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Keep Your Dual Occupancy Home Updated with These 2019 Winter Interior Trends!

Winter Interior Trends

Dual occupancy homes are continuously developing and are becoming a popular choice for many Sydney homeowners.

Keep your dual occupancy home updated this winter and incorporate some of these trending designs!

A brief background on dual occupancy homes and builders Sydney

Dual occupancy homes are two dwellings on one block of land. These can either be attached or detached from each other.

There are many different zoning laws and requirements when building a dual occupancy home and it is important to understand them all before making the decision.

Dual occupancy builders need to arrange, survey and subdivide the land in order to make sure it meets all the requirements.

Dual occupancy homes can take the form of building a new dwelling sitting behind the main dwelling (usually as a granny flat) or building up from scratch, having two dwellings sitting side by side.

Dual occupancy builders, surveyors, and planners need to assess your lot to determine the feasibility of development opportunities.

Accurate assessments need to be made and boundaries need to be calculated. Once you have built your dual occupancy home according to all the requirements, it is time to think about an appropriate interior design to match the exterior. Dual occupancy homes not only have one interior to style but two!

Whether or not you want to keep them similar or different is completely up to you, but we have some upcoming winter trends you might want to keep an eye out for to include in your home.

Stay updated not outdated: dual occupancy homes

Choosing an interior design for your dual occupancy home needs to be thought out in terms of size of space, style of home and layout.

These elements will impact the way you decorate your home, assisting you to make the most of your space while creating an environment that is going to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to incorporate the right style of decor in your dual occupancy home to create the look you desire.

Sometimes the over-use of decorative pieces can lead to a messy and cluttered look. Minimalism is certainly a trend we recommend, especially with dual occupancy homes, as space is usually limited.

Attention Sydney: Tips from your dual occupancy builder

Here are some effective ways to incorporate the newest trends within your dual occupancy home.

  • A neutral colour palette has been around for quite a long time and continues to make an appearance in many homes today. You simply can’t go wrong with such a simple colour palette. Keeping to the minimalist approach, a neutral colour scheme allows you to achieve a crisp, clean and timeless look.
  • Although we recommend a neutral colour palette, we also recommend using bold decorative finishes to contrast the simple colour scheme. Adding texture is a great way to create the character and transform a space. We love the use of mixed metals, acrylic furniture, and fluffy textures. Combine these together to achieve a wow-factor! A pop of colour can also do the trick, spicing up the interior of your dual occupancy home. Some popular colours that are going to be making an appearance this winter include; emerald green, navy, burgundy, and mustard.
  • Dual occupancy home interiors should be ones that make a statement. Uplift your space with a couple of key pieces which will instantly make a difference. A great way to do this is by using oversized art that contrasts your existing colour palette. Don’t choose a random piece that means nothing, rather choose a piece of art that has meaning and adds value to your space.
  • A large fluffy rug is a perfect addition to your dual occupancy home this winter! Choose trending colours such as emerald green or navy, and be sure that the rug compliments all other design elements within your home. The winter season means temperatures are dropping. In this case, a great throw will not only be an aesthetic feature but will also be beneficial in keeping you warm on cold winter nights. Choose a throw that is textured, has a graphic or incorporates a bold colour.

Whether you are already residing in a dual occupancy or looking to build one, these trends can be incorporated.

Finding the right dual occupancy builders for your project can be difficult. It is key to do the required research and seek out a range of different builders before making a final decision.

It is important to contact the right dual occupancy builder for you! One that is going to assist you along the way and develop a quality home.

Take your time, and we are sure you’ll find the right dual occupancy builder in Sydney!

written by: alexmartin
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