Hire Remote Team vs. Hire Freelancers – Which is the Best Model for Post-Pandemic?

remote developers vs freelancers

Remote work became the default working model for several companies worldwide during the pandemic situation. Some are still thinking hard about how to operate in the post-pandemic world. Is hiring full-time remote employees is the preferred solution for them? Or will assigning the projects to freelancers be a good option instead of going to hire remote team. The battle of remote vs. freelance is ongoing and will continue for a long.

The topic is not to compare full-time remote workers with independent freelancers. It is about finding the excellent fit, fulfilling the organization’s requirements and needs. Who is best? No single answer to this question. The success lies in achieving the balance between the workforce; then, things will start to make sense.

Determine cost, flexibility, loyalty, and relationships when considering any resource. Whatever your choice, the aim is to hire an employee who can dedicatedly perform his duties and responsibilities towards the job and organization.


Diligence Vs. Cost-Efficient

When determining the worker type to fulfill the organization’s need, think about the results needed and the resources you are ready to invest in. Is your need for a dedicated resource who works as a team member, or you need a resource temporarily to scale up some projects?

An employee count on the company’s success for which they work to be successful. In that case, a dedicated resource will admire the organization’s value and will take part in making it grow. They will make collaborations as a team member and will work more efficiently. Even though remote employees are outside of the physical office premises, their integrity and commitment to the work cannot be questioned.

Like employees located physically, remote workers become part of official meetings through video streaming, toss their opinions and concerns through chats, and share their experiences.


Adjustability vs. Exclusivity

It is not hidden that freelance worker put their hands in multiple projects at once. Their attention distributes again and again, which may result in inconsistency in work. It makes more sense to take a full-time remote employee on board if you have a long, endless queue of projects that require continuous support.

A remote employee who is performing a job full-time, usually available for meetings and discussions throughout the day. A line manager or project supervisor can coordinate with an employee on a call or video conference to deliver the instructions a project is demanding. In contrast, exclusivity implies the work priority that managers think is important to do first.

On the opposite, if the job requirement is not so crucial, a freelancer can be an excellent option to consider. As their timings are flexible, no need prevails to impose them work requiring a typical 40 hours period every week. They are perfect for the job, not requiring to deliver results every day and sticking to a full-time schedule.


What are Remote Workers Benefits Over Freelancers?

Companies offer their remote resources and hire remote team, especially developers, on some agreed terms and guidelines. Development companies who circle around building websites and mobile applications around the clock offer their vetted programmers and engineers to clients for accomplishing a task with performance and quality simultaneously. There is also a choice to set the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for the company, agreed by the employee.

It creates a good sense of understanding of the project among the company and resources. To hire remote team from the software company, apart from the development, also assists in the product support.

A significant effort company itself put into producing a high-end product by utilizing enterprise-grade level programs and tools. The advantages of recruiting a full-time remote resource are many, and some of them we will discuss here.


A Team of Developers

When a company offers their employee remotely to the client for development purposes, they ensure to equip them with all the required resources and tools to fulfill the project. Satisfying a client by delivering exceptional services is every company’s topmost priority. They provide developers and workers with all the essential tools to produce a product according to your desire and expectation.

Additionally, such companies are also capable of providing you a customized team based on your requirements. With no limit of time, you can hand over multiple projects to the team in one go.


Effective Communication

Efficient interaction is the key to business success and necessary for the synergetic environment. Having potential and experienced employees in hand is not everything; you will get no good from them without effective communication. If the remote resource stays connected with the company all the time, a success bounded in mind becomes a reality soon. A constant interaction through emails, calls, and messages makes the process seamless to everyone, and all members included in a project know what is happening. It saves to find yourself in anomalies and does not make anyone’s effort to go in vain.



When you start to compare the cost to hire remote team with freelancers, you probably will find remote resources as a better option to choose. Charges of freelancers usually take place on an hourly basis or project basis. And remote resource hiring cost, on the other hand, is different. They get paid monthly, similar to an in-house employee.


Possibilities of Recruiting Expands

A broad range of recruiting options is another benefit a company gets from remote hiring. When companies rely solely on physical employment to fill the vacant position, it gets difficult for them to catch up with the relevant skillset.

Most of the candidates refuse to accept the job offer because of huge traveling distance or the company can’t bear the relocation expenses in many cases. Remote working comes as a grace here and irons out this issue. With that, a company can even consider recruiting an employee from an international location, finding the best fit for the position without any tradeoffs.

It is a benefit for both companies and workers. A company does have to bear a relocation expense, and an employee does not require to commute.

Additionally, organizations save physical office space.

Considering physical office, several facilities a company has to arrange for their new hires. One office is the representation of one worker where they carry out their tasks. Infrastructure maintenance, building rent, setting systems, furniture, electricity, and other office-related expenses also consider other things.

The remote work model cut down all these expensive requirements. Employees work from their homes during office hours and use their computer systems and equipment and an internet connection to perform the job. Even if a company provides the laptop and essential accessories, the saving still prevails on infrastructure and rent.



A work from home model gained momentum in the Covid-19 pandemic and proved how advantageous it is in the given scenario. Where things go once the dust settles down is an exciting subject to discuss. Will it become the new normal in the post-pandemic world or a temporary solution for the current reality?

Who knows?

But you can approach Aspired – a remote agency to develop your dedicated remote team. You can hire a vetted talent with that platform in a matter of few days.

So, what is holding you back now? Begin action with your remote team today!

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written by: AJ Alvi
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