How to find the Best Event Organiser in Dubai


Hiring an event organiser for an important event of yours doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. You need to find the best amongst the different event planning companies in Dubai to cater to your needs. For that, you first need to know what exactly you want from the event organizer.

Determine Your Objective

Before you start searching for an event organizer in Dubai, it is essential to work out the event’s objective, the budget you have for the event, and the reason why you want to hire an outside event organizer company.
Once you fix these objectives, things will be bright, and you will be in the position to communicate a brief outline of your event and its goals. The clearer the objectives, the more are the chances of finding the right candidate to cater to your needs.
After the objectives, comes the second most crucial aspect that is the budget. Depending upon the budget you have for the event or the organizer, the event organizer Dubai will suggest different venues, food recommendations, entertainment options, and options for creative invitations. An experienced event organizer will also share about the various backup options they have in case of any emergency or failure.
Once you are clear with the objective and budget, you can start searching for different event planning companies in Dubai.

Finding the Right Event Organizer

Whether you want to organize a social event or host a corporate meeting, you will want to hire an event organizer Dubai who has expertise in planning your type of event.
One of the ways to find an event organizer in Dubai is going by word-of-mouth recommendations, whether you want to organize a birthday party, anniversary party, a weekend treat, or any other type of event. However, this type of approach is not always useful.
To hire the best event organizer for your affair, look for an event organizer company that holds some experience in this field and has a good reputation in the market.
You can also look for potential event organizers of Dubai online. An online search also provides you with the customer ratings of different event organizer companies in Dubai. You can also read reviews posted by various individuals on their experience and service provided by a particular event organiser company.
Another way of finding a potential company is by taking referrals from different hotels and event lawn heads.

Interviewing Potential Applicants

Interested event planning companies will show their eagerness to plan your event. Brief the potential companies about the type of event you wish to host and try to learn about their expertise in the initial interview rounds.
Reduce your candidate list to the most five most reliable applicants. You should now ask the finalist companies about their past experiences, their way of working, and how do they deal with emergencies. A genuine event organizer company will show its eagerness by asking you questions about your event and will discuss the event’s objective, your budget, timeline, the guest count, and how they can make the best use of your money.
If you want to plan your event outside the town, then meeting the right applicant during the initial rounds of interview is quite tricky. You will need a candidate who has some knowledge and experience in organizing events outside the town.
Try getting in touch with the former clients of these event planning companies to know about the company’s way of working and their experience with the event organizer company.
Make Your Selection
After the interviews are over, now it’s time to select the company that is the best suitable for you and the type of event you want to organize, remember that you are going to work jointly and in coordination with the company. So choose a company which you can trust in the longer run.
Once you hire an event organizer; it is now time to discuss a detailed plan for your event. The company will now suggest creative ideas to make the event a successful one. These ideas depend mainly on the type of event and your budget.

Focus on the Budget

Event organizers are well known to make the most of your budget. Come up with a realistic budget in coordination with the event organiser. Make sure that you ask and learn about the fees of the event organiser and how they will incorporate it into your budget. Sometimes event organizers do not include their fees in your budget and later on add their fees in the bills. This can lead to an increase in your budget. So it is always advised to discuss the money matters in advance to avoid misunderstanding later.
The event organiser may ask you to sign a contract, provide certain deposits, or do other paperwork for the services they provide. Make sure that you read all the claws in the contract before signing it.
A genuine company will always provide its clients with a proper contract before getting started with the event organizing. Companies that encourage you to deposit money without any satisfactory agreement or paperwork are often fraud who just wish to make money from you.

Proper Follow-Up

One of the worst things that happen with the event organisers commonly is a lack of follow-through.

To know what is going around, you must ensure that the company you hire provides you with regular follow-ups on the various things going on concerning the event. The company should provide you with the smallest detail and change happening during the organization of the event.

Make sure that you stay on the top of the project and instruct the company to not take any major decision without asking or consulting you.
If everything goes as per the plan, you will have a fantastic event hosted for your guests. You can have the event organiser added to your network for future programs and needs.

In the worst case, if the event planning process hits a snag a day before the main event day, the event organizer should come up with a backup option to correct the mess and fix the problem.

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