Sections of HSN code under GST

Sections of HSN under GST

Before going to know about the sections in HSN under GST lets begin with a simple introduction after this we will know about a short for HSN code under GST.

HSN was established through the organization (WCO)of world customs in the year of 1988. More than 95% of the trade worldwide is under WCO and uses HSN codes spread across 200 countries worldwide.

The Code of HSN is required in our country India as per the HSN Code (GST) that is domination in India. After execution successful of GST, the HSN code execution was vital to help world economies along with India. HSN code under GST steady to be avail  for the Indian wealth and resources. It is because the code (HSN) reduced the trade related costs at a level of international with the help of modulating trade and moral procedures. There has some sections in HSN under GST.

What is the HSN code?

The system of HSN’s harmonized of nomenclature consists of six-digit codes that classify more than 5000 products accepted and validated worldwide. In this code, it has available more than five thousand object items that are identified differently via a code of six digit. It is unified in both rational and lawful fabrications for similar assortment.

Why HSN is necessary?

Its basic purpose is to legally classify such items which can be accepted all over the world, and which are fully valid by HSN code.

It helps in the assortment of imports (in-word) and exports (out-word) in an identical and easy style. This promotion to design the trade an international level as convenient and inexpensive.

The code’s sections is reduce the requirement to upload extensive statement of commodities.

Originally, the country India used a code which is a six figure code of HSN. The code helps to categorized the goods that comes under customs/institution and central excise. To make It exactly and the crisp of classification there has been added more two digits by CACE. It is necessary to describe the accurate code of HSN at the time of GST Return Filing.

Here the word “CACE” represent for custom and central exercise

The structure of the HSN code is outlined below.

  1. Section HSN module has 21 sections
  2. Chapter HSN module has 99 chapters.
  3. There are 1244 titles under title chapters.
  4. There are 5224 subsections under ridicule headings.



Important note:

The starting 6 figure of that code can’t be modified under any case. Customs authority can be changed The charges of national regional for the ended four digits.

Who should implement HSN code?

The application/petition is stated below for the HSN code under GST:

The application/petition is stated below for the HSN code under GST:

For the character which  beforehand have GST registration for those whose annual turnover of crosses Rs. 1.5 crores, but not more than Rs. five crore. That is expected to equipment a two figure HSN code. Professional/business/organizations by a gross sale of business is hyper than five crore be able to use the six figure of HSN code. Those business/professionals who deals with out-word or in- word with their negligence of the business, those businesses must use a eight digit figure of HSN code.

How many sections are there in HSN under GST?

Sections in HSN under GST:

There has total number of sections of HSN under GST is twenty one (21),

Are as follows: HSN Code List with sections

  • Section A– Live Animals, Animal Products
  • Section 2– Products related to Vegetables
  • Section 3– The fats of garden stuff or animals and paraffin’s and their leak products, ripe fats, beast or wax of vegetable.
  • Section 4- Depository of handy Foods, quencher, Spirit and nip, nicotine and technical nicotine.
  • Section 5- Mineral Products.
  • Section 6– The chemical products or allied industries.
  • Section 7- artificial, stamp and its materials.
  • Section 8- Pelt, leather and conceal of unripe, fur skins and its materials, mourning and soaking, journey cargo, handbag and identical vessel, materials of animal intestine (other than fibre bowels)
  • Section 9– The articles of wood and wood, charcoal, cork and cork articles, manufacturers of straw, esparto or other plating materials, bask networks and wickerwork
  • Section 10– Wooden chemicals or other hard materials of cellulosic, protective (waste and spoiled) pasteboard or cardboard, cards and cardboard and their contents
  • Section 11– Apparel and materials of apparel.
  • Section 12- Foot-wears much, brolly, sun-brolly, iteration-struts, pew-rod, a leath-strips promenade-crops and eligibility therewithal built up-consummate float and materials. Synthetic bloom earth-born’s hairs.
  • Section 13- Cement, plaster, asbestos, or alike products, products of ceramic, glassware and glass, stone products.
  • Section 14- Oyster of refined ( Naturally), valuable or semi-valuable templet, valuable metals,  coating metal with valuable root, and materials therewith, mock ornament, coins etc.
  • Section 15- Materials of Metal foundation And root metal
  • Section 16– The machinal and Machinery and electrical appliance and there parts, a sound/ voice repeater and recorder, the images of television and live regulators and records and eligibility and auxiliary of such materials.
  • Section 17– Associated the transport equipment like-Aircraft, vessel etc.
  • Section 18- Portrait, Optical, denoting an instrument by lab lest, Cinematographic, Testing, accuracy, surgical and medical Instrument and equipment’s, timepieces and wristwatch, an instrument to play Music, Accessories and parts.
  • Section 19- Ammunition and Weapons, Parts and Accessories
  • Section 20- Miscellaneous Articles
  • Section 21- Art work, collectors’ pieces and antiques.


The HSN code under GST for trade is required and helpful to run the business smoothly. That is required to check-out and identify the actual number of HSN for your products before GST Return Filing.

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