Working in Canada: Documents Required to Obtain a Visa

document for the Visa

In addition to the work visa application form (downloadable online in a few seconds), you also need the letter of invitation from the Canadian company or organization where the worker was hired; a second letter describing the professional qualifications recognized to the same (this letter, inevitably, must come from the company where the worker was employed before moving). List of Documents for visa-

  • passport
  • 2 passport photos;
  • updated curriculum vitae;
  • document indicating the salary that the worker will go to receive;
  • criminal certificates.

With regard to the latter it is good to specify how they must relate to all the countries in which the applicant was hosted for a period of more than 6 months. In this case, they count only for the years following the age of 18.

Documents for entrepreneurs

A separate procedure is envisaged for the figure of entrepreneurs. In this case, in fact, the visa can also be obtained through the specific program provided for startups. On the Canadian government website it is explained in detail how to get hold of it.

An additional visa is issued to entrepreneurs who demonstrate that they can provide, through the new business, a valuable service, creating jobs and helping to improve the level of the local economy.

For both of these “special” work visas it is necessary to submit an offer for self-employment within the immigration system, pay the required fee and provide a series of specific documents. Fortunately, the completion of the entire process can take place online, thus speeding up the timing.

The tourist visa deserves a separate discussion. As is already clear from the name given to this authorization, those who enter Canada as a real tourist can use it.

This document can be obtained with a shorter time frame and in a simpler way than the other types provided. The tourist visa only allows you to reside in the country for a maximum of 3 months without providing for the possibility of working. At the end of the 180 days it is still possible to request a renewal for a further 3 months.

To benefit from this extension, as an alternative to completing the application to be made with the competent authorities, the possibility is allowed to leave national borders, and to return thereafter. You can try Australian Visa if you are interested in

How it works in Québec

Working in Canada also means being in possession of a card bearing the Social Insurance Number (SIN), a useful tool on many occasions.

Once you have found work, however, even within this country, the risk of losing the hard-won job is not excluded. Should this happen, the Office of Human Resources and Capacity Development Canada is the institution to refer to. Thanks to his intervention it will be possible to obtain information on the expected unemployment benefits, obtaining the relative payments.

A final mention is aimed at those who want to work in Québec. In this case, the interested party will have to ask their employer to get in touch with the Ministry of Immigration. The latter will provide the CAQ, ie the Québec acceptance certificate. Subsequently, the embassy will proceed to issue the authorization for temporary work in the area.


Conclusions: why go to work in Canada

The Canadian economy has managed to conquer an important role worldwide. In fact, it has led the country to quickly climb both the rankings that examine per capita income and those concerning the quality of life.

The Canadian government’s measures and the attention paid to citizens residing in the territory have allowed Canada itself to continue to grow even in the years of the global economic crisis.

Even today there are several opportunities available to those looking for work. The offers come from both the tertiary sector and from industry. The timber industry, agri-food, IT and biotechnology are very active.

We have dedicated an article exclusively to the most in demand professions in Canada right now and also to further alternatives to find work in Canada. Click and find out more.

The fact of being able to communicate using two languages ​​now known by most European students such as English and French, the existence of good salaries and the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by a nation that focuses heavily on young people, has brought many people to try their luck in Canada.

written by: Ricky
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