How To Choose A Dirt Bike For Your Kid

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Choosing the right dirt bike for your little champ is an arduous task. There are so many dirt bikes around that you may get confused about which one would be perfect for your kid to meet his needs.


While choosing the dirt bike for the kids, most of the parents make a great mistake by focusing on the dirt bike alone without paying attention to the kid who is going to ride on that bike. The needs, abilities, age, etc. of your kid matter a lot. So, the first step of choosing the right dirt bike starts with focusing on the kid rather than focusing on the bike itself.

In this post, we are going to focus on how to choose a dirt bike for your kid that fits perfectly. We will share with you the things and aspects that you should consider to buy the most appropriate dirt bike for your kid.


how to choose a dirt bike for your kid

Things To Consider While Choosing A Dirt Bike For Your Kid

Bike Size

The size of the dirt bike really matters. Before going to see the size of the engine, see if your kid can control the bike sitting at the seat of the bike. If the bike is too small or too big, there is no meaning in spending time to investigate whether that bike features a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine. Consider the height and weight of your kid first to see if the dirt bike fits for him. He must feel ease and able to reach the ground with his feet while he or she is on the seat. If your kid cannot get on or off the bike with comfort, he or she will lose interest on that bike soon.

Engine Size

If your kid is just the beginner, he or she can start with a dirt bike that is lightweight and not that powerful engine. If your kid’s age is below 7, you can start with a 50cc engine which is the smallest out there. 50cc bikes with four-stroke are the ideal choices for starter kids as this outputs good power with easier throttle control features.

For the beginners, some manufacturers sell bikes with the engine or throttle limiter. We find this idea effective and a good one. This feature works great to control the speed and power of the dirt bike.

However, if your kid is more capable and aged, you can go up to 125cc. 125cc bikes are the best choice for motocross racing. We recommend you not to choose dirt bikes beyond 125cc before your kid reaches adolescence.

Wheel Size

Dirt bikes up to 125cc can feature either small or big wheels. When dirt bikes come with the 19-inch front wheel or above along with a 16-inch rear wheel or above, we can categorize that as big wheel dirt bikes.

On the other hand, small wheel dirt bikes may offer a front wheel of up to 17-inch or below along with a back wheel of 14-inch or below. If the size of the wheel differs, that may also bring some substantial differences in suspension, swingarm, and gearing.

If you want more stability, softness, and capacity for soaking up small bumps comfortably, it is better to go for the big wheel dirt bikes. However, one of the disadvantages of the big wheel dirt bikes is that they are way heavier than small wheel dirt bikes.

Conversely, smaller wheels are more lightweight and nimble. To take quick turns, they are just perfect. But, there is a possibility that the rims can bend when faced with rough corrugations. And you will have very few options to choose from when it comes to the tires of small wheel dirt bikes.

Before you decide whether you need to get small wheels or big ones, consider the height and age of your kid first. If your kid is in the very beginning stage of biking and within the age of 6 to 8, you can think of small wheels.

Later on, when your kid’s age and height increases and skill develops, you can opt to buy big wheels for the dirt bike.

Shifting Gears

Knowing how to shift gears skillfully can be tricky for the youngsters. That’s why it is very important to know how to change the gears.

Dirt bikes that feature an automatic transmission are the ideal choices for the kids. However, you also have to see if a dirt bike with automatic transmission comes with a single or multiple gears.

Though a single-gear bike can be a good choice for better safety, it lacks in performance and speed. Dirt bikes with 3 to 4 gears are good to choose so that your kid can learn to control the power.

It is also good if your dirt bike comes with a kick-start. Though electronic starters are on the pick of popularity now, kick-start feature will let your kid explore to learn the old one so that he or she can use that in case the electronic starter fails to work.

Used or Brand New?

Decide whether you are going to buy used or new dirt bike for your kid. You may have no idea about how fast the kids grow. They can easily outgrow their bikes within a short period.

So, think before you spend lavishly on a dirt bike. If you look around, you can easily find a lot of good deals on used dirt bikes at very reasonable prices near you.

If you buy a used dirt bike, you need to pay less, almost half. On the other hand, that will not depreciate much as it is the case for the new ones. And, if your kid loses attraction on the new dirt bike that you buy, you may need to sell that at a low price eventually.

However, the choice is yours. A new dirt bike is good for mental satisfaction, performance, and speed.

Brand Value

After your kid grows up, you need to buy another dirt bike that suits the need. However, that’s also the time to sell the starter dirt bike to the next parent willing to buy. Undoubtedly, you would like to get a good return on investment.

To get that the get the best value while in use and the best price at the time of selling, the dirt bike brand plays a significant role. Many less known manufacturers may offer you dirt bikes at low prices.

But, we would suggest you not be distracted. Rather, choose a dirt bike from good and famous manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, etc.

Buying from a good brand is not only good for better performance and availability of service or customer care, but this will also help you to get paid better when you go for selling. W|ho wants to buy a dirt bike from a manufacturer that is unknown and not popular?

So, be intelligent enough to invest on a dirt bike from popular and well-known manufacturers even if that costs a bit much so that you get a good resale value.

Final Words

Spending the money for a good dirt bike is a good investment for the future. Be wise while choosing the dirt bike for your kid. Do not be fascinated with the design if that bike doesn’t suit the need of your kid. We hope you now know how to choose a dirt bike for your kid very well.

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