Detailed process of Netgear ORBI WiFi System

netgear orbi wifi systemnetgear orbi wifi system

The Netgear Orbi wifi system is designed to properly deliver a large wi-fi range without reducing the internet speed. It is one of the best wi-fi systems to enjoy high-speed internet surfing in your Home no matter Small or large. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the common issues we face while doing NETGEAR ORBI SETUP and its troubleshooting. The Orbi wi-fi system faces some issues that make the customers disappointed. Below, some of the common and rare issues and their solutions are mentioned:


Can not login into Netgear Orbi Intelligent mesh WiFi system.

Sol^n: Check whether your mobile device or computer is properly connected to the wi-fi network.

If you are not using a wi-fi connection, connect the wi-fi router to the computer using an Ethernet cable.

If you have forgotten your login password, you can change it from not working.


Facing problems in accessing the internet over Orbi Mesh WiFi home System

Sol^n: Make sure that you have a proper network and internet connection.

  • Connect the Orbi network to your computer or mobile device network in which wi-fi is enabled.
  • If your internet connection is not working, you can not access the internet even if you are connected to the Orbi.
  • Open a web browser in the computer or mobile device that is connected to the Orbi wi-fi network.
  • Enter the URL  ORBILOGIN.COM, and a login window will appear.
  • Enter the login details(admin username and password)

 The username is set as ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’ by default

  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Check if an IP address is shown for the internet port.  Note: If your Netgear orbi router is not obtaining any IP address from your selected Internet service provider, it’ll indicate
  • If the router is still not obtaining an IP address from your selected Internet service provider, restart your network to so that the modem or your selected cable may identify the router

If your router is still not obtaining an IP address from your preferred Internet service provider even after the above steps, the possible cause and solutions are mentioned below:


A login program might be needed by your Internet service provider(ISP)

Sol^n: Allow the Internet service provider to get access to their required login type like ‘PPP over Ethernet'(PPPoE).

  1. The login details( the username and password) might be set incorrectly.
  2. The Internet service provider(ISP) might require your computer’s hostname.

Sol^n: Rename the computer hostname of your Internet service provider account to the Internet setup page account.


Facing problems in Internet surfing/browsing

If your computer or device is unable to load any webpages even after the successful obtaining of IP address by the router, the possible reasons and their solutions are mentioned below:

Cause 1. The enabled traffic meter limit is reached

Sol^n: You can resume internet surfing by Setting the traffic meter settings to not block Internet access when the limit is reached.

Cause 2. Your Internet service provider has set a usage limit for you

Sol^n: You can use internet service after crossing the usage limit set by your Internet service provider by paying them extra charges.

Cause 3. Your computer might not be recognizing any DNS server address.

DNS server: A DNS server is like a host for your computer that converts internet names to IP addresses like Www……to etc.

Sol^n: You can set-up your computer manually using a DNS address( The set-up process will be explained in the documentation of your computer).

Cause 4. Your router might no be set as the default one for the computer

Sol^n: Check if your router address( is listed on your computer as the default gateway. If not, reboot the computer and make it sure.


Facing problem in wi-fi connectivity on Netgear Orbi system

If you are facing problems in connecting to the Netgear Orbi wi-fi network, the probable causes and solutions are mentioned below:

Cause 1. Your wi-fi that is enabled on your computer or mobile device might not be finding the Orbi wi-fi network

Sol^n: Your router’s SSID broadcast might be disabled, enable it so that the device network can find the router’s wi-fi network.

Cause 2. Your wi-fi enabled device might not support your router wi-fi network security(WPA or WPA 2)

Sol^n: Use an Ethernet cable to connect a computer or device to the LAN port on the router to view the wi-fi settings of the router.

Log in to the router,

Select Basic and then select wireless

Click on the Apply button to change the router’s wifi network security.


Facing problems in PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE)

If you are facing problems with your Internet connection while using PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE), follow the given steps to solve it in a simple way:

  • Open a web browser from the device or computer that is connected to the wi-fi network.
  • Enter the URL ‘’ to login to the router network.
  • Now enter the login details(admin username and password).
  • The username is set as ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’ by default.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Press the connection status button in the Internet port pane.
  • View the connection status window to see whether the PPPoE connection is active.
  • Click on the Connect button if the PPPoE is not connected.
  • If you still can not connect to the PPPoE network, the router login details, service name, might be set in a wrong way or your Internet service provider may be facing a provisioning problem
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