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Everything you need to know about Human Papillomavirus

HPV is known as human papillomavirus and anyone who is sexually active have got the disease once in their lifetime. It shares from 150 other types of viruses. Some viruses never cause any serious health issues and tend to go by itself, while others leave a dangerous impact on people. These viruses tend to cause cancer and usually comes up with no symptoms at all. Where you can’t be notified about the virus, these viruses increases over time if the treatment doesn’t take place in the right moment. That’s why it’s become very important to get tested for HPV on a periodical basis if you are sexually active right now.

Sexual health checkup for identifying signs of HPV

A sexual checkup is an appropriate way to get your complete health check up that is affecting your sexual life anyway. A lot of people are concerned about the right time of getting sexual health check up. The answer is somewhat uncertain! It’s because there is no such particular criteria about getting yourself checked. Checking is a method whereby you get assurance from the result that your sexual life is totally fine and that you are not under any type of virus attack. If you want to stay fit and sexually active, you must undergo sexual health checkup if you feel like you had unprotected sex. However, keep this in mind when you go to a sexual health clinic, it does not mean that you will be having sexual diseases rectified and treated, it also helps people in giving advice on leading a happy sexual life. You are free to ask any question related to your sexual life and they are always happy to help you. Since Human Papillomavirus is such a type of virus that gives you no signals at all, you need to get yourself screened for the disease.

Testing and screening are not the same thing though! Though both the terms are often used as an exchange way or synonym of the other which means more or less the same- identifying any potential threat of your body. However, both of these terms carry different meanings. Your doctor will prescribe you some tests when you have shown some signs or symptoms that signifies some hidden disease which needs to be tested as soon as possible. Whereas, screening means you go for testing without having any symptoms or signs that might help the doctor to choose for the type of tests you need. In screening you may choose from the one that you are more concerned for! If you are experiencing any type of discomfort while having sex, you can go for screening which will help in improving your sexual life much better.

How does an HPV spreads? 

HPV is communicable from person to person. It comes from skin contact and hence if your partner has it, chances are you will also have it from him/her. It falls under the most common type of sexually transmitted diseases. Since HPV has many classes of viruses, it is noted to catch people who are indulge in sexual acts. They are supposed to have at least one of its type. Some tend to go away by itself while others take on a serious path to destroy your life. Since HPV is communicable and often times people don’t even know they contain the diseases in their body, it’s always a better decision to go for regular testing.

HPV symptoms

Since the symptoms are quite mild, people must know about them as it becomes very hard to detect if they have the disease in their body. The issue with notifying its symptoms are that even if you are aware of the symptoms, you may not have them. The most common types of symptoms are hard sores either on your feet or on your arms. They are also known as warts but again, not everyone will have them. The shape of these warts may vary. Sometimes it looks round while at other times, it may be shaped like a cauliflower. They might come on your private parts as well other than having on feet or arms. These symptoms actually varies as per the type you might get.

These warts are not that serious and are easily handled with over the counter meds. These medicines will prevent the growth of such infection on your body, or will at least help in not spreading through the rest of your body. But they can have some side effects as well. You may have sensitive or burning effect because of the use of such medicines.

What are the treatment for HPV?

Since HPV tend to go away by itself, you don’t have to suffer with it throughout your life. The medicine sector has not build up any cure for such types of viruses. In fact, you would never know if you had HPV as they don’t usually stay up for long in your body. If you are a super unlucky and the virus has caused you serious health issues, your doctor will then treat them separately.

A lot of clinics do provide vaccination for human papillomavirus. if you live somewhere in the place of London, the Medical Express Clinic will help you in this. At Medical Express Clinic we offer private hpv vaccine in London. Vaccines are an awesome way to prevent any type of viruses that are linked with HPV. There’s still some misconception about HPV vaccinations which is circulated in today’s generation as well. HPV takes place while you indulge in sexual intercourse with your partner. If one of your partners is infected with the virus, you have likely chances of getting the infection. It can easily spread in men and women through sexual penetration and genital skin-to-skin contact.

Unlike human papillomavirus which is not that easy to communicate, HPV is caught to people even if you are having deep smooching. People believe that HPV only causes cervical cancer. The source of such misinformation is still unknown. But it is just a myth! A man can also carry the virus inside him and can spread it to his partner when he gets in contact with her. Some people also think that only gay people are more infected with such infections but this is totally wrong. Since human papillomavirus can easily go by itself just like HIV, it doesn’t mean that if your partner is caught with the infection, he/she can fight with the disease easily as it can go someday. This philosophy is also wrong!

A lot of countries are focusing more on the men vaccination against this infection. If you are over the age of 26 and are sexually active, you must get vaccinated without any doubt.

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