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Patient’s experience before and After Adult Circumcision Surgery


When people have surgical procedures they experience some difference either physically, emotionally or psychologically. This change that they feel is for the good but there are times when patients feel no transformation in themselves; they report that it was the same as before.

Many patients share the same observation that they fell indifferent. They have the very same perception even after undergoing adult circumcision surgery. Is it really true that men feel no difference after being circumcised? A major part of it depends upon the thinking and choice of the person. If he perceives this as a good thing which can give him many benefits but on the other hand his negative thinking can be a major problem.

Debating Over Adult Circumcision Surgery:

Have you ever wondered why most adult men follow the philosophy of having the procedure and others bluntly reject it? This is because there are two groups of people who are constantly debating this issue. This can create confusion in the minds of people and it becomes difficult to make a proper decision. But you must not be baffled by it and choose what is right for you in the long term.

To have the Surgery:

One group that has been participating in this dispute thinks that it is necessary to have circumcision in men, especially in adults if they didn’t have it in their infancy. They give many arguments to convince the men around the world to undergo this process. These people provide the following reasons;

  1. The main reason is that it provides several health benefits to the person.
  2. These health benefits include avoiding cancer like penile and prostate.
  3. It becomes easy for the person to clean it and can bypass the risk of infections.
  4. Many of the diseases like HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections can be stopped from transmitting from one person to another.

Not a Great Idea:

The people who have thought that is on the other side of the spectrum are of the view that it is too dangerous for the patient to have this surgery. They base their theory in the following ground;

  1. The skin is unable to retract from its original place.
  2. The tightness of the foreskin causes pain and difficulty in urinating.
  3. Infection and inflammation on the penis which can lead to further complications.
  4. General health issues occur and sexual life is affected by it.

All the above-mentioned drawbacks can be the result of a bad surgical procedure or for that matter that you have not taken good care of the penis. There are several good clinics all around the US, Circumcision Center to mention one that gives you the best care, facilities and proper guidance as to how go forward with the surgical procedure?

Are there Dissimilarities?

Yes, you will notice that circumcised and uncircumcised penis has several differences, not only in appearance but also in regards to the health of the person. People have much confusion about circumcision but considering it as a taboo they don’t discuss it with others. This can be very harmful because you will not be able to decide for yourself.

Influence on the Size:

The penis with an uncut skin can look heavy but the skin can retract back at other situations. After circumcision, the size has been observed to remain the same. There is one difference that the tip of the penis is revealed after the surgery and it stays that way your whole life. But one thing to be noted here is that the size is determined by your genes, health and the environment that you are living in.

Hygienically clean or not:

People have complained that sometimes it becomes severely difficult for them to keep it clean because the skin doesn’t contract properly which makes it a problem. One more point to note here is that the uncircumcised penis needs extra care and cleaning. But the men who were circumcised have informed that cleaning it is very easy and only simple regular hygiene can be maintained.

Altering Sensitivity:

This totally depends on the person because men both circumcises and uncircumcised have experienced the same thing. At the time they become really sensitive while at other occasions have no sensation at all.

Dangers of Infection, Cancer, HIV and AIDS:

As mentioned earlier that both types of penis needs care and cleaning but the uncut one demands something extra. So what will happen if the penis is not washed properly? The risk of developing infection increases. But if the person is circumcised then not only it reduces the risk of infection; which is a minor issue, but also it can prevent penile and prostate cancer as well as

written by: AndyGlibert
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