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How Does Yoga Reduce Orthopaedic Injuries?

How Does Yoga Reduce Orthopaedic Injuries 1

An aging body isn’t so much of a wonderland. “Why”, you ask? As we age, our bones become fragile just like bone china. The risks of walking down the stairs increases and we like to hold on to things to prevent our bodies from crashing against gravity. This should seem normal to any person who understands biology. The human body goes from being strongest to weakest as it ages. But we can sustain bone injuries with a few practices such as yoga which not only helps us find balance but also build resistance against occasional falls and stumbles. If you’re looking for an ideal way to regain body balance and building strength, then yoga retreat in Rishikesh is the best way to start. Many westerners go for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to learn the art of developing the strength of bones and the flexibility of muscles. Once having finished the training, most of them come out feeling less scared of wet floors, as slipping becomes more bearable once the body becomes flexible from practicing yoga. If you’re wondering where this article is going, here’s a reminder to sit up straight and buckle up for the orthopedic benefits of performing yoga every day, and reducing bone injuries in general.

Here are 5 ways to know how yoga can reduce your bone injuries:

  • Amazing balance

Often, we take our postures for granted and slouch to a point where the ground seems nearer more than ever. If you are tired of being the hunchback of Notre Dame, go for yoga courses in India or simply do yoga as it strengthens your back muscles, providing you the balance you’ve always needed in your life, body-wise. The acquired balance prevents you from falling injuries where the body adjusts to sudden falls relatively better than it used to, with balance exercises.

  • Flexible muscles

Remember the time when your neck became so stiff, you couldn’t turn it left or right? Not a good position to be in, right? A cervical vertebra is often misaligned in most millennials courtesy bad sitting postures and addiction to our devices. Yoga is the detox to our bones that have grown numb to any movement due to our inability to move and stretch every day. Now is the time to stretch and give the muscles that surround our bones a nice flex.

  • Improved joints

You are more prone to knee injury if you don’t perform yoga. “Why”, you ask? It’s because as we age, our knee joints lose their flexibility and get more fragile, becoming susceptible to bone injuries. Performing certain yoga postures every day can improve joint flexibility, making the muscles around it stronger so that the impact of injury is relatively lesser.

  • Build resistance

Several yoga postures help us build a strong body foundation focusing on spine, core, and limbs, which help us become active, and resistant to injuries. When the entire body is attended to, with care and mindfulness, it works like a machine with well-oiled parts and promises greater endurance even in hard times. Don’t worry if you find your bones broken, because if you’re a yogi, it’s highly likely that your body will recover sooner than you expected.

  • Become mindful

It may sound more of prevention than cure but yoga does help us avoid injuries of any kind because we become mindful of our actions. And becoming mindful of our actions reduces the chances of accidents to a good half, which isn’t such a bad probability. Keep practicing yoga and rest assured that your intuition will grow, allowing you to foresee any injuries that may occur. So if you do yoga, you would think twice before skateboarding on pavement without wearing knee pads. So are you prepared to follow the path of yoga to keep your bone count to a solid 206?

written by: Rishikulyogshala
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