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How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Healthcare


The world is transforming each and every passing day. The technology is emerging as the most used weapon for every field now. One of the well-known technology being used is “Blockchain”, the center of technologies right now. It is one of the most emerging technologies which can be a major element for every department.

Blockchain can aid the patients as well as doctors. Whereas the software programmers and hardware engineers are also learning to benefit from the blockchain. After 2009, cryptocurrency and blockchain got popularity. This technology has become one of the most crucial drivers for every industry majorly including; gaming, healthcare, Information Technology, engineering, and finance.

Blockchain has proven itself as one of the biggest game-changer in the current world. Keeping it to the point of healthcare, here are the 5 ways how blockchain will revolutionize healthcare:

  • Prevent Medical Error:

Research shows that around 250,000 people die because of medical errors. It proves that the leading cause of death that is “heart attack” is just a little higher than this ratio. Blockchain can be added for this purpose to keep the complete information of the health. The doctors can access the medical record of the patients since the hospital’s first visit. Blockchain has dissolved the dilemma of errors and digitize the record of patient’s health effectively.

  • Improved Research in Medicines:

Medicine is one of the vastly dynamic fields. Health professionals always try to make improvements in the medicinal line for the health and care of their patients. However, there is still not more progress or an effective central system for sharing research data. Cheap essay writing service UK also supported that, embracing the blockchain industry can help in this regard. It would help to build a secure digital system, where the researchers worldwide would be allowed to share the data. With the permission of their patients, they can access an extensive database of information that would help accelerate improvement in healthcare and make the medical world a better place.

  • Eliminates Doctor-Patient Confidentiality:

The Healthcare industry insisted on the quality of patient confidentiality always. Somehow, it has been plagued by insufficient security which resulted in the hacking of medical records of the patients. It has also been seen that healthcare professionals were also exposed to litigation on account of a breach in health records. Embracing blockchain technology will help in storing health records along with the permission of the patients. In this way, a sense of responsibility would be maintained by the health professional.

  • Manage And Prevent Future Pandemics:

We all are knowing, how coronavirus has impacted on the world. It is no doubt the biggest event of the year. In the results, the healthcare system is being put to its biggest test in nearly a century. The World Health Organization is also being considered for the increased scrutiny, false information, and hence COVID-19 is on the rise daily. Buy essay UK stated that, considering the circumstances of the pandemic, the records of developing and sharing triage procedures has been tedious. It is one of the major problems in these crucial times which is resulting in the adequate storage and rapid circulation of data in real-time. The Center for Disease Control has already set up a project to use blockchain to track, store, and disburse sensitive information in real-time in partnership with the WHO and IBM. It would help the health centers for effective, reliable, and uniform management of pandemics. Using this technology of blockchain, ravaging epidemics like coronavirus can be stopped sooner than expected.

  • Reduced Health Cost:

It is also being referred that according to a report, embracing the technology of blockchain and adoption of blockchain in the healthcare and medicinal industry, it is estimated to save up to $100 billion yearly by 2025. Also with the help of tokenization, and also deducting the avoidable third-party clients, bogus and fake pharmaceutical products along with venomous and spiteful malicious software, the industry would take a tremendous drift toward complete transparency, reliability, and accountability. It would result ultimately in saving money for both patients and healthcare professionals. It is also being discussed that it can be argued in a form that digitizing and transferring health information in blocks can result in unmanageable data storage. But we all know that the unavoidability of blockchain in every industry is gradually catching up with the healthcare industry.

As the world is revolutionizing itself, so as the technology along with it. Blockchain technology by embracing the healthcare department will surely bring helpful and most effective changes. These changes will help both the medical practitioner and the patient stand to gain the most from this revolution. The medicinal field is one of the vastest fields and it will open the new doors to the technology.

Michael Hussey
written by: Michael Hussey
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