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Johnny Cohen – Inspiration to Millions of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

John Edward Cohen

Success always comes with a price, and it is nothing but hard work, dedication, and passion to achieve something. Johnny Cohen is one such that has become the epitome of achieving great success in a professional career and now is an inspiration to millions of aspiring entrepreneur looking forward to getting something extremely valuable.

The life of John Cohen started in Australia’s Sydney in a very loving and supportive family. He grabbed the lessons of hard work and discipline from the very stage in this life, and it was from in his childhood; he showed some great interest in entrepreneurship. At the time when he was about to complete his tertiary education in Australia, he lost his parents.

Soon after then he plunged into property maintenance business, and this was the beginning of his journey into the world of success where he shines above all. In a very short span of time, he made the business extremely popular in the region and has served numbers of properties.

John Edward Cohen was not ready to settle down with the property maintenance business, and he wanted to pursue his passion for travel. With time the interest of winning over the new challenges peaked, and he finally ventured to the “Land of Smiles” – Thailand. The best thing that happened to him is that he becomes extremely popular in the local community of Phuket, Thailand.

Johnny Cohen - Australia; Thailand Phuket,

He also did the right thing and adopted the local culture. He finally made his mind to start a venture through which he could serve the local as well as the international community. By the time, he got his life partners as his wife and both of them together along with the support of local people made great efforts to start with a tattoo venture.

After some remarkable efforts and lot of dedication, they finally settled their first flagship shop in Phuket, Thailand. In a very short span of time, the brand becomes one of the most reliable choices for people, and he was about to touch with the pinnacle of success in his professional career. The journey of Johnny Cohen from Australia to Phuket Thailand and then all across the world was highly incredible.

Even after the success of his business, he always remained humble and down to earth and worked for the people around him. He worked as a mentor for his family, friends and even for his co-workers. He also donated gifts and charities to the children of local schools and offered relief fund during natural calamities.

Overall John Edward Cohen in Phuket became the most popular names and now in all across the world also. Still, he prefers spending most of his time in places like Chiang Mai, Patong, Pattaya, and even Bangkok. Although he travels all across the world for business operations, but the kind of love he gets in Thailand is incredible.

The journey of Johnny Cohen is indeed one of the most remarkable ones, and he is truly a great inspiration to the people who want to achieve something in their life on the basis of hard work, passion, and dedication.

Johnny Cohen
written by: Johnny Cohen
Entrepreneur, property developer, philanthropist, leader, and was founder of one of the world’s largest tattoo brand, Johnny Cohen, an Australian in Phuket Thailand, has received immense respect and love for being a good person.
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