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How to organise your kid’s bedroom

kids bedroom

According to a survey, the most difficult task for any parent is to manage their child’s bedroom. With their every increasing demand for different toys, stationery, books and everything else, no matter how big the room is, it always falls short. They even grow out of their clothes very soon, which requires space for new clothes to come in. In order to fulfill the demands of this room, it is very important to fill the room with proper and organized furniture. So here are some options for child’s bedroom furniture.

  • Shelving Unit

For the overflow of books, toys, stationary or pants, a kid’s bedroom needs plenty of shelves. Made with spin offers a range of shelves to choose from. You don’t need anything fancy but a solid matching colored bookcase will do. You can paint it with your kid’s favorite colors and it is good to go!

Be sure to perfectly and securely fasten the shelving unit to the wall, however; you definitely don’t want it to tumble over if your young child decides to climb to an upper shelf.

As your child grows, you can get rid of the kiddish designs and dispense it with baskets. By the time your kid is a teen, it can be easily turned into a collectible or showcase shelf. 

  • Closet Organizer

It’s very hard to have a neat closet without the help of a closet organizer, however simple. At the minimum, your child needs a closet rod low enough so that the clothes are easily accessible to him/her too, and a few shelves or a hanging plastic/wooden organiser to hold shoes, sweaters, and accessories.

  • Under-bed Storage

The most important thing to take care of when you have tiny tots is to have a bed that comes with a storage box. Depending on the age of your child, they are perfect for holding out clothes from the previous season, all of your child’s old stationary, the artwork you want to save of your child, out of season extra bedding, all kinds of sports equipment, the children of the odd collection tend to enjoy and a variety of board games, or electronic playing equipment. Clear plastic makes it very easy to find the object you are looking for without strewing the box’s contents across the floor.

  • Dresser

It goes without saying that each and every bedroom, whether its a child’s or an adult’s, needs a proper dresser. You should start teaching your child to put their clothes in an organized manner into drawers as soon as he or she is old enough to understand your directions. You can print out special picture labels to stick on each drawer with the contents such as pajamas, tee shirts, underwear, socks or jackets. On the day of cleaning and laundry, let your child do the cleaning and place clean, folded clothing into the appropriate drawers.  Little kids usually enjoy such activities when they are suitably rewarded. This in turn becomes a habit for them. 

Older kids don’t really need labels but they would definitely need your assistance on deciding how to organize the clothing in the best possible way. Provide them with as much help as possible, and on day of laundry, remind your child to place his clean clothes into the proper drawers.

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