Need a Duplicate Car Key? You Should Know These Factors

duplicate car key


When heard of ‘Car Key Duplication’, we commonly think of why would I need that…! 

Why should I go for duplication? Why waste money on such a thing? 

But, at a point where you found yourself getting stuck in your car or apparently lost by somehow, sure, people think of a second key or duplicate car key. Thus, having a duplicate car key save you from ever being stuck in car lockout and also save your time and money. 

However, there are third and fourth options available to think against going for car key duplication. Those are replacing a car key and cutting an entirely new car key.  Both are good, at a point of somehow, but take you to high investment…!  Replacing a car key or making a new one could cost you higher then creation of car key duplication.

Today, in this blog, I will write about car key duplication costs and the factors associated with cost-making action.

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Factors That Determine Car Key Duplication Cost

  • Shop, Place, or Factory Where the Duplicate is Made

Well, you can’t find a frequent shop that helps you in duplication. A professional or core-centric shop or factory or other place where the work of duplication is carried is that place where you can go. 

And remember, the car key duplication cost will vary depending on where you go to get the duplication done. In simple words, the cost you will pay for your duplicate car key is not the same at one shop. 

So, if possible, try to find a budget-friendly shop or people that can help hand out car keys at low-cost.

  • Type Of Duplication Machine Used

Another factor that comes in the list of car key duplication costs is the type of capable duplication machine that is used for the key making purpose. The car key duplication machine is important, as an aspect of cost. 

Let me tell you how? 

You know without that machine the task to execute is impossible. Basically, it influences the amount of time that is needed to duplicate the key. Also, the materials and precision of the key cuts that combine to form the bitting, reflect the cost. 

More time takes to duplicate a key, the key will automatically cost more…! 

  • Type of Car Key

When it comes to duplicating car keys, most people just think of the main element or asset. Here I am talking about the main part that was used for unlocking purposes. 

But, duplication of car keys includes everything i.e. model, shape, functions, buttons, or many additional features. Thus, the model of your car is important in figuring the car key duplication costs.

If you have a luxury car key, sure, you have many functions (simple and advanced) as compared to the cheaper car keys or traditional car keys. And, hence copying similar definitely left you expensive.

Car Key Duplication Cost

Now that I have outlined necessary pins to know about factors associated with car key duplication. 

Let’s know the quotes instantly, 

  • At your nearby home improvement shop, the expense of copying an essential key reaches from $1.25 to $2. 
  • At a locksmith shop, the expense of copying an essential key reaches from $1.50 to $4 
  • At a locksmith shop, the expense of copying vehicle keys with extra highlights (transponder chip and so forth.) begins at $120. 
  • At a car business, the expense for copying vehicle keys runs upwards of $150.

What’s Next

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