What does an artist think?


An artist’s thoughts about the world.

Of course this is individual, so I can only write about my own world view.

Naturally, you need to have a unique world outlook to get it unique creation done. Or you should be able to communicate your own worldview.

The artist must be able to combine science and spirituality in an appropriate proportion.

If you find the right ratio, you can produce amazing effects.

The artist entire personality must be present in his creations if not in, then no art for me.

I work primarily from the soul, because here is the essence of life.

There is too little magic in our lives, because the world has gone into an extreme material direction, from which it is sometimes necessary to pull back.

Art always comes from the depths of life and existence.
People have to understand that their life no only purpose is to chase material goods.

The art of photography is also special.

The good photo that reflects a special moment of life. These are moments that have a representative, special atmosphere. The angle and the light are important. There are many important components of a special photo.

I’m not judging the world. I love all the hard-to-define beauty of the world. If you think a lot about things, you lose the real meaning.

This is how you can find the deeper essence of life. So you can find an important part of our consciousness. It is difficult to describe and define.

I like to be draw, paint or do any other creative thing. Good for the soul. Be an amateur or a professional. Creation is always good.

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We also create the photo even if it is not so direct, but with our world view we capture a moment of eternity. No one would ever have seen that moment if we did not take photo. We give a special moment to the future, from the present. These are magical, beautiful things.

In my childhood I saw everything magic. Especially nature liked it.
I really like nature. And of course now I still see everything as magic. Just a little more complex with worldview and consciousness.

I feel that man’s changes can be perceived in his works and that is natural. The differences are visible with our eyes.

It’s important to find a middle way. Or at least what is ideal for us in creation. Whether it is photography, sculpting or painting. These should not be mechanical things. We have to enjoy the creation.

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Written By Eternal Art Photography(Fleur)

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