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SEO tricks to apply if your website isn’t ranking!

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Ranking no. 1 on Google is the main goal of almost all sorts of website and businesses operating online. About 33% of the traffic on Google goes to the first ranking website. And about 75% of the people don’t even move to the second page of the search engine. This means that if you aren’t ranking on Google, you are almost not there! And thus arises the need to rank your website on popular search engines.

The reason why some websites have been able to maintain their ranking over search engines is that they have been applying tricks and making constant efforts with their SEO to bring about that change. The only way to reach the top is, to begin with, small changes, tips, and tricks that can benefit you. If your website isn’t ranking on the SERPs, here are some tricks to apply!

Make your website load faster

About 45% of the traffic on your website is lost if the website doesn’t load in 3 seconds. Site speed is one of the important factors considered by Google for ranking websites for years now. When the site does not load fast enough the traffic gets deviated elsewhere.

For ranking your website focus on making the website load faster across mobile browsers and operating systems. Compressing the images, easy design, less use of GIFs and videos, etc are some of the ways that can work in loading the site at least 30-40% faster!

Secure the website

One of the best SEO tricks to apply for making your website rank is to guarantee its security. Switch from HTTP coding to https codes to work with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and make the information reliable and safer for the people.

This way the data is encrypted in the most powerful technology and the site visitors experience a rather secured path to browsing it. When your website gives the safest experience to the visitors, it gets easier to rank the website on the search engines.

Get mobile friendly

There is no doubt that almost 60% of the traffic on websites today come from mobile users. Increased mobility, smartphones, and amazing experience have made it easy for people to browse anything through their mobile browsers. And hence having a website that is mobile compatible works in the favor of the businesses!

Google has been laying stress on mobile responsive search results since a few years now giving high credibility to websites that load faster and operate well on mobile browsers. Optimizing on mobile compatibility and operation of website across mobile operating systems can be a great move towards securing a ranking!

Optimize the content for user engagement

One of the most underrated SEO techniques for ranking a website is great content. Most of the websites today fail to hold the traffic on the website because of the absence of great content. Google lays emphasis on the time spent by the users on a website when calculating the ranking metrics. This means that the content should be engaging enough to hold the attention of the visitors and make them stay on the website for longer.

The longer the visitors stay on the website, the easier it gets to rank on Google. Therefore creating engaging content by way of blogs, information, pictures, infographics, videos, etc on the website that solves the queries of the customers is of utmost importance. Design the content of the website really carefully to make the most impact.

User experience par excellence

Google will not rank a website that is not providing for good user experience. After all ranking number, one on Google means that the website has all the qualities that make the users rely on it and gives them a smooth experience.

If your website doesn’t load well, isn’t designed well to find the right information, or is complicated to confuse the visitors – it isn’t possible to get a ranking on SERPs. Focus on creating a user-friendly website that is easier to browse through and is easy for the traffic to look into for information. Lay emphasis on navigation, h1 tags, design, and communication.

Social media presence is important!

With millions of website comparing with yours on the web, it isn’t quite possible to get effective traffic that makes you rank. The only trick to make your SEO work here is great marketing skills. Instead of blindly focusing on Google for your ranking, opt to create social media profiles and engage with the audience.

Give your business a face, work for a cause or connect with the customers on an inherent level to influence and gather traffic on a daily basis. Interacting with the followers, creating campaigns, offers, engaging content, etc creates a base of loyal customers that increase traffic and convert to leads.

Use keywords wisely

The keyword is always taken as a key to good SEO. But the trick lies in knowing how what and where to use the keywords for its utmost performance. A lot of websites opt for keyword stuffing which is today a threat against ranking.

Instead of loading the content on the website with keywords focus on creating content that makes the keywords satisfactory. Lay emphasis on keyword density, Alt text, images, etc to make the right words work for your content.

Get to know the Google Algorithm

Google is constantly changing its algorithm to find only the authentic and genuine website with credible traffic and information to rank on their platform. While the major changes are announced as public notices, the minor changes are often not even shared. It is smart to adapt to the changing algorithm and optimize the content on the basis of what Google pays attention to. As and when the website meets the demographics of the SERPs completely, the chances of getting ranked on the search engines increase.

If even after several attempts, efforts and SEO techniques your website hasn’t been able to secure a good ranking on search engines, it is time to apply these tricks and mark the changes. Get geared up as you are on for an improvement!


written by: Harshita
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