How to Convert a Visitor into a Customer: Mistakes That Need to Reduce


You are a travel agent, an online travel agent and your online travel portal receives multifarious visitors on a daily basis, but only a few turns out to be your customer. So, how will you manage to encourage your visitors to make a purchase from you? Well, it is a crucial question to be answered and you cannot expect all your visitors to become a paying customer every time. You can just increase the number of your customers by reducing some mistakes that you are doing. When you develop an online travel booking site, you may find many visitors who browse through your services and products you are selling and then just left. As you seek to boost your conversion ratings, it is important to avoid the following mistakes.

An unorganized and complicated website

Having a website is not enough. You need to understand whether the website is user-friendly and the features and services you have integrated are well-organized or not. A complicated and unorganized website may not entice the user and if they find it difficult to receive the accurate information they are looking for, you lose your potential customer to your rival. If you do not put features that indicate what sort of services and products you are selling and if it takes longer time to load a page and if it becomes a clamorous process to execute the search and booking process, you cannot expect good customer base.

The booking form should not be cumbersome

Integrate the ‘Book Now’ button under each service you are selling. It will motivate them to make a purchase from your site.  If the visitor doesn’t find where to book their selected products or it takes time to find the ‘Book Now’ button, it will not entertain them. Also if the client finds it out that your booking form is too complicated and lengthy, they will move away from your site and book from your competitor, who is providing the best booking experience to their customers. Millennial users do not like a site that is time-consuming and tiresome to accomplish. Also, the booking form needs to be in a highly visible location on each landing page.

Do not decrease the number of images of the products and destinations you are providing service

Images or videos play a vital role in encouraging people to imagine themselves at the place. When you offer images of the tourist destinations and the images of activities, the travelers can enjoy if they purchase your holiday package, it will entice and inspire them to take your service. So, you should never eliminate visual proofs and high-resolution photographs set the stage for the customer experience and give them an idea of what they can expect from your company.

Consult with your travel portal development company to build you a website that can take care of each and every requirements of your targeted audience.

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