the Family holidays along with your infants and elder kids? Get to the outcomes of our experience in this blog. May you have the perfect Family Holiday experience.

Tips To Remember If You Are Traveling With Kids:

Family Holidays are the blessed moments of life. One should arrange it very properly and with plenty of funds. Do you want to know the ways to make your travel experience cool? Here you go.

Pack Smartly:

Know every need of your kid during the travel and then pack every important thing. If you don’t pack the things smartly, you would definitely fail in getting the real fun of your trip and be worried about your kid. If you are traveling to the cold areas, pack extra layers and all that is needed to pack for your kids. Take the help of the internet and applications.

There are a number of packing friendly applications in the application stores. You are recommended to take the help of those apps. They will guide you to pack extra bags for your kids with everything needed on the place you will guide the application. Applications are smarter, they will guide you according to the weather, and other conditions you will face during your holidays.

Be On The Airport Before The Flight Time:

It is something commonly said to the passengers to get to the airport almost 2,3 hours before departing. This is because of the lengthy checking process. You should be on time at the airports because you have kids with you. Kids are mostly slower so don’t disturb their peace, be on their pace.

Take the good care of your kids while checking and boarding. After boarding your luggage and taking the boarding card, you will be relaxed to keep an eye on your kids. Remember, take the snacks from the tuck shop. Don’t be careless at the airport.

Guide Them About The Place You Gonna Visit:

This is much important. When we had to bring our kids along with us to Morocco, we guided them to everything before departing. They knew already how to move, how to react and how to speak in a foreign society.

Cultural gaps are important to be filled. It is your responsibility to tell your kids how to respect other cultures and how to explore the holiday destination with less hassle and clashes. Your kids would understand and enjoy their trip even more.

Our kids were aware that in Morocco, they could face some tough things to handle. But that all was very pleasant. It is the best part of their memory I guess when they adapted some important aspects of Berber culture. They enjoyed eating the Camel Tajine, danced around the fire in the bonfire event in the night. That was all they only had read about and when they visited in actual, it was literally amazing.

So tell your kids, norms of the other societies are not to break by the foreigners, travelers should get to the new places and explore the norms, enjoy the moment and fly back to home. This is what a traveler has to do being very environment-friendly.

Bring Toys, Books, Electric Devices:

For the entertainment of your kids, of course, you will add something for the interest of them. Bring the favorite storybooks and toys that your kids play with most of the time. To keep your kids busy, this is a better idea.

Nowadays kids are more interested to play on the tablets. So keep that tablet with you with its rechargeable cells or Charger.

Bring Baby Carts For Toddlers:

Visiting a place would definitely need to stroll in the streets, Bazars, and beaches. Baby carts would ease you to get anywhere in the city. Your baby will enjoy more rolling on the wheels and exploring the city in a different way.

Make everything Hassle-Free:

Be it your flight, or the transport service on your holiday destination, keep everything very comfortable and hassle-free for your kids. It irritates mostly if there is no proper service one gets.

Pay extra to move with the good vehicles. Don’t travel on trains and bus services if they are less comfortable. For my kids, bad experience in the buses taught us to move in private cars with a good air-conditioned environment and well-behaved drivers. Have a good time with your kids enjoying the best holidays of the year. Cheers.






Places to visit in North India


At the point when we talk about investigating various pieces of India, North India is one section which consistently has a ton of guests all around the globe. You can generally locate that surge in the significant urban communities Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow and so on. Who might not love to investigate postulations captivating urban communities. These are a portion of the significant traveler spots to visit in India. With its glorious greatness of culture, custom and its kin. Try not to pass up on an opportunity to visit the absolute best places in Delhi like Humayun’s Tomb, Akshardham, Lodi gardens, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Chandni Chowk , Rashtrapati Bhawan etc.From heavenly cooking to some stunning society this spot has been calling us to investigate it to an ever increasing extent, Best places to visit in North india. It offers lots of amazing tourists loved hill stations that worth to be visited once at a time.

Get douse on the excellence of this area with the valleys and the sea shores and the astonishing cascades. So simply gather your sacks and head out for a great excursion toward the North India.

Amritsar: the Golden City of Punjab

The holiest among journey locales in Sikhs, Amritsar is likewise the most visited goal in Punjab. The city is most popular for its strict destinations. The most renowned Gurudwaras in Amritsar is Harmandir Sahib, which is outstanding as the Golden Temple. The hallowed place holds enormous strict noteworthiness. Individuals from all over the world rehearsing their particular religions are welcome here. The soul of fellowship is drilled here. As all can participate in the celestial langar just as would all be able to loan their hands in administration. 

Amritsar isn’t just well known as a strict focus, yet in addition an authentic site. It is here that one of the most significant episodes during India’s opportunity battle occurred. The Jallianwala Bagh till today talks about the penance of the saints who lost their lives in the grievous slaughter.

Srinagar: Paradise on Earth

The mid year capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is outstanding for its peaceful lakes, delightful houseboats and Mughal gardens. The snow-capped pinnacles, satisfying climate and greenery of Srinagar guarantee to leave each guest entranced. Srinagar is home to various vacation destinations, which makes it one of the best spots to go for occasions in North India. The most well known spots to visit in Srinagar is lakes, nurseries and some strict locales which appeal sightseers from everywhere throughout the world. The nurseries of Srinagar merit a visit from each vacationer. 

Srinagar Paradise on Earth

The normal excellence of Srinagar is inimitable and here you will go for Shikara ride and Houseboat on Dal Lake Srinagar. The beautiful excellence of Srinagar is really supreme. It is basically the ideal occasion goal in North India, particularly the Kashmir Valley.


A blessed city close to Delhi, Haridwar is viewed as one of the seven holiest spots for Hindus. It is where the heavenly waterway Ganga goes into the Northern fields, in the wake of beginning at Gaumukh, Gangotri. Visitors from all over the globe visit Haridwar to take a plunge in the sacred water of Ganga River. It is accepted that taking a dunk in Holy River Ganga washes away one’s wrongdoings and aides in achieving salvation. 

The magnificence of the spot lies in its blessed and otherworldly climate. Sit by the excellent waterway Ganga and appreciate harmony as the breeze loaded up with sacredness hits your face. The key fascination of the spot is the Ganga Aarti on Har ki Pauri. The regular supplication custom is performed for the sacred waterway Ganga.


Ranthambore is an amazing territory in Rajasthan that boasts about the National Park which is one of the most prestigious ones in India. Check this once-over where you can find the best places to visit in Ranthambore.

Among the attractions, Ranthambore National Park has different visitors round the year since it has a broad assortment of remarkable animal and winged creature species. The three lakes in the district of the diversion focus update the total greatness of the region. Right now, entertainment focus and its incorporating can be bored down as one of the huge spots to visit in Ranthambore.

Kuari Pass Trek

Make your late spring experiences exciting alongside your closest companion as you travel to this fascinating area. In the event that you have a brave companion, at that point make your get-away to the high of the peak. Kuari which connotes Doorway is a Himalayan high mountain pass organized in the Garhwal district of northern India, south of the Tibetan edge and on the western edge of the “Nanda Devi Sanctuary”. The Kuari Pass Trek found reputation in the mid 1900’s when valiant pioneers and hikers, for instance, Lord Curzon, Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman and has been commended starting now and into the foreseeable future.

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Top Best Valentine’s Day Destinations in 2020

Valentine's Day Destinations in 2020

So Valentine’s day is near and the couples might have started thinking about their dates and the destinations to get the most romantic moments of life. There are a lot of romantic places on earth but all will be packed with the couples there for their life moments together. My experience with my hubby when we traveled with Virikson Holidays back in 2016 was a tremendous one because of its diversity. I’m picking those destinations on my this blog to help you choose your Valentine destination 2020.

Top Best Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s day:

Here is a list of top romantic destinations in the world. Remember, my opinion and experiences would be included.

Agadir, Morocco has a lot of Valentine’s vibes in it:

Agadir is the best romantic place I would say. I didn’t visit Agadir on Valentine’s day but would say that there are a lot of romantic opportunities who are intended to make their special day more special.

What to do in Agadir? It has a romantic opportunity to stroll along the heavenly beach. Overviewing the sun going down and making its reflections in the seawater have a perfect romantic impact. Riding a camel on the beaches or on the oufella is another thing you can add to your romantic activities. What else? Oh yes. You will have set your candlelight dinner anywhere, either in your riad or the top-notch hotel you want to book with.

Having the pleasures of Coffee or tea on the terraces of the traditional and ancient cafes is a must to do an activity with your partner in Agadir. So have a perfect, private trip to Agadir with your partner in this valentines.

Bangkok, Thailand is a Super Valentines place:

Hello, You have another option to have your valentines and that is Bangkok. The most famous are the few things in Bangkok but with a diverse of sub experiences. Did you hear about Spa? Yes, Bangkok is famous for this major. You have to arrange the couple Spa opportunity in the town, right?

Bangkok has the best top-notch restaurants, and the night bars to celebrate your special day and night. Choose the one and sit to have the best candlelight dinner on the eve of Valentine’s day.

Sailing on the waters in Bangkok would be your next day activity. It has a very romantic impact on your trip. Must try.

Valentines in Istanbul, Turkey would have a different experience:

Istanbul welcomes the couples for a very special valentines day 2020. It offers a diverse range of romantic activities for couples who are there to have perfect moments. Nardis Jazz club concert tops all the activities on Valentine’s day.

There are a lot of terraces and the other top-notch restaurants with a romantic environment to serve you the best candlelight dinner of your life. So must try these activities in Istanbul and if you think other destinations in Turkey also worth a valentines day visit, opt for that too.

You would also have a cooking experience on the day of valentine. Take the tips for that activity and don’t miss to cook with your partner that day.

Canada, The dream place for many couples on Valentines:

So here is an opportunity to make your best out of the Special Valentine’s day.

Niagra falls in Ontario have a great attraction in this valentine’s day 2020. You will be lucky to have your romantic day there I believe. You would have hotels nearby to make it more memorable I’m sure.

Nordik Spa near Ontario would have another time spending spot for you two. Well, what about standing on the corner along and overview the dancing waves of Tofino? These are all the romantic escapes you can make your memorable moments at.

And What About Dubai this year?

Oh yes, another perfect destination to have your Valentine’s day.

Candlelight Dinner at Pad Thai, Madinat Jumeirah would be the perfect activity. There are a lot of Cinemas in the state for you to have take the best moments watching the movies of your choice.

There are also Spa opportunities in Dubai to have. Other than this you are having Burj al Khalifa to get the memorable shopping experience. Have a nice trip spending in Dubai this year.

Manila, Philippines, Another Valentine’s day escape:

Here is another way out for making your Valentine’s day more special. Manila has diverse activities for you to have.

There are worldly top-notch restaurants for you to book your table for the very special candlelight dinner. Present a unique Bouqet to your partner this night and reveal your love to him/her. This is the moment one should not miss in life I believe.

You have another chance to make a perfect valentines day night in the top-notch bars in town.


Kasol Kheerganga- A fabulous trek for each age group

kasol kheerganga

Kasol is a beautiful place that has the power to leave its visitors awestruck. The nearby trekking destinations at Kasol will make your trip a memorable one. The tranquil surroundings will make you stay longer. A trek to Kheerganga is a must a do activity if you are in Himachal Pradesh. Kheerganga is located at an elevation of 3,692 meters and it is situated at the end of Parvati Valley. Kheerganga is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva and his son Kartikeya. It is famous for its hot water springs and amazing views. By reaching the top you will see a small temple of Lord Shiva and the hot water pond “Parvati Kund”. 

Kheerganga is a sacred place that has some religious values and beliefs. It is one of the popular and the most preferred trekking spots in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Perched at an elevation of 2,960 meters, Kheerganga is in the alluring Parvati Valley, which is a perfect place for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and backpackers. Apart from being the most popular destination, Kheerganga is famous for its hot water springs, ravishing landscapes and amazing views of the snow-capped mountains with rolling greenery. The trip to Kheerganga is an amazing and exciting one. The Kheerganga trek is easy and anyone can undertake this trek. The trek passes by some tricky trails, gushing waterfalls, and lush beauty of green forests. 


Activities to do in Kheerganga-Kasol-


  • Camping: The most amazing activity you can do in the Kheerganga Kasol trip is Camping in the woods or on the riverside under the shade of thousands of twinkling stars. Staying in the tents or camps under the clear blue skies or star-studded night is a lifetime experience.
  • Food: You will enjoy the delicacies of Israeli food and other cuisines like German, Italian. You can also find some Dhabas that offer north Indian food.
  • Partying: Kasol is famous for Psy & rave parties. You will enjoy music festivals and dance on the beats of international DJs. You will have chances to spot a large no. of foreigners during the festival time.
  • Shopping: Kasol is a shopper’s paradise. You can buy some good hippie sweatshirts or chillums from the Kasol market. You will find attractive things like bags, stone pendants, souvenirs, and several handcrafted items.



Best season and time to visit Kasol-

Kasol is round a year tourist destination that means it is accessible in all four seasons- winter, summer, autumn, and spring. You will easily get a crowd there. In winter, the crowd becomes a little less than summers. In spring and autumn,

Kasol is amazing in winters with lots of snow everywhere. In summers, Kasol appears at its best. In summers months (April to June), you can watch the lush green sceneries of nature, with the splashing rivers and waterfalls, Kasol is the perfect place to escape the heat and chillax. You will see a huge crowd of tourists this season. The temperature ranges from 18 to 27 degrees. In springtime and after the monsoon,  you will get all the crazy vibes. You can see the beauty of sprawling and bloom meadows, scenic landscapes, and lush greenery of the valley. The weather remains pleasant and calm. 


How to reach Kheerganga?

The starting point of the Kheerganga trek is Barshaini. So there are two ways to reach Kheerganga, one is from Barshaini to Natkhan village and then Kheerganga. And another one is form Kalga/Pulga through forests which is a longer but prettier one. 

There are several modes of transportation to reach Barshaini which happens to be the starting point of Kheerganga trek. 

By Road: The most convenient and preferred way to reach Barshaini is to take a direct bus from Delhi or Chandigarh and get down to Bhuntar. Then, you have to catch a bus or hire a taxi to reach Barshaini along the way through Kasol. 

By Air: The nearest airport to Barshaini is the Bhuntar airport. You will easily get a flight from Delhi and reach Bhuntar. Then, take a taxi or public transportation to reach Barshaini. 

By Train: Joginder Nagar railway station happens to be the nearest one to Barshaini. Take a direct train to Joginder Nagar railway station from any major railway station of India and reach Kasol by taking a cab from the railway station.



Umrah Tours Operators From Birmingham, UK

Umrah tours

A tour operator switches, records and plans the full trip. They make a tour package by joining all basics such as transfers, activities, restaurants, hotel, tours and others like this. A tour may not contain all of these facilities; it depends on the package price and planning. The Alteration among a tour operator and a travel agent is not so different but tour operator designs the tour package and can trade straight to the customer. A travel agent trades the tour packages made by tour operators to the customer. Tour Packages don’t contain only one service. Basically package means a bundle of facilities so, there are at least 3 to 4 facilities are must in one package.

Umrah tour operator:

Umrah is the kind of tour toward the holiest city of Islam Makkah and Madinah and performing Tawaf-e-Kaaba. It does not depend on a specific date and time. It is not compulsory in Islam but Muslims perform this for their happiness. Umrah is known as minor hajj. Muslims with low financial condition prefer Umrah because it is a great pleasure for Muslims to visit that Holly places in their lives. During this journey, Muslims visit all the holy places and perform worship.  Umrah tour operators are those who specifically plan the umrah tour for the Muslims. In Umrah package companies and operators offer the facilities like visas, flights, accommodation, transfer and so on.

Umrah packages are different according to different countries.  Umrah tour operator also offers different umrah packages according to peak months and according to the level of the facilities. Tours operator helps its customers in all documentation process and arranges all the facilities before the start of their tour. Umrah becomes more pleasant and tension free if you are linked with right Umrah tour operator.

Method to access umrah tour operator:

If you are planning an Umrah tour and want to avail a good umrah package from a reliable and authenticate umrah tour operator then you have to find a reliable agent of a good company. In the local market, there are a lot of travel agents who are offering different umrah packages of different operators. Travelling agents are the persons who offer you different packages according to your choice and budget and help you on the front end. Travel agents are mainly linked with different travelling companies who operate your tour. Haramayn Tours is a travelling company which operates all the hajj and Umrah tours for the Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Why Choose Umrah Operators

They deliver the best Hajj and Umrah solutions to Travel Agents and their clients In the UK. They offer them the products and services which help them to ease their customers. Their different services assistance their customers to accomplish all facilities on a single platform regarding Visa, accommodation and Transfers for Hajj and Umrah tours. Our team makes it easy to find the best Visas, Hotels and Transfers in Makkah and Madinah by their best suppliers in Saudi Arabia.


11 Reason Why Bali is the World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination


Bali is popularly known as the “Island of the Gods” for good reason. Abundant in flowers, intricate temples, prayers, as well as a rich and reverent culture that celebrates the essence of love, Bali is one of the most romantic places on Earth.

The incredible views experiences and also the budget-friendly prices have continued to make Bali the best place to go on a honeymoon for those looking for the best of both worlds. The luxury life without the insane price tag on their Bali honeymoon.

Bali is the ideal honeymoon location

Bali trip

01. Bali has some of the world’s most magnificent accommodation choices

The choices of resorts & hotels are unlimited. From simple beach hut accommodations to super luxurious hotels and also resorts, few of the world’s most stunning holiday villas, and hotels, Bali has all of it. The world’s most acclaimed hotel chains are to be found in Bali. Whether you want to stay in a beach resort, in a jungle resort, a hip stylish boutique hotel, or up in hills overlooking among Bali’s 4 volcanoes, it’s all there for you to discover. You will certainly find your dream honeymoon escape.

However, my personal advice is for you to stay in one of Bali’s amazing private villas. Many holiday villas offer several hundred square meters of living space and large exotic gardens at unbeatable prices.

02. A Date Spelt Backwards Is Bali

Nothing says romance like a dinner date with your special a person, and also Bali rises to the occasion in style. Dine at a private beach on an antique bed lit up by oil lanterns, witness magical sunsets on the edge of a high cliff, or dine under a canopy of stars in the middle of a jungle as the surges of a stream lend a sweet background score.

That’s not all. How around dining in a cave facial the beach? Or with a pride of lions for business? Beside a brook with 100 flickering candles around you? Romantic & exciting!

03. For the Love of Adventure

Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to beauty and also experiences. As well as with the lengthy sandy beach and tranquil blue waters, one of these experiences is the large list of watersports that you can enjoy. Whether you are a beginner or a water sports junkie, there is something for everyone that the beautiful island has to offer. So get ready ’cause its time to select the most thrilling water sporting activities in Bali for an adventurous vacation!

  • Bali Rolling Donut
  • Jet Skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Water Skiing
  • Fly Fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • River Rafting

04. Blessing from a Hindu God


You may well already know that Indonesia (which the island of Bali is a part of) is the largest Islamic country on earth. What you may not know though, is that Bali itself is really a Hindu majority island.

Partially owing to the pressures of existing within a mono-theistic country, Balinese Hinduism has deviated from Indian Hinduism. The placed on Vishnu, the ultimate, “one-form” of God rather than on the various Gods you find adored in India.

That said, temples to the various Hindu deities can still be found across the island. So why not obtain your combining honored by Shiva as well as his holy another half Parvati? Besides, it was Hindu society which invented the Karma Sutra.

05. Incredibly special Ubud

An excellent two some experience awaits you as well as your soul mate here with its cooking classes, village trips, Jewellery making workshops, art markets, river rafting and also bamboo crafting classes. The chocolate tours at Big Tree Farm will be the tour highlight of your book Bali honeymoon package.

06. Bali Has the Perfect Climate

Planning a honeymoon beneath the breathtaking endlessly long, deserted beaches and tropical spa together. Bali honeymoon is a nature lover’s nirvana. Depending on what season you choose to take your honeymoon, there is no bad season in Bali. At any time of year is an enjoyable time to discover Bali’s wonders. However, at any time of year is incredibly stunning and also perfect for honeymooners that who want to feel as sitting pretty as they are. Shiny and attractive, yet popular as well as awesome. Bali is the perfect storm of styles for a memorable honeymoon in wintertime.

07. Private sunset at Tanah Lot Temple with dinner

This personal sunset excursion at Tanah lot temple enables you more time to enjoy significant views of Bali’s a lot of famous sites. The excursion takes you to the island’s west coast in the nick of time for sunset. Then, you can appreciate the magnificent views of the temple’s silhouettes as the golden sun sinks the Indian Sea.

Depending upon the tide conditions, you can usually walk to the rock base of the temple for a closer look. Your tour ends with a wonderful dinner at a luxurious hotel in Canggu, southern of Tanah lot. One of the hotel’s signature restaurants serves genuine Indonesian cuisine, so you’ll end your journey with a wonderful cultural eating experience.

08. Mouth-Watering Food to Die For

If you’re a foodie junkie and also constantly prowl for delicious cuisine on the international getaway, then Bali should get on your first. The food here in Bali is exceptionally low-cost yet delicious.

From delicious lip-smacking tofu, spicy local food to tempeh and also red rice in coconut milk, options are many for you to get enjoy a delicious food affair of Bali on your Bali vacations. Non-Veg food here is likewise very tasty.

09. Insane and Also Vibrant Nightlife


Who would agree that after a laid back adventure at the long-stretched beaches as well as to overfill your food cravings at the finest restaurants, absolutely nothing beats the idea of partying all night with your heart in the insane nightclubs of Bali that also with your sweetie and bachelorette group? Well, Bali is a party lover’s paradise.

Parties below are wild and also loud and tourists flock to this island throughout the year to experience the unique nightlife.

10. Unreal Bali green vistas

You’ll absolutely want to bust out the scenic option to shoot the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, a system of canal-irrigated, split rice paddies in position because of the 11th century. This world Heritage Site isn’t just a historical antique – you can trek down the terraced paddies or take a neighboring bike trip. See locals selecting the white rice by hand, wearing the traditional straw hats.

11. Kuta Beach Sunset

Cap off your adventure-filled days, as well as watch the pink and also yellow hues, brighten and also framework Kuta beach. As the light mirrors off the water, sit back relax and also drink on a cocktail as you view the sunset over the horizon on your honeymoon in Bali. Take this chance to enjoy a totally free romantic activity, or spice it up by grabbing a bite to eat, or playing soccer with the locals.




road trip

What do you think about when we talk about Road Trip? Being without worries, traveling on free roads with music in the background … Perhaps this idea of ​​travel and freedom is what makes us want to drive and leave, leaving everyday life behind us. Only when talking about it, the temptation to do so grows! To have no thoughts during the journey, the best thing to do is to worry about organizing everything first! Yes, that’s right, so the philosophy and the magic of randomness fades a little, but trust us, in order to really leave any problem at home and enjoy the trip to the fullest, it’s important to prepare first. So here are our 10 tips for a Road Trip for you!


Let’s start from the beginning: pack your bags. This is for some the worst time of preparation for a trip. No fear, with a precise plan it will be easy to get out of it great!

Keep in mind the “less is better” rule. It may seem like a good idea to pack an extra pair of pants, considering all the space in the car, but it’s not always the case. Remember that you will still have to carry your suitcase up and down from the car and in the hotels. Plus, the more things you carry with you, the more time you will need to look for that particular shirt to wear or your toothbrush! So what’s the best way to figure out which clothes to bring? Check the weather forecast in your travel destination and bring only what you really need and that will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Most hotels offer laundry facilities, so there is no need to bring endless underwear changes. The golden rule is one: resize what you want to bring,


Prevention is better than cure. Be prepared for anything that may happen while you are on the road. First of all, make sure that your vehicle or rental car has all the necessary insurance and respects the traffic rules of the country where you are heading. Mark the roadside assistance number and have it handy when you drive.

Moreover, it is always better to bring water and some snacks in the case, for example, of sudden traffic. Items that can come in handy in the event of unforeseen events are also a torch and car battery cables.

Our next suggestion is to search for the names of the places where you are heading and learn how to pronounce them; if you lose yourself in remote areas and need to ask for directions, you will feel less scared if you know the names of places or cities used by the locals. Finally, remember to always have cash with you, in the event of an emergency in areas without ATMs.


Before you start driving your car or picking up your rental car, remember to check your car’s fluid and tire pressure. As part of the car collection procedure, you will need to inspect the car and verify the existence of any damage, as well as the fuel level. Check your rental car before you start driving so you don’t have to go back to the renter’s office when you have already left.

If you plan to drive your own car, get yourself a small trash can. An empty water bottle may not disturb you, but when waste builds up it can become annoying to passengers. Make traveling by car enjoyable not only for you, but also for your friends and family.


Impossible to forget the most important accessory for the trip: the GPS. Before leaving, update the maps on your navigator so that they are aligned with the local road network and make sure you also bring the battery charger and an adapter. Alternatively, if you rent a car you can also request GPS and pick it up at the rental company’s office. You can book the satellite navigator online when you book the car rental. Other accessories that you can rent for your trip include child seats and ski racks.


If you still don’t have a clear idea of ​​the type of route you want to take, take some time to answer some questions before choosing the stages of your journey. Consider the best time to visit that particular country. If, for example, you plan to drive in southern Spain during the summer season, we recommend that you plan a tour that does not involve spending many hours in the car, considering that summer temperatures often reach and exceed 40 degrees. Try to avoid going on holidays, notably on days with more traffic, which makes driving much less pleasant. Once you’ve answered these questions, think about how to fit everything you want to see into the limited amount of time you have for your road trip! Use online applications or your GPS to measure the distances between the various destinations you want to visit. Our advice is to never drive more than 8 hours in a single day. If you are passionate about nature, go along secondary roads, so that you can admire the countryside around you and, why not, save on highway tolls!


If you travel with children, you will thank us for these suggestions. Rule number one: entertain and distract them! Ask them to bring their favorite games, so they can switch between games and avoid getting bored. You could also make them play the “license plate game”: print the map of your trip and let the children color the names of the cities or countries to which the license plates of the cars they observe from the window correspond.

When you choose to take a break, try to do it in service stations with a playground and let your children have fun and spend their energy! Also take a skipping rope with you and ask the children to take turns: whoever makes the most jumps wins!


Just like children, even adults need distractions during the journey. Update your mp3 player’s music or bring some CDs with you to listen to your favorite music along the way. If you keep your mind occupied, you will feel less tired and can concentrate better on driving. Take turns with your fellow adventurers in the story of jokes or funny stories. Question books, like Gregory Stock’s, are a great pastime. Or, do you know the game “Buzzword”? Each person chooses their own word “buzzword”: a word that others cannot say throughout the journey.


A long road trip requires a division of roles. It is useful to have a person who directs the trip, a good driver and someone who prepares snacks. Delegate tasks according to the personality and skills of your fellow travelers. Who does not drive can be the cook on board! Ask someone interested in foreign countries to be your personal navigator and a person who knows one or more foreign languages ​​to be your local guide and to request information when necessary. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to feel useful and good at their job and the journey will proceed serenely.

If you are using a tourist car rental, consider that renters sometimes charge a supplement for additional drivers.


We don’t want to seem too lazy and give you the impression that these tips were written by your parents, but taking care of yourself while traveling by car is essential. If you are a driver, it is vital to be alert and responsive to driving. Therefore, be flexible when it comes to schedules and travel plans. Sleep an extra hour if you stayed up late the night before. Remember to eat something at regular intervals to avoid driving hungry. Another piece of advice we give you is to move and stretch when you stop for a break or to refuel. The road trip will be much more fun if you are in good shape. So take care of yourself!


Last of our recommendations: save as much as possible during the road trip. It may seem strange, but a lot is spent on snacks and snacks while traveling by car. A little preparation will help you manage the problem. Bring a cooler bag with you and fill it in local supermarkets. The food of local shops will not only be healthier, but also cheaper! Search online for restaurants that meet your budget or ask the locals to recommend you a place; the inhabitants will tell you which tourist places to avoid and the best restaurants in the area.

Without a doubt, the biggest expense will be fuel. What you can do to pay less is to do an online search and figure out which service stations offer the best prices. Plus, you can do everything possible to drive in a cost-effective way: keeping your driving speed at the same level will minimize fuel consumption. Alternatively, think ecologically and rent a hybrid car!



Tallest Skyscrapers In The World – Symbol of Heights

Tallest Skyscrapers In The World (1)Tallest Skyscrapers In The World

In Today’s world, skyscrapers are just viewed as the ever-advancing curiosity of the human’s imagination of talking to the sky. Now the sky is the only limit for humans. When we see the tallest buildings in the world which is nothing but the result of human’s never-ending approach of developing into the modern world, we are sure of our thoughts. 

The skyscrapers have just become the identity of the nation’s development, though it also focusses on environmental issues today. With focussing on the population boom of the globe, the necessity of these structures is not to be compromised. The skyscraper’s role in the economy of any nation is also very important as it provides a lot of services such as community services, corporate affairs, tourism, or even as a cultural center for events. 

In this post, we take you to the top 5 tallest buildings in the world with a brief description of these Man-made concrete structures.  

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE
Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Known as Burj Dubai, the 162 story structure is undoubtedly known as the world’s tallest man-made structure. Connected with the Mass Transit System, Burj Khalifa is just admired with its 828-meter vertical distance that continues to attract a lot of visitors as well as height enthusiasts. Completed 9 years ago in 2010, the building is most admired by those visitors who just came here to experience both the wonder and wander. 

In the structure, you can find the world’s biggest restaurant, an observation deck to view the skyline of Dubai as well as entertainment in the charming nightclubs.

2. Shanghai tower  

Shanghai tower, China
Shanghai tower building

Shanghai Tower in the city of Shanghai is on the second spot in our list of the tallest buildings in the world. As with the name suggests, the tower is the darling structure for the city of Shanghai. The skyscraper has 126 floors with a height of 632 meters or 2073 feet. The building’s observation deck is the highest among all the skyscrapers in the world.

A round structure with a blissful look, It has everything for your leisure stay in the city. You can shop around the shopping complexes in the building, dine in the best of the restaurants or comfort yourself in the hotels. Its nothing new if you find office spaces in the building as the tower plays a major role in the economy of the city. The building also holds the key to tourism in the city of Shanghai.

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower 

Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, UAE
Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Situated in the city of mecca in Saudi Arabia, Makkah Royal Clock Tower is really like a mecca for the hajj prayers for the two reasons, first for their cultural perspective and second for the building’s impressive clocks. The building is measured with an impressive height of 601 meters with 120 floors.

But the striking point for the visitors to admire is its clocks on the top of the tower, viewed from the hajj praying place. The highest and largest clocks in the world, they create an incredible view in the night sky when their faces seem to like talking to the stars as viewed from below.

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower is also known for, as the third tallest skyscraper worldwide.

4. Ping An Finance Center

Ping An Finance Centre in Shenzhen, China
Ping An Finance Center

Standing in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, Ping An Finance Tower is another example of the Chinese concrete wonder. As the name Suggests, A stronghold of the economy and a strong pillar in the Country’s financial activities, the tower is listed on the fourth spot on our list of highest skyscrapers in the world. 

The second tallest building in China, Ping tower is measured with 599 meters in height with 115 floors. A  huge part of the tower is visible by glasses which makes this structure awesome to see.  

5. Lotte world tower

Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea
Lotte World Tower

Lotte Tower which is located in the South Korean city of Seoul is like a blend of cultural, traditional, financial, artistic and tourist hub for lots of people around here. It has a total height that measures 555 meters or 1821 feet with 123 floors.

The fifth highest in the world, Lotte tower is just admired by the visitors when they look at its diagonal shape which seems like an arrow going into the sky. The tower is like a lifeline for the citizens of Seoul which provides exceptional services like retail, luxury hotel, tourism, apartment, office space, concert hall, and the rooftop attractions for special events. 


Most Beautiful Lakes in The World For Nature Lover

most beautiful lkaes in the world

Lakes showcase some of the water’s most alluring qualities, from mesmerizing ripples and mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity. Many believe that there are more than 117 million lakes on our planet. Apart from their importance in the daily life of humans lakes are home to plenty of aquatic plants and animals. These beautiful lakes spread across the world from the United States to Russia. Here is our pick for the 6 most beautiful lakes in the world.

1. Peyto Lake, Canada

Peyto Lake; Most Beautiful Lakes in The World For Nature Lover

Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake positioned in Banff National Park. During the summer, large amounts of glacial rock flour flow into the lake, giving the lake a creamy, blue color.

Lake is a popular stop for visitors traveling along the famed Icefields Parkway.

2. Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca; Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

The highest commercially off-soundings lagoon in the world is situated on the border of Peru and Bolivia at 3,811 meters. It is widely known for its artificial floating islands constructed and inhabited by the Uros people. 

At 22,400 square miles, it is larger than the entire island of Puerto Rico and emphasizes plenty of islands, some by Inca ruins, additionally the water level that rises and falls an aggregate of five measures depending on the spring. Plan a day-trip by boat to Taquile Island and climb the 553 stone steps up to the ruins for a lovely adventure.

3. Crater Lake

Crater Lake; Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

The deepest lake in the U.S. (1,943 feet, 592 meters) was formed more than 7,000 years ago when a volcano collapsed following a violent eruption. Fed by a constant supply of rain and snow, its pristine blue waters are best viewed from the top of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Its high intense blue-colored crystal clear water with rough mountain landscape makes the view astounding. Island in the middle of the lake attracts the eyes. Lake is circular in shape with a mountain belt on the shores. The central island stood up like a king of the kingdom.

4. Lake ComoLake Como

This inverted  Y-shaped stunning lake is the most beautiful lake in the world due to the coz. With a height and width of 46 kilometers (28.5 miles) and 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles), the lake covers a vast area of 146 square kilometers (56 square miles). This makes it the 3rd largest lake in Italy. 

People in Rome used to swim in COMO enjoying the beauty of nature. The color of a lake is blue and it’s peaceful and eye-catching environment around the lake will make your visit a lifetime experience.

5. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is located in Siberia, Russia is one of the existing oldest freshwater lakes in the world. It originated almost 20 to 25 million years ago. It holds one-fifth of total freshwater in the world. With the depth of 1,632 meters, it is considered as the world’s deepest freshwater lake too. Famous for its crystal clear water, the surface up to 40 meters is visible.

Surround with various peaks of mountains, it is home to more than 1800 unique species of plants and animals. The main attraction is the freshwater seal majorly found in the lake. According to a study, it is home to many endemic species of animals, plants, and birds.

Acknowledging the rick biodiversity UNESCO recognized Baikal as a world heritage site in 1996. Lake Baikal is also enclosed by cliffs, boreal forests, and Islands.

6. West Lake, ChinaWest Lake; Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

West Lake is located in South-West of Hangzhou, China is world-famous for its amazing scenery. The lake is the center attraction of tourists in China. It has become the world-famous sightseer stop and is known as the “paradise on earth” for its unreal colors.

3.1 meter deep and 216 meters high this lake covers a fine area over the valley covered with green forest and rough and high peaks of mountains. The intense deep blue color of the lake makes the moment unbelievable.

The place is magnified during springs as the trees and colorful flower starts blooms. This paradise is worth watching at least once in life. And hence this was the last but the least on our list of most beautiful lakes in the world.


Lake is a favorite spot to visit and spend hours to relax. All over the world, there are some of the most beautiful lakes whose views can change the definition of beautiful. Some of the names are listed above, it’s worthy to visit on these lakes at once in your life. 


Things everybody should know before visiting the USA

Image result for tips for usa travel

The United States is the official United States of America, abbreviated as the United States or the United States, named by the United States, is a North American country consisting of 50 states. In addition to the 48 neighboring states that occupy the latitudes of Central Africa, the United States includes Alaska in northwestern North America and Hawaii in the Central Pacific. The northern part of the neighboring country is Canada, the Atlantic in the north, the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico in the south and the Pacific in the south. The USA is the fourth major state in the world. The state of Washington is the capital of the United States and extends together with the District of Columbia, founded in 1790 federal capital. The main features of the United States can be diverse. The physical environment ranges from the Arctic to Subtropics, from wet rain-forests to dry deserts, from the peaks of the mountain to the flat prairie. Although the total population of the United States is large by global standards, its total population density is relatively low. The country has some of the largest urban settlements in the world and the largest areas with few inhabitants.

The United States seems to have a challenge to call people from local country, but it is really easy. You only need to know the USA country code to dial before typing in number. You can call or chat whenever you want because of the time zones. You need a good phone card or other plan, so you do not get away from a long distance fee. You also need appropriate dialing information. It includes the international preview, the country’s code of the country, the city’s code that you dial and the actual telephone number included. Once you know this information and have determined that you are calling for a reasonable time.

Grocery store. Although the idea of ​​one-stop shopping is becoming more widespread worldwide, it is a staple food in every city in the United States. In Europe you can still pick up in butchers, cheese shops, bakeries, etc., but not in the US. All food purchases and other times take place on the food market. Buy the same day at least once a week or several times.

Public transportation. Many cities have public transport. Buses, subways, trains etc. But not in smaller cities. The size of the country means that resources are scarce. There is a reason why Americans own at least one car because the public transport infrastructure is very limited.

Tipping and wages. In most cases, the tip is freely electable and leaves only a small part. In the US, 15-20% of service fees are expected. The waitress’s hourly salary is usually less than $ 3, yes, this is the minimum wage. Most of their salary comes from tips. Please take this into account when placing your order and indicate a tip at the top of the purchase price. But be careful and check the receipt, add a tip in some places, you can correct up and down.

 In the United States there are (free) children’s playgrounds in large and small cities. There are rides, pavilions and sports facilities. When we moved to Morocco, there was really no playground that was the green space that people really appreciated.

The deal is dominant in the United States. The Premium Outlet Mall is a collection of stores that sell clothes and goods that are not popular in the store or that are not the last season’s goods, and a great place to get many discounts. Often, the store even has a free space to grant larger discounts. Vouchers and discounts on local attractions can be obtained at the local tourist office or in the newspaper. At weekends, especially in the summer, people open lanes or garages to sell old items that are no longer needed.

Paper made of plastic:
 Credit cards and bank cards are preferred as a means of payment in most countries. Even some places do not accept cash payments. You will need a credit card to stay at the hotel and rent a car. However, you should be careful when withdrawing cash with your bank card. In addition to your bank charges or foreign currency charges, many ATMs charge a royalty. Always pay attention to free ATMs at petrol stations. If you decide to drive through the country, you have to drive by. There are long motorway sections where you do not see much. A recreation zone and a air position are two different things. While some service areas have gas stations, not all of them do. These are points to get started, a bathroom, possibly a vending machine and a place to go for a walk.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

10 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Looking to explore the royal and historic state of Rajasthan? If yes, then you have landed on the perfect spot. No wonder Rajasthan is in the wishlist of every wanderer in India courtesy its riot invoking colors, mesmerizing forts, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking sand dunes, and many royal ruins that take you back to the grandeur of its rich and royal kingdoms. 

The places to visit in Rajasthan are literally infinite for ramblers to put them in a hurdle. Figuring out the best tourist destinations to tinker around in Rajasthan can be a tuff task for anyone who hasn’t been on a trip before to any of its cities. 

So, to help roamers save their valuable time and make sure that they enjoy the colorful towns and cities of Rajasthan, here is the list of most popular tourist attractions where one can pay a visit, taste the luscious food and shop exclusive local handicrafts easily: 

The Historic Citadel – Jaisalmer Fort 

As the name suggests, the historic Jaisalmer Fort – also known as Golden Fort is located in the festival city of Rajasthan – Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer Fort is built with yellow sandstone and has registered its name in the world’s largest fort’s list. 

As a wanderer, one can visit this historic citadel to spectate the serene sunset view that magnifies its beauty ten times and makes it more appealing. The other major attractions at this place include Laxminath temple, Jain temples, etc. 

The Vintage Home of Royal Families- The City Palace

Built in1727 by the great Rajput ruler, Maharaja Sawai Singh, City Palace is located in the beautiful pink city of Rajasthan – Jaipur. This place holds a very special spot in the historic and heritage monuments of Jaipur. One must visit this palace to see the unique blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture along with remnants of European design. 

The other major attractions at this place include Diwan-i-Khas, Diwan-i-Aam, Chandra Mahal, and The Pitam Niwas Chowk. Being a lover of royal palaces and museums, roamers should not miss paying a visit to this beautiful place. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site -The Amber Fort 

Enter the capital of Rajasthan, and you should not miss a chance to visit the historic Amber fort, located 11 km away from the bustling city of Jaipur. This red stone and marble built the royal fort was home of Rajputi rulers in the past. Visit this royal castle to experience the local light and sound shows, enjoy elephant rides, traditional cuisine, and buy local handicrafts at nearby places. 

The major attractions at this venue include Ganesh gate, Diwan-i-Aam, Mughal gardens, Jal Mandir, Sukh Niwas, Zerena, and Magic flower. To explore this magnificent fort joyfully and explore hidden secrets about its majestic architecture, one can also avail expert tour guide service in Jaipur from top travel agents like Travel Nice India.

The Formidable – Mehrangarh Fort 

As a lover of royal forts, you should pay a visit to Mehrangarh Fort, located in the blue city of Rajasthan – Jodhpur. Established in 1459 by Maharaja Rao Jodha, this formidable fort’s seven gates built to cherish victories over Bikaneri and Jaipur armies are an absolute treat to watch. 

One can rampage through this 125-meter high magnificent fort to get a panoramic view of Jodhpur city, which looks like a blue ocean glittering in front of this high castle. Some major attractions at this place include Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Zenana Dude, Phool Mahal, Takht Vilas, and Jhanki Mahal.

Keoladeo National Park

The Keoladeo national park located at the “Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan,” Bharatpur is a famous tourist spot as it shelters a wide array of flora and fauna. Wanderers looking to unveil the wild side of Rajasthan must pay a visit to this national sanctuary during the spring season to see varied bird species. 

The best time to visit this home of more than 366 bird species, 50 fish species, 379 plant species, 13 snake types is during the rainy season. 

The Sacred – Pushkar Lake 

A pilgrimage of extremely high importance in India, Pushkar Lake must be visited in Rajasthan, not only for its sacred value but also for the serene and mesmerizing beauty of this lake. 

It is widely believed by local residents that taking a dip in the holy lake of Pushkar can cleanse all your sins and also cure skin diseases. 

The Most Serenic and Ancient – Pichola Lake

If you are someone who is looking to experience the local traditions and ancient waterbodies of Rajasthan, then visiting Pichola lake must be a part of your travel itinerary. 

Located at the Lake city of Rajasthan – Udaipur, this lakelet is as old as 1362 AD and was crafted for irrigation and drinking purpose.

The Holy Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah 

Located at the holiest city of Rajasthan – Ajmer, Garib Nawaj Dargah is famous all over in India as the wished made here in front of the Dargah with a pure heart gets fulfilled. 

This place houses the tomb of the founder of Islam, Hazrat Khwaja Moin-d-din Chisti. He is widely famous for preaching Islam all over the world and spent his final years at the sacred city of Ajmer.

Sariska National Park 

This national park is easily one of the best places in Rajasthan to spend your holiday vacation if you are traveling with family or kids. Located in the Aravali hills in an area of 800 sq. Km and away from the city of Alwar, this wildlife century is famous for protecting Royal Bengal Tigers, its diverse topography, and an abundant amount of mineral resources like copper.

You must visit this national park to get a unique holiday experience in Rajasthan. To know more about flora and fauna at Sariska National Park, you can subscribe to various customized holiday packages delivered by popular travel agents like Travel Nice India.  

A True Traveller’s Paradise- Mount Abu 

Amidst all the dry deciduous forests, grassland places, and drought-ridden places in Rajasthan, Mount Abu stands tall and high as the only hill station in Rajasthan, making it a dream tourist spot for travelers.

Located at Aravalli Mountain range at the border of Rajasthan and Gujarat, this place is famous for its year-long pleasing and cold weather, natural splendor, and pilgrimage value. You can visit this place anytime during the year and explore attractions like Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Peace Park, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, and more easily. 

Summing Up…!

So, as this list ends, you might have come to know about the most happening tourist spots in Rajasthan and might also be ready to explore these destinations? 

To satisfy your wanderlust, you can plan your dream holiday travel in Rajasthan by subscribing to the most budget-friendly and tailormade tour packages with Travel Nice India and spend few days amidst the rich heritage and culture of royal Rajasthan.


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