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Get Pregnant Safely If You Have Diabetes

If you are a diabetic and looking forward to having a baby, you need to be careful a bit. You need to get your blood glucose level at a balanced stage before you get pregnant. The fact cannot be ignored that remaining at a target range during pregnancy could be a bit difficult. High blood glucose is also referred to as blood sugar. And it can harm your baby badly.

During the first week of pregnancy, you need to be quite careful. Make sure that you are following all the advises mentioned by your doctor. You need to make a plan to control your diabetes. You should go with your doctor advice and another prescription so that you can have a healthy baby. If you are diabetic and planning to have a baby then you should read this content in order to gather the needed information. Let’s check it out more about it.

What You Need To Keep In Your Mind –

Starting a family is a great thing and it makes you fill a lot of joy and happiness. But it needs to be a bit careful if a mother-to-be is having diabetes. It does not mean that you need to take the stress. All you need to choose the right doctor to have the best treatment. They will let you know about the tips and guides to have a safe and healthy baby. Let’s check it out what you need to do.

You need to find out the IVF treatment center in Bangalore. Your doctor will check you’re completely and suggest the best treatment options.

  • Fist, you need to have an appointment with your doctor. Make sure that you have confirmed your appointment right 3-6 months before conceiving. Your doctor will check you thoroughly and suggest you the best options to have.
  • They may ask you to have A1C test in order to find out your diabetes so that it could be controlled well enough and you would not have any issue while having birth control.
  • They may test your urine or blood in order to have diabetes-related kidney complications. You need to go for these tests. They will also your thyroid disease in case if you have type 1 diabetes
  • They will check all other problems associated with diabetes such as heart damaged, nerve, organ, etc.
  • Your doctor will check your blood pressure.
  • They will also examine your cholesterol
  • You may also have to undergo of type of blood fat called triglycerides
  • They may also suggest you have an eye exam in order to check cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy.
  • And do not ignore the pre-conception counseling

Importance Of Pre-Conception Counseling –

You might be thinking that what is the importance of pre-conception counseling. In this section, we are going to put light on it.

To put in simple words, it can be said that it is another important step when it comes about women having diabetes. The educations session will play a major role to help you get how you can make yourself physically and emotionally prepared. It is quite important to stay healthy during pregnancy. Your doctor will discuss with you about your weight. You need to have an ideal body weight if you want to get pregnant. In case if you have even a few extra pounds, you should lose them to stay safe from diabetes. And if you are underweight, then you may have to gain extra pounds so that you would give a low-birth-weight baby.

The doctor will also ask about your lifestyle. In case if you have a habit of smoking or drinking alcohol, you will have to skip it. Smoking could be quite dangerous for you and your baby both. This is why, you have to stop smoking since it can also leave the negative effects on the baby before, during and after birth. You might be thinking that how it can affect you badly. Actually, smoking means having an intake of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other toxins. It goes into your bloodstream and directly to your baby. It can make your baby deprive of oxygen, rapid heart rate, chances of miscarriage, low-birth-weight baby, premature baby. Moreover, it can make your baby prone to other future problems such as breathing or lungs related.

Apart from it, the doctor also suggests to not to drink alcohol while being pregnant. It can also cause another type of birth defects such as mental retardation and particular physical problems. If you think that having alcohol in limited amount would be ideal then the answer is No. There is not such an ideal amount of alcohol should be taken while you are pregnant. Make sure that you are going to ignore it completely to have a healthy pregnancy.

Diabetes Can Affect Your Baby –

Here, you need to understand how diabetes can affect your baby. Having information can take a lot of stress away from you. Moreover, it also prepares you on how to deal with the situation. The most important thing is that you need to follow your doctor without any doubt. And make sure that you have chosen the right doctor having enormous experience.

Actually, the baby’s organs such as kidneys, lungs, brain, heart, start forming in the first 8 weeks once you get pregnant. It means you need to be quite careful during that time. In this context, high blood glucose levels could be harmful during this stage. It can increase the chances to affect your baby’s body. Make sure that you have discussed with your doctor properly that what you need to do and what not.

Your baby could have different types of issues such as heart defects, brain, spine, birth defects, etc., because of high blood pressure. High blood glucose levels during pregnancy can also increase the chances that your baby will be born before the ideal time or later. And it is not good indeed. It is quite important that your baby should take birth at the ideal time.

The negative effect of having diabetes does not get stagnant here since there are more on the list. Moreover, he/she could have breathing problems or low blood glucose right after birth and sometimes it could lead to worse. High blood glucose can also lead to the chances of having a miscarriage or a stillborn baby. The stillborn indicate the medical condition when a baby dies in the womb during the second half of pregnancy.

To put in simple words, the blood glucose level during pregnancy could be affected because of your hormonal or other changes in your body. And this is why you might have to focus on the way to manage your diabetes. You need to consult with your doctor to get discreet information. If you are having diabetes from a long, you may have to bring various changes to your meal plan, medicines, activity, and other physical work. Your doctor may also suggest going with insulin in case if you are having oral diabetes medicine. Your management plan will also get changed time-to-time according to your doctor.

Conclusion –

If you are going to get pregnant and have diabetes then you just need to be a bit careful instead of taking the stress. Having doctor’s right prescription and advise you can get your healthy baby born.

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