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instagram feed on website

Though Instagram was a late-comer of the business with its entrance in October 2010 while social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter had been long-running since 2004 and 2006 respectively, it’s undoubtedly secured a significant place, and it isn’t going anywhere in any long run.

Statistics report that Instagram includes a massive active user base of 500 million people that accesses the app every day. This single fact highlights the fantastic potential Instagram has to grow social influence, advertising, and grow your business.

With those very same goals, embedding Instagram feeds on website is an extraordinary idea that may enhance its performance in ways you cannot even imagine.

This report throws light on 5 such intriguing ways by which you may embed Instagram posts on your site and overwhelm your traffic.

Come, let us take a peek.

5 Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

1. Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram, as a social media platform, is multipurpose and multifunctional.

It grants you the ability to embed it has an individual post on other website utilizing its official embedding attribute. It’s a free method of embedding Instagram feed on website.

You are able to create embedded code out of Instagram itself.

Since it’s Instagram’s official attribute, therefore, it’s the most dependable and dependable one.


2. Social Media Aggregator Tool – Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and tool to display social feeds which permit you to make stunning and beautiful Instagram Walls which may be readily embedded on your sites.

All you have to do is produce an Instagram feed with Taggbox, create an embedded code, and paste it to the page in which you wish to show Instagram posts.

Taggbox includes amazing customization attributes that help you produce engaging and beautiful Instagram walls, strong moderation and curation qualities to allow you to filter out the irrelevant feeds and also take care of the feed quality of your Instagram wall, powerful Analytics attribute that allows you examine the functioning of your Instagram feeds and interaction of consumers together, and a lot more these incredible capabilities.

It exhibits real-time Instagram feeds in exceptionally responsive design designs which match to any display size and kind. Additionally, it will come with very flexible and affordable pricing strategies.

3. Taking Screenshots

It’s the simplest, secure, and long-lasting procured approach to embedding Instagram feeds on website.

Taking a screenshot isn’t a technology. Everyone can shoot it. Thus, no technical support required. That is the first benefit.

A screenshot is like your security net. Many times, if you upload a post in Instagram directly or via any other way, there are opportunities that it may get deleted. The reason being that the article may get reported, also it may be spam or may violate the conditions of support, or another motive for this issue.

The point is using a screenshot of this post saves you out of all of this discrepancy and simplifies your article you need to display in your site.

It’s an excellent way to achieve your own Instagram posts.

4. Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

Should you own a WordPress site, then lucky for you, there are lots of plugins available which lets you embed your Instagram feeds on the website, either separately or collectively in one flow from single or several accounts at one time.

They provide you with different topics and designs from which you can exhibit your Instagram feeds.

The majority of WordPress plugins are all not free. They include responsive layouts, permits you to exhibit hashtag feeds, also lets users comment or enjoy pictures straight out of the embed.

5. Embedly

Embedly is an internet service to join API to API. It gives various tools, APIs, and libraries that will assist you in embedding Instagram feeds straight from Instagram on your sites.

Great blogging websites like Moderate utilize it to embed Instagram feeds on a website without needing to take care of the coding issues. It manages the entire coding component onto its backend.

All you have to do is create the embed code out of embedly and copy that URL into the clipboard. Proceed to the page in which you wish to exhibit the Instagram articles and glue it there.

When you visit this connection and plug from the Instagram URL, you get choices to preview and select whether you desire a search engine optimization code. You’re able to especially personalize and align your feeds before embedding them into your site.

Would you know any other options to embed Instagram feed on website?

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