How Do I Reduce My Chrome Memory Usage?

How Do I Reduce My Chrome Memory Usage

Hola! Dear readers. Are you worried about how to reduce your chrome memory usage and figure out why does chrome use so much RAM? You have reached the right place. In this article, we have answered all your queries affiliated with the most popular browser, chrome, usage memory, and how to reduce it by following some simple steps. Happy reading.

Why does chrome use too much RAM?

What makes Google Chrome so popular amongst users? People are more reliable on Google Chrome because it runs on Chromium and thereby ensures the safety of users’ data. However, it is spotted that google chrome is using too much memory, which hinders and slow down the computer’s performance and badly impacts the whole experience. 

Way to reduce chrome memory usage 

It has been observed that modern browsers use a lot of memory and Google Chrome is one of them. But do not worry about it! By doing some changes and extensions in settings you can ensure your chrome using too much memory without attacking several sites. 


These are some simple steps that you need to follow

  • Close Unused Tabs: If any tab is open and you barely use it, the chances of using too much storage memory are high. Make sure you have closed it and then check if the memory usage goes down.
  • Enable Hardware Acceleration: Open Google Chrome> click on the menu button( on the top right corner you will see the three dots button)> setting page> click on Advanced option> System. Now you will see an option “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” turn on it. Now restart your chrome browser and type chrome://gpu/ and click on it. At last, you can see if the Hardware Acceleration or GPU Rendering is active or not.
  • Run Malware Scan: You can use any antivirus software to scan your computer for preventing its malfunctioning. AdwCleaner can be used for it.
  • Create a New User Profile for Google Chrome: After removing each process from the Task Manager for Chrome, navigate C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default and then select all files by ctrl+A > shift+delete. Now all the files will be deleted and you can create a new user profile on Google Chrome. 
  • Remove/ Disable conflicting Browser Extensions: Remove installed extensions and toolbar in your browser and restart your chrome in safe mode. 
  • Disable the Site Isolation Feature: open Chrome> visit Chrome://flags > strick site isolation > enable appropriate entry> restart chrome. Additionally, fix Disk or memory usage and Chrome High CPU
  • Turn on “Use a prediction service to load the page more quickly”: Chrome> menu> Settings> Advanced> Advanced Settings> use a prediction service to load the page more quickly> turn it on.
  • Reset or reinstall Chrome: ensure Chrome is not running in the background in Task Manager. After resetting google chrome, the Search engine, homepage, and new tab page will be reset to default. Cookies, cache, and site data will be removed, themes will no longer be active, and pinned tabs will be unpinned. Besides the advanced settings, you can restore the settings to their previous defaults
  • Make sure you have backed up your chrome date before deleting and reinstalling it.


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