10 Cute Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Co-workers

10 Cute Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Co-workers

When you work at an office, it is only natural that there will be moments to celebrate, whether it is birthdays, anniversaries, career milestones or special holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. On all these occasions you are going to need thoughtful gifts not only for your family, but also for your friends and co-workers.

Gifting someone does not mean you have to break the bank to show the person that he or she is appreciated. It is possible to buy cute and affordable Thanksgiving presents that will definitely bring a smile to their faces. The best way to find these inexpensive yet meaningful and heartfelt gifts is to get coupons from various retailers, like Black Friday picture frame deals that help buy gift-worthy signature picture frames for much lower prices. Here are some delightful creative Thanksgiving gift ideas ranging from delicious treats to jewelry items to home décor products that will please your colleagues beyond words.

  1. Chocolate-covered Strawberries: Perhaps the best way to touch the hearts of your co-workers is to gift them something that will appeal to their taste buds. So, strawberries dipped into chocolate can be a great gift idea, especially when delivered on a decorative platter that is visually stunning.

  2. Cookie Jar Gifts: This is another inexpensive and easy-to-create Thanksgiving gift for your co-workers. You will only need to spend some time baking cookies at home and then package them into attractive jars that they can keep on their office desks. Cookies can be easily produced in bulk and your oven will do the hard work for you!

  3. Bottle Cap Magnets: Making bottle caps into magnets is a great way to decorate the magnetic board, filing cabinet or refrigerator. You may add sea shells, cartoon images and superhero pictures keeping in mind your co-worker’s interests.

  4. Homemade Milk Candles: Milk can be very soothing and when it is blended with molten wax it can produce creamy and sweet candles. You can use different colors of wax to produce pink, blue or purple decorative candles.

  5. Mason Jar Garden: When your colleague is someone who likes to bring homemade lunch to workplace, you can gift him mason jars filled with herbs that he can add to his meals. You can even customize these jars with his initials and add herbs like thyme or rosemary.

  6. Colorful Business Card Holder: This can be a great gift idea because it is very handy and will let your colleagues display their business cards in style when they are attending conferences or meetings.

  7. Anniversary Collage: For the co-worker who is hitting a major milestone, like a 50th birthday or a work anniversary, a photo collage that includes images of him over the years can be a delightful gift. You could include photos that have been taken of him throughout his tenure and even get other co-workers to sign on these and share their messages for him.

  8. Cork Mouse Pad: A custom mouse pad made of cork can be an excellent gift on the occasion of Thanksgiving. You could paint hearts on it or place a picture of their favorite celebrity or sportsperson to give a personal touch.

  9. DIY Hand Lotion: It is easy to mix shea butter, coconut oil and other essential oils to produce an all-natural hand lotion. You can add fragrances like lemongrass or lavender and then put these in little glass bottles to hand over to your colleagues on Thanksgiving.

  10. Essential Oils Diffuser: This is the perfect gift when you want to make your colleague’s office smell good. All you need is a glass container and you can put some diffuser reeds inside; the recipient can fill it with any scent he or she likes, such as wild orange or mint.

These are some easy to make affordable Thanksgiving gift ideas for co-workers and you can either make these at home or buy them online using coupons from Don’tPayAll.

Sushil Kumar
written by: Sushil Kumar
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