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Revenue Cycle management in Medical Billing

RCM Cycle

Medical billing is an integral part of the RCM cycle. Patients are critical to healthcare providers and providing them with a seamless experience is important. How patients are handled across the entire flow of treatment is itself a cumbersome task for the medical practice.

In addition to that, administrative tasks incur time and resources. Any sort of inconvenience in managing these transactions is a loss of opportunity and trust.

When outsourcing RCM services, any healthcare provider should ask a few questions

  • How are Claims Denial Rates?

This can be an important metric to determine the precision of your revenue cycle management. Monitoring time lapse in the claims process can help you avoid these mistakes in the future.


  • Is the time to process too high?

Minimizing the time to process can reduce the lead time of the revenue cycle management can improve the cash flow. It will improve the overall cash and helps in revenue generation.

  • Accounts receivable are high?

Minimizing the receivable is one of the key metrics in measuring revenue cycle process. If the billing cycle is optimized but receivables are high; it is a red flag.

Is your Revenue Cycle Management Centered on Patient Experience

Patients are the central value for any revenue cycle management companies. Whether your revenue cycle process creates a positive patient experience is an important question you need to answer. RCM companies focus on creating a hassle free and pleasant experience for the patients. Reducing cycle time and redundant procedures will help you add value to your patient care. With advent of telehealth practices, revenue cycle management services will boom and this will transform the way industry is functioning. There are various issues like pricing structure and slow claims processing that hampers your success as a value creating healthcare provider. The right expertise, guidance, systems and organization from RCM companies can let you overcome all these issues.

While choosing a revenue cycle management companies, establish clear and measurable KPIs. The roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined. The service needs to be customized as per your existing system and managed accordingly. It should be able to identify key areas which requires action and how that will change on your system.

You also need transparency in the way communication happened and reports are generated. Analytics built around your revenue cycle process is crucial to understand the process and how it can be improved. Leadership should be able to establish authority in the way data is collected, analyzed and reported.

Aligning your RCM cycle with your vision is the benchmark that will go a long way in building sustainable solutions for your patients. It is about finding the right balance between creating value and managing busines continuity. Ensure that your RCM provider is an industry expert and has delivered technologically advanced solutions with credibility.

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