How To Plan Your Trip Wisely

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Travel! How widely we used this word in our daily life. Often, college students or school students plan to go out, thus taking a break from their studies. Well, the parents are also not behind such students as the best way they think to do in their leisure time is to travel around the country or travel around the world. Every kind of information is gathered, and the plan is made out. And if you plan your trip wisely, then the trip becomes fantastic and enjoyable. But before you take out your vehicle or rent vehicle, make sure your pocket has the International Driving Permit or International Driving License.

So, before you go out to travel somewhere around the country or globe, make sure you plan your trip wisely. There are plenty of things to see and take care of while one travel, but there are a few basic requirements which one must understand before going out. Those requirements are listed below:

1. Location
2. Best Possible Route
3. Travelling Means
4. Affordable Stays
5. Local Touring either through Personal, Rented or Local


The first thing is the selection of the location. Though, it is not very tough to decide as you can google out the best places to visit in this month or any month as such. There will be thousands of articles which will give you enough ideas to choose your location but always plan your trip wisely. Let’s say for an example; the summer is not leaving you to live happily, so you can prefer to go to a place where it is chilling out, like hill stations. Well, surf the internet. You will get the best results.



After you have selected your location, see the possible routes to go to that location. While choosing the path, understand it takes minimum hours as compared to others as a longer stretched route will initially make you feel bored and tired and thus will affect your trip. On the internet, you can get all these data; you are just a click away. For best outcomes do some research and plan wisely, it will always help you to design a magnificent trip.



Now, the means through which you will go to your location, it will be through your personal or rented vehicle, via flights or through trains. This thing will entirely depend on your budget, the vacation period, and several people with whom you will be going. If you plan to go to foreign tourist places, then you will have to opt for flights. Suppose you plan to travel across the country, then you can choose trains as they are the cheapest and the best medium to go to.



Now, after all this, you will reach your destination. But wait, where will you stay? Oops! You forgot to book a reservation for yourself. Now what?
Well, that will depend on the season in which you have gone, i.e., off-season or prime season. So you must plan your trip wisely and you need to keep in mind that If you visit a location in its prime season, then the rates of hotels per night are very high and, in some cases, you wouldn’t get a hotel for accommodation. But if you visit a destination in its offseason, the rates of hotels per night will be very much affordable. So, this is yet another thing to consider while visiting a location.

What you can do to rescue yourself from this chaos is that you can book online hotels, home stays, or cottages depending upon the number of people and your budget. When you make reservations for stays in hotels or homestays online, you may get massive discounts, and the rates are quite affordable. So, make sure you clicked the reservation button before you go head towards your destination


Now, after reaching your location, you can travel the local places either through local transport or through the rented or personal vehicle. If you are in your country, then your license will be enough for renting vehicles for traveling purpose. If you are in some other country you will need an IDP, i.e., International Driving Permit to rent a vehicle and thus you will be able to visit the local places. International Driving Permit is a kind of booklet which translates the Driver’s License (Domestic one) into other languages so that you can drive legally across the globe. An International Driving License translates and carries the domestic license of the driver. This helps the authorities of that region, rental agencies, and travel companies to understand the endorsements of the driving. In a few countries, a local license is required before you put the gear on, for that you should have an IDP to get that local license.

This way, you can drive comfortably and more important, legally. There are many companies which provide this IDP, International Driving Permit. ITA is one such company which provides the IDP on the very same day, and the service offered by them can be availed by people across the world and that too at the best rate. The points, as mentioned earlier are the basic things which must be taken into account while planning any trip.


Once you plan your trip wisely it has its own advantages. So, traveling through a personal or rented vehicle has its advantages over going through local transport.

  • First of all, you will not have to follow any time table to catch any local transport. According to your convenience, you can go out and come back.
  • Second, you won’t meet any rush or crowd when you travel through your vehicle (personal or rented) as typically found in local transports.
  • Third, you can stop anywhere during your travel as per your choice and click some good photos, eat some spicy snacks and food and rest out for a few minutes or hours.

Well, there are a few disadvantages which you must take into consideration, the first one is the cost of the travel will increase as you will have to pay for petrol, diesel or CNG fuels. There must be a person with knowledge of car repairing because the vehicle may break down and you might not be able to get any mechanic near you. Thus, mark this point when you travel through your personal or rented vehicle. You will have to pay for getting your International Driving License. If you feel very much confused about your planning, you can go to agents as they will provide you various packages for your travel and you would get a good idea of your trip, and thus the journey will become more clear, and then the trip will be more enjoyable and memorable.

You can plan to visit Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in Paris, Taj Mahal in Agra, Machu Picchu, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Great Wall of China in Beijing, Great Barrier Reef, Statue of Liberty in New York, The British Museum in London and so many other places across the world. This write-up sums up all the essentials required to be taken into consideration whenever you plan your trip. From the best route to the best stay and IDP, International Driving Permit, everything is briefed adequately above here. Well, don’t plan too much because planned things don’t often give you the joy you should get on a trip. When things are surprising, then we enjoy them and tackle them accordingly, and thus trips or travel becomes memorable.

written by: mohitbansalchandigarh
Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a keen photographer and traveler. It’s hard to say whether he travels to click photos or he clicks photos so he can travel. He’s passionate about photography for sure and does like to travel a lot. Probably he’s travel is the reason for some of his iconic clicks.
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