How to plan a trip to the Gokarna beach?


Gokarna Beach is a favorite destination for travellers from across the globe, located on the coast of Karnataka. Together with the sprawling beaches and historical monumental sights, the hippie culture of the town makes for a charming hiking destination Panoramic views across the Arab Sea, pure white sand on the coast, mysterious flower market shops that sell all kind of accessories and gigantically boulded blocks and rocks mark the beaches of Gokarna, probably the main feature of the town.


It turned out to be an adventure when I thought I would have been a relaxing holiday on Gokarna Beach, walked through mountains, walked through narrow paths in the jungle, and passed through big and black boulders slattered by wild seawaves. The presence of my best friend by my side enhanced my experience all the more. We overcame the mountains together, made friends with the seas, and we gave up in the night to the starry skies. Who would have expected a mini-escapade from one beach to another??




I will share all the details on how you can go from beach to beach in Gokarna and spice your beach vacation. in this post. I will also share important tips that you must remember if you plan on making these excursions yourself.

Starting Point: Om Beach

Om Beach is located on one side of Kudle Beach and on the other side Half-Moon and Paradise Beaches. Because you can go to either beaches on either side, on two different day, staying near Om Beach would be the best choice. Om Beach offers you a great view over the Arab Sea, particularly when you are staying at the Shantidham cafe (If you’re new to Airbnb, use my €2,200 discount references for a €5,000 or more home reservation!).


Trek 1: Om Beach – Kudle Beach

The first walk you can take takes about 1 hour from Om Beach to Kudle Beach (one-way). Since Kudle Beach is one of Gokarna’s most popular beaches, I suggest this one-day trek. This walk is easy and self-guided. You just have to come to Om Beach’s entrance (near the car stand) and look for signs for Kudle Beach. You’ll find some steps to the garden (which you have to climb), and you’ll walk through a forest. Kudle Beach is a beautiful beach full of shacks and is the perfect place to take some time out to enjoy the sun and the water.


Important Tip: Do not walk back to Om Beach if you’re staying at Kudle Beach until late evening. Take a car instead. You will be hiking in the woods and I would not recommend it at all. The path is extremely dark. It is, however, safe when you leave Kudle Beach early (before sunset), and you can walk the same way back to Om Beach.


Trek 2: Om Beach – Half-Moon Beach – Paradise Beach


This is the most adventurous walk in Gokarna by far. You climb across the mountains, walk narrow paths through jungles, cross wet, slippery rocks and witness one of your finest sunsets. After discovering the hidden gems of this small coastal city on this trek your perspective of Gokarna will change.


I’ve combined trekking and ferry trip to make sure you have a great experience, experience a popular sunset and remain safe all day long. I’ve combined trekking to take you back.


Om Beach – Half-Moon Beach


Begin your walk from Om Beach to Half Moon Beach in the early morning. Watch the rock waves as you walk on the shores, hit by the rock. Use Google Maps or ask for directions from shack owners if you are lost. My bestie and I walked the wrong way in a forest to land us. We continued to go and go and realized something was wrong.Then the moving car stopped and we asked the driver whether this was the right way to Kudle Beach, he said no to it. Blowing, we returned on the same route, all while tadly disappointed that there were no more chances to explore a small, remote village. Now it was an adventure.


In any case, the mistake we made was to go straight to Half-Moon Beach instead of a deviation to the right (behind the Sunset Cafe). Take care to keep it in mind and take the narrow steps to Half Moon Beach from Sunset Cafe. Do not forget to tell us about your adventure, if you take the path we have accidentally followed!


Half-Moon Beach – Paradise Beach


A mountain is the road that leads to Half-Moon Beach. Prepare yourself to go up and down steep, narrow roads. Upon reaching Half-Moon Strand it is a small beach, mainly unmanned. In a crescent lunar shape, this sandy beach is an ideal place to spend a peaceful time away from the crowds. Read a book or meditate on the beach before heading on to your next adventure.


Start your trip to Paradise Beach next. You will take this journey over large black rocks at the coast. You’ll also walk through the steep mountains and enjoy wonderful views over the Arab Sea. Paradise beach is also an ideal playground for the evening in the water or camp. There will be a lot of people here too, so beach volleyball is not such a bad idea!


Take the ferry back to Om Beach after spending time doing what you like at the beach. Ferrymen approach you and choose when you want to leave. I’d suggest you take the ferry from 5:30-5:45 to take part in the beautiful sea sunset.


Take the ferry, pick up the railing, and breathe deeply as your senses prepare to plunge into the warm orange sun aura. Smile and thank you for your wonderful journey on this little hike.


Best Time to Visit


From October to March is the best time to visit Gokarna. Try to avoid monsoon (June – Sep) during summer (Apr – May).

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