How Long Does It Take for A Wikipedia Article to Be Approved?


Wikipedia is unbeatable when it comes to providing authentic information in real-time. Fast, reliable, and instant are what one can name this site. It never compromises on credibility when it comes to the content shared with the public. Nonetheless, what makes it even more likable is that along with easy accessibility, it provides information in more than 300 languages of the world. With such vast language options, Wikipedia has secured a position in the list of the top fifteen most visited sites of the world. Currently, the platform has 53.31 million articles out of which, 52.07 million are pages. However, the growth is not stagnant and this number is growing with each passing day.


The Estimated Time Frames for a Wikipedia Article to Get Approved

It is really a task to get a Wikipedia page approved. There are thousands of articles requested every day on the site, hence, getting ahead in the race of being the best is a tough job. Therefore, the approval process does take a while. The average time to get a Wikipedia article approved ranges from 3 to 6 months. However, at times the acceptance period varies on the basis of the source of page creation. Hence, the answer to how to get a Wikipedia page approved with different sources is this.

Page Created Through an Agency

A Wikipedia page creation agency has all the required tactics to get an article approved. They are well-aware of the technicalities and have a strong grip over the community guidelines. Therefore, they claim to get your article approved within the span of 3 months.

Created by an Expert Freelancer

An expert freelancer knows what content to write for the article and which strategies to incorporate for a perfect page. They are highly skilled and know all the pre-requisites of getting an article approved. Usually, the article created through an expert freelancer takes around 3 to 5 months to be approved.

Created by a Beginner Freelancer

An article created through a beginner freelancer may take around 3 to 6 months to get approved. Since they are new in the field, there may be some areas they lack. However, in most cases, beginner freelancers work seamlessly.
Note: The approval process does not take any longer than 6 months. If your article does not get accepted in the particular time frame, it may have been rejected.

Things to Consider to Write a Seamless Wikipedia Page for Instant Approval (500-600)
Despite of being a user-generated platform, Wikipedia has strong policies for page approval. Precisely, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get a Wikipedia page approved. Hence, if you opt for Wikipedia article creation, you need to abide by these policies.

1. The Title Should Be Engaging and Unique

One of the most important things in your Wikipedia article is the title. It has to be engaging in order for the reader to go through your page. If the title seems too boring or irrelevant to the users’ searches, then there is no point in having a page. Keep in mind that it is a public platform and you are obliged to provide relevant stuff there.

2. The Subject Should Be Properly Researched

It is the rule of thumb that the topic or subject of the article should be clear to you first. If you are not sure about what you are writing, then the user probably will not have an understanding of it either. Therefore, it is necessary that you conduct comprehensive research on the topic and know each aspect of it beforehand.

3. Do Not Forget the Basic Aim of Providing Information

Keep the fact in mind that Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia. It has the ultimate aim of providing information to the users. If you fail to oblige this basic rule, then chances are that your article may get rejected. Remember that the audience will reach out to your page for gaining knowledge. Hence, it is your responsibility to satisfy them with adequate information.

4. The Content Should Be Notable

Notability is one of the extremely essential elements for a Wikipedia page to be approved. The higher your notability will be, the higher the chances of page approval. The content of the page should be reliable, verifiable, and authentic. It should satisfy the reader’s need of gaining information instantly. Make sure you are unique with the writing style as well for more user engagement.

5. The Language Used Should Be Appropriate and Clear

Language is the biggest factor that has to be catered to when it comes to Wikipedia article approval. You have to keep a check on the words used. Since it offers accessibility in hundreds of world languages, try to identify that the content is appropriate in the majority of them. for instance, a word used in English may not be appropriate in Spanish.

6. Everything Should Be Backed Up Authentic References

Wikipedia does not allow anyone to write anything without proper citation. Every little piece of information is supposed to have credible sourcing. All the Wikipedia pages have proper links and citations at the end. This is because if you do not cite every source, your page will not be able to pass the approval requirements.

7. Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you copy content from any other source (be it from the web or any other medium) and claim it to be yours. Wikipedia strictly checks every word you write in the content. It does not accept content that is copied or stolen from others. It highly emphasizes on uniqueness and if any article fails to abide by this rule, it gets rejected right away.

Final Word

Having an article on Wikipedia means being prone to unlimited opportunities. You can talk about absolutely anything to the world as long as you keep all the guidelines in mind. One thing to remember is that Wikipedia does not tolerate any incompetency when it comes to following the rules. Therefore, make sure you fulfill all of them to get your page approved.

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